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RALEIGH, NC (WWAY) — A bill to eliminate the end of North Carolina’s film incentives overcame its first hurdle in the General Assembly today. HB 1142 passed its first reading as the House of Representatives referred it to the Finance Committee.

The next step will be for the Finance Committee to consider the proposal, sponsored by New Hanover County Democrat Susi Hamilton. The bill has support from members of both parties, including Republicans Ted Davis of New Hanover County and Frank Iler of Brunswick County, who signed on as sponsors. House Finance Committee chair Rep. Julia Howard, a Republican from Mocksville, has already said that that the state’s current incentives for film projects, which are set to run out at the end of the year, are unacceptable.

In addition to doing away with the sunset provision of the film incentives, Hamilton’s bill would also require productions to spend at least $300,000 before qualifying for a 25-percent tax rebate. That’s up from the current threshold of $250,000.

The key to the success of the bill is support from both sides of the aisle, and if enough Republicans will join Davis and Iler in supporting it. So far they have two more Republicans to sign on as sponsors, but one of them, Rep. Robert Brawley of Mooresville, was kicked out of the House Republican Caucus today.

There’s no word yet when or if the House Finance Committee will debate the bill.

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  • SurfCityTom

    I thought the Wilmington Film Commission, which has received an annual subsidy from the City Council, would have their chief Executive up there walking the halls; pressing flesh; and spreading the gospel.

    I was in Raleigh this week; did not see anyone. Maybe they were there on a different day.

    At the end of the session, this is a case of too little, too late.

    No legislator, regardless of Party, who enjoys the perks and is standing for re-election, can afford to support this bill if it impacts teacher and state employee salary increases.

    The locals may vote in a losing effort. But this was a loser before it was submitted.

  • Vog46

    Going to Committee.
    With the head of Finance being a Republican…..who has said “Rep. Julia Howard, a Republican from Mocksville, has already said that that the state’s current incentives for film projects, which are set to run out at the end of the year, are unacceptable.”

    From Mocksville? Were there any film supporter demonstrations there?
    Did you even THINK to do that?
    How’s that one on one meeting with Pat looking now film supporters? Or the 500 person rally of support in Wilmywood?
    See the point here?
    If you are THAT serious – be there – be IN RALEIGH – demonstrate outside of Howards home.
    Do whatever it takes!
    Hell, I emailed a few Republican legislators the news story about the film Tammy looking for lesbian extra’s, and asked – is this the type of job fair we want in NC?. They “didn’t take a shine” to that story I can tell you that………
    You guys need some help…….


  • SurfCityTom

    chairperson of the committee believes the current imncentives are unacceptable. Reading between the lines, they’re too liberal and cause a net loss to state revenue.

    No word yet on when or IF the Finance Committee will debate the bill.

    Ms Howard could table the bill which would mean it won’t be debated or considered for a vote by the full House.

    Count the votes. So far, only 2 Repiblicans have signed on to sponsor the bill.

    There’s no widespread support for the bill.

    The sponsors need every Democrat to vote in favor; and they need a fair number of Republican votes.

    Regardless of party affiliation, no Legislator, who enjoys his position and its perks, hopes to be re-elected, and is in a district which sees no film industry activity, will vote for this bill at the expense of teacher and state employee wage increases.

    The clock is ticking.

  • Guestginger

    Rep. Howard is all for ALEC’s agenda, not at all for NORTH CAROLINA’S.

    Beware of who she is in bed with finically because she will sell our state down the river to get her some of that KOCH money!

  • Vallee Bubak

    It’s entirely possible that Tillis kicked Brawley out of the caucus because Brawley was speaking out about Tillis’s pay-to-play politics. This is a sad day for North Carolina to see this happen to a principled man like Robert Brawley. Here’s a video from a recent press conference in which former Rep. John Rhodes, who faced similar treatment years ago when he was calling out corruption, today calls out corruption on Tillis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wvJIkaoj22Q

    Whether you’re Republican or Democrat, this kind of bullying should be reprehensible to the citizens of our state.

  • Erlkoenig

    I suppose the lib film-making crowd will now shut up about tax credits for oil companies.

  • SmurfCityThom

    We can’t stand this. NO MORE MONEY TO THEM MOOOOOVIES!

    KEEP NC for Fracking and Titan Ceeement.

    Now where’s my li’l buddy VOG?…we have some business to attend to! (oh, shut yo mouth!)

  • ChefnSurf

    A typical desperation ploy: When you can’t attack the numbers, attack the person.

    Makes as much sense as saying Newton’s Three Laws of Motion aren’t valid because he had bad breath.

  • SurfCityTom

    were I a betting person, I’d bet these are the same posters who supported the ill fated attempt to shove a stadium bond and another Saffo folly down the taxpayers throat.

    They failed on a local level; so kick it up a few notches.

    They apparently can not understand basic math. With limited state revenue, there’s not enough available to fund film incentives and grant teachers and state employees the promised salary increase.

    At the end of the session, this bill will be languishing. They just don’t get it.

    I’ll bet they can not even identify the members of the Finance Committee. Better to waste their time slamming VOG and I, rather than do some basic research and initiate an email and letter writing campaign.

    The scare tactics don’t work. Wilmington still survives despite the lack of a baseball stadium.


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