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NEW YORK (AP) — Federal forecasters are predicting a slower than usual hurricane season this year because of an expected El Niño system.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said in New York City on Thursday that the periodic Pacific warming characteristic of El Niño will likely reduce the number and intensity of tropical storms and hurricanes.

Cooler temperatures on the surface of the Atlantic Ocean compared with recent years will also lower the probability of hurricane formation.

Officials expect about eight to 13 named tropical storms and three to six hurricanes. Just one or two major hurricanes with winds over 110 miles per hour are forecast.

Officials warned it takes only one storm to wreak havoc and urged Americans to be prepared.

A new mapping tool will keep coastal residents updated on the storm surge threat in their communities.

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  • eye of the storm

    Time to stock up!…..

  • taxpayer

    or a “weather” forecaster is a great gig. Just be correct 50% of the time and get paid to do it.

  • Guest Reply Redux

    Just in time too…now the NC Underwriters got their increase :-)


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