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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The driver of a car that collided with and killed a man on a moped, now faces several charges including DWI. 

Wilmington Police say the fatal crash happened just after 7 p.m. Wednesday in the 3500 block of Oleander Drive near Independence Mall. 

The moped driver, Michael Gary Clark, also the owner of Mad Mike's Scooters & Cycles, was traveling eastbound on Oleander Drive making a left turn into the parking lot of Hanover Center when it happened, according to investigators.

They say the driver of the Mazda, Douglas Erickson, was going westbound on Oleander Drive when the traffic light was cycling from yellow to red. That’s when both drivers entered the intersection at the same time and collided.

Police say Clark died at the scene. Erickson is charged with DWI, felony death by motor vehicle, and speeding. 

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  • Mind Yo Own

    Sounds like you have some pretty big issue s of your own pal those words you say about his character speak volumes about your personal opinion . I would watch your mouth

  • Lori

    Before I would sell or waste any of my hard earned money I would be checking into Doug’s extra curricular activities. Start by looking into cell phone records! Just Sayin!

  • christine

    I think that everyone is wrong people need to. Get over. The fact that. Scooters are allowed on the road it will take a car two seconds to move into the fast lane. That’s why there. Is. A. Fast lane and a slow lane move over. That’s like if there. Was a. Old person. Driving. Slow. In. The. Slow. Lane. What would you do move over. And as. For people. Talking. Bad. About. Mad. Mike. Shut your face because he. Was. A good. Person. He. Would. Help. You. Out if. He. Could he was a nice man. My sorry for. Your. Lost. To all the. People. That. Works for. Him and. The. Family that’s all I. Have to. Say. For. Now

  • 9743

    Was the driver of the Mazda released on bond or was he just taken downtown and then released?

  • Geraldine

    Funny how a guy that is a habitual DUI offender who sells transportation to habitual DUI offenders gets killed by a drunk driver…. As the movie the lion king states….. ITS THE CIRCLE OF LIFEEEE!

  • guest123

    How can people only focus on slow mopeds being unsafe on our roads?? I have actually never heard of a moped driver running into and killing anyone.
    What are unsafe on our roads are the drunks out driving. I still say a murderer is a murderer and drunks out breaking the law driving are making a choice. there are no accidents in that case. They shouldn’t get a pass out of prison time because they were drunkards.
    My condolences to the family and friends of the moped driver. Stay on top of the drunk who killed your loved one and make sure he gets prison time.

  • Rolande Souza

    I think its sad that just about every comment on this page is sounding like the INNOCENT MAN that was driving that Moped was to blame! He was only trying to make his way home after a hard days work! The Drunk Driver that took this mans Life is to blame here. I guess it takes losing a Loved One by a Drunk Driver to really feel the way I feel about this because if you had lost someone you Loved (which I have) you may not be commenting on how its the Mopeds that are the problem! I am Truly Sorry for the loss of Mike to his Family.

  • guesty

    …drunks, were you hammered when you posted that jumble?

  • Billybob

    Took awhile…but his drunk driving ways finally killed someone….

  • MrsBusDriver

    Quote from the story, “That’s when both drivers entered the intersection at the same time and collided.”

    Seems like they were both trying to “beat the light” as you say.

    Possibly the accident would have happened had both drivers been sober.

  • Johnboi

    I bet you can get a hell of a deal on the Worth House now….

  • Timothy Turner

    I certainly was not trying to blame Mike at all! The idiot that hit him was in the wrong regardless his BAC but when in/on any vehicle with lower visibility such as a moped/cycle ride on the “Invisible Man” theory; they won’t see me and act accordingly. ALWAYS plan for whatever the stupidest move those around you might make and be ready. (This goes for car drivers too.. it’s called “Defensive Driving”) But I guess that isn’t taught in driver’s ed anymore or it’s ignored as we fiddle with out i-pods and “infotainment systems”.

  • sad

    Its tragic when any dies. I personal always look before making a turn driving off when light turns green even if you have the right away. I have avoided many wrecks by looking both way before I cross any intersection. Anyone who even driving a motorcycle or moped should know how dangerous it is on the roads. Humans a flawed and mistakes happen. Unfortunately this was a fatal error. We have all sped up for the yellow light at least once. That does not excuse the drinking and driving but that is also a reality and you shouldn’t drive around with the belief that its not happening. I personal dislike the way most moped drivers weave in and out of traffic and drive in the middle of the lanes, slowing down traffic and pass you at red lights. They should follow laws and at least hold insurance to protect other drivers. Drivers license should also be required. Our poorly designed roads are also to blame for a lot of deaths in Wilmington.

