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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The driver of a car that collided with and killed a man on a moped, now faces several charges including DWI. 

Wilmington Police say the fatal crash happened just after 7 p.m. Wednesday in the 3500 block of Oleander Drive near Independence Mall. 

The moped driver, Michael Gary Clark, also the owner of Mad Mike's Scooters & Cycles, was traveling eastbound on Oleander Drive making a left turn into the parking lot of Hanover Center when it happened, according to investigators.

They say the driver of the Mazda, Douglas Erickson, was going westbound on Oleander Drive when the traffic light was cycling from yellow to red. That’s when both drivers entered the intersection at the same time and collided.

Police say Clark died at the scene. Erickson is charged with DWI, felony death by motor vehicle, and speeding. 

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  • Mind Yo Own

    Sounds like you have some pretty big issue s of your own pal those words you say about his character speak volumes about your personal opinion . I would watch your mouth

  • Lori

    Before I would sell or waste any of my hard earned money I would be checking into Doug’s extra curricular activities. Start by looking into cell phone records! Just Sayin!

  • christine

    I think that everyone is wrong people need to. Get over. The fact that. Scooters are allowed on the road it will take a car two seconds to move into the fast lane. That’s why there. Is. A. Fast lane and a slow lane move over. That’s like if there. Was a. Old person. Driving. Slow. In. The. Slow. Lane. What would you do move over. And as. For people. Talking. Bad. About. Mad. Mike. Shut your face because he. Was. A good. Person. He. Would. Help. You. Out if. He. Could he was a nice man. My sorry for. Your. Lost. To all the. People. That. Works for. Him and. The. Family that’s all I. Have to. Say. For. Now

  • 9743

    Was the driver of the Mazda released on bond or was he just taken downtown and then released?

  • Geraldine

    Funny how a guy that is a habitual DUI offender who sells transportation to habitual DUI offenders gets killed by a drunk driver…. As the movie the lion king states….. ITS THE CIRCLE OF LIFEEEE!

  • guest123

    How can people only focus on slow mopeds being unsafe on our roads?? I have actually never heard of a moped driver running into and killing anyone.
    What are unsafe on our roads are the drunks out driving. I still say a murderer is a murderer and drunks out breaking the law driving are making a choice. there are no accidents in that case. They shouldn’t get a pass out of prison time because they were drunkards.
    My condolences to the family and friends of the moped driver. Stay on top of the drunk who killed your loved one and make sure he gets prison time.

  • Rolande Souza

    I think its sad that just about every comment on this page is sounding like the INNOCENT MAN that was driving that Moped was to blame! He was only trying to make his way home after a hard days work! The Drunk Driver that took this mans Life is to blame here. I guess it takes losing a Loved One by a Drunk Driver to really feel the way I feel about this because if you had lost someone you Loved (which I have) you may not be commenting on how its the Mopeds that are the problem! I am Truly Sorry for the loss of Mike to his Family.

  • guesty

    …drunks, were you hammered when you posted that jumble?

  • Billybob

    Took awhile…but his drunk driving ways finally killed someone….

  • MrsBusDriver

    Quote from the story, “That’s when both drivers entered the intersection at the same time and collided.”

    Seems like they were both trying to “beat the light” as you say.

    Possibly the accident would have happened had both drivers been sober.

  • Johnboi

    I bet you can get a hell of a deal on the Worth House now….

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