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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — The North Carolina House has tentatively agreed to a wide-ranging tax bill that caps municipal business privilege taxes and places an excise tax on electronic cigarettes.

The chamber voted 83-35 for the measure Tuesday after a majority turned back an effort to remove the e-cigarette tax from the bill. A final House vote is expected Wednesday before the bill heads to the Senate.

The bill limits local privilege taxes to $100 per year and puts a 5-cent tax on certain-sized cartridges of nicotine inserted into an e-cigarette holder.

Rep. Becky Carney of Charlotte says the House was acting hastily on the e-cigarette tax while federal officials are working on how to regulate them. But bill sponsor Rep. Julia Howard of Mocksville suggested it was better than collecting no excise tax.

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  • Mechanic

    I am living off my hard-earned retirement, savings and investments………not taking a dime from anybody. Don’t need to.

  • Mechanic

    Hopefully all the Repubs will be gone soon.

  • Old Guy

    The “repubs” are the only ones that has passed a balanced budget in twenty years. Your “Dems” like Easley and his girl Purdue wreck the transportation budget and all the rest of the state when they were in control. Yeah let’s go back to their way of doing business. Let me see hum Easley was a crook and is now a convicted felon and Purdue she pardon guilty people. That’s you all over the place. Hope you are proud of them.

  • guesty

    Because then who would you live off of?

  • USMC

    What a typical, ignorant, Republican attitude………..”But bill sponsor Rep. Julia Howard of Mocksville suggested it was better than collecting no excise tax.”

  • Vog46

    a Democrat.
    The GOP has lost their moniker of being anti tax.
    If they continue with this they will be a one term majority type party.



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