  • Ericka Moore

    I AM a SOBER driver with a driver’s license. BUT I CANNOT AFFORD A CAR! We should all respect eachother on the roadways regardless of the transportation we have to use! I cannot afford a car and those without driver’s license have to get to work too! BE TOLERANT! We are all just trying to make it in life. IT’S A RIDE, NOT ALWAYS A CHOICE!

  • FilmWife

    All vehicles (mopeds included) driving on public roads should be subject to the same regulations of licensure, inspection, and insurance. There should be no exceptions. If one cannot afford this, there are public transportation options available to these persons.

    Or here is a thought, stop having kids you can’t afford, work hard, save your money, and buy a vehicle just like everyone else.

  • guest111

    This is so sad but I have to say mopeds ARE NOT SAFE on the streets of Wilmington. They should have some guidelines on their place of travel. More and more of them are driving in the middle of travel lanes backing up traffic behind them. They also are bad to travel in turning lanes. I do think their driving areas need to be away from any high traffic road. This being said, I am truly sorry for her death. Condolences to her family.

  • GuestToday

    I am so sorry for the moped driver & his family – however, the moped situation has gotten entirely out of control in the New Hanover – Brunswick areas. Mopeds slow down traffic (I’ve seen the bridges back up due to a slow-moving moped) and are a hazard to all drivers. If they are allowed to share the road, they should be LICENSED, TAGGED & INSURED, and pay their fair share, just like autos do. Or get ’em off the road.

  • guesty

    I’ve said for quite sometime now that they should be required to be inspected, insured and have license plates. The police should also enforce keeping them at the edge of the traffic lane, not in the middle impeding the flow of traffic.

  • Richard Grindstaff

    My heart goes out to the moped drivers family, but the moped did not kill the driver, another person did. If drivers of cars and very large SUV,s would use a simple 10 second rule everyone could share the roads. So far as mopeds riding on the side of the road that gives everyone the right to play nascar and push them off the road.
    The Statement pay their fair share makes me think the writer has given NO thought to their statement,Gas Tax? $6.00 per week vs.60.00 per week. there are a lot of people that are not rich or middle class and would like to go to work to feed there family.

  • Beth

    This was clearly the car driver’s fault. If he hadn’t been drunk, slowed down, and not tried to beat a red light this wouldn’t have happened.

  • What’s your Rush? Mopeds aren’t allowed on the interstate. How does moped tag and insurance make a moped more convenient for you?
    They pay their fair share by buying gasoline. The only insurance they need is LIFE, because of idiots with your attitude who run them over weekly. SHARE THE ROAD!

  • Larry

    How many bicyclists and motorcyclists have been killed by drunk drivers in Wilmington? I am tired of reading about drunk drivers hitting pedestrians and cyclists, knocking them over like bowling pins in a drunkards’ bowling alley.

    Time to lower the breathalyzer alcohol level and to enact harsher punishments on the drunk drivers.

    Wilmington is a drunkards’ paradise; that’s for sure.

  • guest45

    i agree, actually I think it is high time that the state and feds get completely out of the alcohol business, there is no excuse for either of them being able to profit from such a dangerous drug,

    actually i am getting real tired of pedestrians walking the streets at night with dark clothing, nothing to let them stand out from the surroundings and getting in the way of motorist that are being blinded from oncoming vehicles with those obnoxious super bright white lights that are blinding even in the daytime, if you are going to walk at night wear some reflecive clothing and do not play chicklen with on coming vehicles, duh!!!!

    and it’s high time that mopeds carry insurance, and get inspected to be sure their lighting is up to standards so they can be seen by vehicles!

