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BLADENBORO, NC (WWAY) — Investigators say a building raided by five agencies this weekend is a “makeshift nightclub,” but the owner says the building is just a place for friends and family to gather.

Bladenboro Police say Morris Bellamy Jr. and his father were hosting huge parties in their backyard charging cover fees and selling alcohol to minors. Police say they were keeping track of the parties for a few months after seeing posters like this online.

Bellamy’s mother Freida says she lets friends and family host parties in the building, but she never allows underage drinking.

“There were no minors here,” Freida Bellamy said. “Everyone in there was grown.”

She says this weekend’s birthday girl had a cover charge to pay for party expenses.

“She was just charging for her beer and alcohol, and she charged to get in,” Freida said. “She’s got to pay her DJ, and she wants some of her money back. It was her birthday.”

She says officers even tased a handcuffed man three times because he was mouthing off, but ALE Special Agent David Hales says while a man was tased, he was not handcuffed. He says the man was resisting, so officers tased him twice.

At first investigator James Daniels of the Bladenboro Police Department said more than 30 guns, including an assault rifle were taken during the raid of the building off Butler Mill Road in Bladenboro, but we later found out through ALE that the numbers were wrong. Hales says only a few guns, including an AK-47 were seized. When we asked the exact number of guns, he referred us to the Bladen County Sheriff’s Office and Bladenboro Police. The Sheriff’s Office said they could not release any information because it is ALE’s case.

ALE arrested four people on charges of drug possession, selling alcohol without permits and other charges.

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  • Wilmington Observer

    If you have knowledge of “a club like this in Columbus county” have you reached out to law enforcement to provide information to them so that an investigation can be conducted. Law enforcement can not be everywhere all of the time. It is up to citizens to work with law enforcement if they want illegal activity out of their community.

    Wilmington Observer

  • There is a rash of these illegal clubs
    People sell liquor and beer to anyone
    And who knows how many illegal guns
    There is a club like this in Columbus county
    On shaw road
    When will the sheriff dept do something about this
    Club has been operating for years
    Isn,t this against the law
    Or are these people above the law
    I think not

  • Wilmington Observer

    If guns are in an area where alcohol is being illegally served, I too want law enforcement to seize them, especially if one of them is an AK-47.

    Also, if a law enforcement officer informs the media that “30” guns were seized and it turns out that the official number is less than that, I want to know if the officer was lying or if some of the “30” guns are now missing. Either answer would be cause for great concern. An officer with a reputation of lying will never be able to testify in court, therefore he is now an ineffective law enforcement officer. If guns are missing, from the raid, that would be equally disturbing.

    Wilmington Observer

  • sheffi

    the gov just keeps getting bigger and bigger. stomping 1 head at a time and they want those guns .

  • 211

    She could have made the claim before she died? Don’t know the details. Just saying.

  • Wilmington Observer

    How did a dead woman “swore she had sex with him”?

    Wilmington Observer

  • Gambit

    Here we go again with the Bladenboro PD we seized 30 guns that turned out to be just a few, a dead woman who was dropped off by a Bladenboro officer who swore she had sex with him while he was on duty and another officer who called a known drug trafficker to warn him that the feds we fixing to bust him(FBI has that on tape from a wire tap) but no one has been fired,wrote up,or even investigated. Maybe its time to stop worring about wheather or not beer and wine should be sold county wide and start paying attention to the real problems of bladen county starting with law enforcement being the crooks and getting away with crimes that people get locked up for unless u have a badge wake up bladen county befor its to late


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