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SHALLOTTE, NC (WWAY) — The attorney for a Southport police officer accused of shooting and killing a schizophrenic teen earlier this year says the victim’s mother threatened the officer’s wife at the Brunswick County Courthouse.

James Payne filed a motion last week requesting video recordings inside the courthouse of an interaction between Keith Vidal’s mother Mary Wilsey and Victoria Vassey, the wife of Southport Police detective Bryon Vassey.

Bryon Vassey is charged with shooting and killing Vidal in January. Vassey claims Vidal had a screwdriver and was trying to stab him or two other officers on the scene at the time.

Payne alleges that Wilsey approached Victoria Vassey and said, “I’m gonna burn your (expletive deleted) house down and every (expletive deleted) body in it.”

When reached by phone this afternoon, Wilsey’s husband Mark said the alleged incident did not happen and that the family’s attorney would address it.

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  • Anthony Owens

    Ladies and Gentlemen Boys and Girls, This is clearly an act of vengeance perpetrated by the FORMER detective, his family and legal counsel to discredit the family. I’m willing to bet both of my testicles that when that tape airs, Some people are going to look stupid. And to top it off we already know that Satan, I mean Detective, I mean FORMER Detective Vassey is a Liar I hope that when he does get to jail, some one he lied on it the past shoves a rusty salad fork in his ass. Why is this even on the news. Has anybody see this tape.. I guess WWAY just likes to disseminate lies with out the proof to back it up..

  • jj

    You are wrong and it was catch on video. Also, his wife had nothing to do with what happen that day.

  • Mechanic

    I personally can’t see why the mother would make such a threat in front of witnesses and a tape recorder. Conveying such is a crime. Hope you are right and your voice does not get higher pitched.


    expect from the mother? The cop murdered her son. He is a lowlife scumbag that brought all this down on himself and his family…deal with it.

  • jj

    Not sure what you mean by “your voice does not get higher pitched”, but I guess some of you can’t think long enough to stay on topic.

    You might want to read this.


  • hello

    a complete idiot. Also, there is one quote from that article that I would like to point out to you: “‘Without these records, the defendant would be materially prevented from impeaching Wilsey, demonstrating this witness’ bias and mental instability,’ Payne wrote in the motion.”

    This is not going to work for this sleazeball. His defendant murdered her son, and she is still angry about it. I wouldn’t hold it against her for making idle threats against the douchebag detective’s family. In fact, I’d try to keep the victim’s family and the detective’s family separate as much as possible considering the circumstances, ie one of them killed her son.

  • christopher byrd
  • VOG48

    That boy had a screwdriver and probably was going to kill that officer. What do you expect when our state is wasting billllllllions of dollars on the phlegm industry?

  • Bill Reimann

    What exactly is the phlegm industry? Are you trying to justify a police detective shooting a restrained 98 pound young man who had just been tazed while running away from the situation because he had a screw driver in his hand? Try this, lay on your back with a screw driver in your hand, don’t concern yourself with just having been tazed, put two trained police officers on yourself who are there to subdue you and then try to swing that screw driver with enough force to penetrate someone let alone kill them. Easier for you, don’t have anyone on you, just lay on your back and see how hard you can move that screw driver. That police officer could have dropped on that kid in a second but chose to shoot him instead. Having family members who are in law enforcement I have nothing but respect for the law and know they have a tough job. This situation was a cop who acted badly making poor choices at the time. Maybe other times he did things better, but in that situation I can not believe he handled that situation in manner that would beget respect or endorsement from his department.

  • heidi

    that is the stupidest comment i have ever heard. the other cops had him under control already. how ignorant are you? do you think it is ok to murder someones child?

  • John Q Public

    I read another article where the murdering cop’s attorney now says she did not threaten the woman. They reviewed the video / audio footage at the courthouse that proved it never happened.

    So now it looks like the murder’s wife clearly was lying and a very stupid attorney opened his mouth spewing her lies without ever even validating it. Now that stupid second class attorney may get sued for slander.

    To me it looks like a scum second rate lawyer protecting a murder and a murder’s wife who is a liar, they all three make a great team!


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