  • Rusty

    The BAC has already been lowered from .10 to .08 I don’t see where this has done anything but garner more revenue for the state, lawyers or businesses like Monitech and DUI rehab schools from casual drinkers. It’s the habitual drivers out there with .15 or higher we need to concentrate on. (And yes 30 years ago I was one of those almost nightly in the Triangle area. Thankfully I never harmed anyone else, a couple years after moving here I got my 2nd DUI < .17 BAC> and after no license for longer than I care to admit I learned my lesson.) Now I either abstain, limit myself to 2 beers (3 if I’m there for a long while) or arrange a ride/taxi in advance.

  • Val

    We have needed moped, bicycle and walk lanes on our roads for years to protect our people and children from being hit and harmed. Our gas tax is enough to pay for these extra side lanes that would be only a few feet wide. Something has to be done to protect lives and leave the main lanes for vehicles to go the speed limit of that road not the slower speed that also causes road rage. This may be costly at first but to maintain would not be as bad. What price do you put on a life or the injured? This should help with auto liability costs also.

  • Timekeeper

    Perhaps the registering and licensing of bikes and mopeds would generate enough funds to build these lanes instead of dumping the added expense onto other vehicles. As I understand it, much of our gas tax goes into the general fund and never pays for roads.

  • time to do something

    It’s always sad when someone loses their life. Every one of us are someone’s loved one and someone’s child, no matter the age. I do, however, have a problem with most mopeds and scotters on the streets of Wilmington. Being on the highways and streets with other cars, is frightening enough, but adding these inadequate vehicles to the soup, always seems to end in tradegy. I am hoping the bill being presented today will pass that makes it mandatory for these mopeds and scooters to have to carry insurance and have a registration. I personally think these modes of transportation is a legal loophole for DWI offenders to continue to drive on the streets and to have the attitude they are above the law and other drivers on the road. Their way of thinking is , “okay, I’m out here riding in the middle of the sreet and it’s your responsiblility to watch out for me or it is automatically your fault.” Not saying all mopeds and scooter drivers are drunks, but they do seem to be the majority.

  • braith lovett

    In response to your very selfish quote about scooters and the majority of people that drive them are drunks and alcoholics,

    You didn’t mention bicycles in your response and how dangerous they are on the roads. Having been a sober scooter driver, and knowing many other sober riders, I can tell you that a lot of people can only afford that mode of transportation. How dare you respond in this way after a person just got killed while riding one. How can you judge who is an alcoholic or drunk while riding and who isn’t? You would be smart to see how poorly people with driver’s licenses drive vehicles in this town. I HOPE THAT LAW GETS STRUCK DOWN AS IT IS UNFAIR AND PUTS A BURDEN ON POOR PEOPLE THAT CANNOT AFFORD TO PAY THE FEES.

  • mike m

    Yea, no doubt man. How are people supposed to go around driving drunk in a Mazda with all the mopeds and scooters puttering about?


    Boy, the driver of the car….DWI, Felony death by motor vehicle & speeding…Moped rider..DOA

  • Guest000000

    What’s also true is that they should stay out of the way of drunk drivers. It’s always the mopeds fault, right? What everyone commenting here seems to forget is that it was the driver of the CAR who was drunk. It could just have easily been a teenager on a bike as an adult on a moped that this person struck and killed. The comments would be much different then.

  • Beth

    Guesty: Maybe you shouldn’t speed. Slow the heck down! You all are acting as if this was the moped rider’s fault when the moped rider clearly had right of way! The guy that hit him was not only drunk he was clearly speeding as evidenced by his trying to beat a red light! Yellow means slow down to a stop, not speed on through!

  • FilmWife

    We all know that most of the drivers of mopeds have lost their license to drive a motor vehicle due to multiple DUIs. Logically, they should be inspected, insured, and licensed.

  • guesty

    Maybe you shouldn’t assume I’m speeding. They are not supposed to go faster than 35 so why should everybody else have to go 35 on Shipyard Blvd with a 50mph limit? Or Carolina Beach Rd?

    How is my statement that they should be insured and have tags put him at fault? That is quite a leap you have made there.

    What color is the sky in your world?

  • Guest000000

    Everyone here blaming the moped driver for being struck by a car operated by a DRUNK DRIVER should just head a couple stories up and start defending the child molester. I can hear you now…”Yeah the boy was probably asking for it”. I guess those moped and scooter drivers (and while we’re at it, why not those pesky bicycles too) need to learn their place and yield the right of way to a bunch of drunks, just because they happen to be driving a car. Stupid.


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