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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Though police say the driver of the car was at fault in a crash that killed a moped driver Wednesday night in Wilmington, the incident has brought the question of moped safety once again front and center.

It’s a question on the minds of lawmakers as well. In the North Carolina House of Representatives, a bill introduced this week would require mopeds be registered and carry liability insurance.

Pender County Republican Chris Millis is a sponsor. He says it’s just as much a public safety issue as it is an economic issue.

“The bill is most certainly a common sense piece of legislation,” Millis said. “Constituents have most certainly made it heard that this is something that needs to be treated in the same manner as a motorcycle on the road.”

A similar bill was introduced last year but not pursued. Millis says he feels confident the bill will pass this year.

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  • As a reputable scooter dealership and repair shop in Raleigh, I find your comment offensive. Yes the majority of my consumers do not have a license, however there are many who do and choose to ride out of enjoyment and lower operating cost. Aside from that i imagine most drivers out on the road have driven after having a beer or two, they just weren’t caught. I have tons of out of state/country college students who use scooters to get around campus. The same laws apply to scooters as do cars, Your lights must be in operation. You can use hand signal to turn you must have mirrors, ect. I’mm not opposed to having insurance on scooters, however my reasons are different than most. It’s absurd how scooter drivers are treated by car drivers, passing illegally, cutting them off suddenly and so forth. It is also unfair that scooters are not allowed to drive the speed limit so that they can be safer and less annoying to those in cars.

  • Vog46

    You stereotype every moped rider as being a drunk irresponsible human being.
    Nice…real nice.
    Yet these guys get KILLED by auto drivers who are in fact drunk. In a battle between mopeds and cars the car always wins.
    Personally I’d like to see a few MILLION mopeds on the road and a few million less cars….


  • Guest-o-matic

    PUNKED! Big time!!! Sorry Vog, I withdraw my comments about drinking and working for Woody White…

  • Guest-o-matic

    Operating a motorized vehicle on public roads and requiring registration a “government intrusion”? That’s the biggest bunch of horth-hooie I’ve heard you spit out yet! Here are the inherent problems with the existing “no rules” arrangement.

    1. A moped rider slams into your car, your uninsured motorist coverage has to pay for that. Have you priced any body/paint work lately? Are you aware of the end effects of thousands of uninsured motorist claims? Allow me to assist here: Rising premium costs!

    2. There is no way (without registration) to control the fact that the current 50cc engine displacement regulation is in conformance by the rider. People are riding 150cc and up scooters camoflaged as 50cc illegally and go over 60mph (30mph on level grade is the law!). What do you think THAT will do to ones car upon impact?

    3. There is no current inspection requirement. 75% of these likker-sikkles have worn out tires, no brakes, inoperative lights, signals and horns. I saw one shoot uncontrollably across two lanes of traffic with no lights on at 0600 on MLK due to a rear blowout. He was very lucky and so were the drivers!

    It’s called personal and financial responsibility Vog. Just because someone can’t seem to stay out of the bottle and keep a license doesn’t give the the right to be exempt from that! And if they can’t afford it, take a bus!

    “Where’s the conservative outrage over these new taxes and new intrusions…?” There is no outrage because registration is NOT a tax. Insurance is NOT a tax. There’s your answer. Scooters are out of control and they needs to be reeled in to where they were intended!

    Oh and to your point abut the e-cigs: If someone wants to look like a blithering idiot with a plastic chemical tube sticking out of his/her head, sucking and blowing vapor, go ahead. There simply is no comparison with the lack of personal and financial responsiblity that exists with scooters on public roadways. You sound like a novice legal clerk on the staff of Woody Whites law firm.

  • Vog46

    This is government intrusion into even more people’s lives.
    It is a tax increase like e-cigs

    Where’s the conservative outrage over these new taxes and new intrusions into our lives?


  • jp

    I as a scooter rider fully agree with and support this, alot of states require scooters to be reg / insured.
    I would also like to say that not all scooter riders dont have a licence I have mine and in good standing, how ever it is cheaper to ride my trike scooter (50 cc) then my car at 100 mpg do the math. and If you ever see me riding my scooter you know i dont ride down the middle of the lane EVER. not all riders do, grant alot of dumb uncaring riders do so. for me its common sence and courtesy not to as well as alot safer for myself.
    with all that said, pass this law why not? I love my scooter and love ridding it some people have them because they enjoy them.

  • Mr.T

    I am afraid you have been had, By the VOG

  • Larry

    Yes, I think it’s a great idea for moped riders to have LIFE INSURANCE in Wilmington.

  • Watch out

    More and More of the freedoms are disappearing within America. A choice to penalize people just because they are not main stream is getting out of hand. Not everyone in America chooses to have a 3000 sq. ft home and a BMW, some people just wish to live a simpler life. Those days are disappearing fast and we have no one in big government that gives a hoot. All this amounts to is uncle Sam sticking his hand in the poor peoples pocket to pay the rich. Its time to wake up America.

  • william

    So the Republicans are finally admitting they are for raising tax’s and not for lowering tax’s like they say they are.

  • awall

    Not only have some Scooter/Moped riders had the licenses revoked for DWI or other legal issues, some have been MEDICALLY CANCELED. OK, they’re not medically fit to operate something with four wheels, but are allowed to operate something with two ??. Another post mentioned that most scooters are 150cc and bigger up to 450cc disguised as 50cc which the law allows. That is correct. These people intentionally remove the metal plate that states the engine size, making it impossible to charge a violation of the law if stopped. Some also run drugs on them. If Law enforcement attempts to stop them, they go between houses or other places the patrol car can’t.

    It costs me about $600.00 a year in insurance, license plate, drivers license endorsement, inspection, and property taxes to keep my Harley on the road.

    Why shouldn’t these scooter operators be required to do the same?

  • GuestToday

    It’s about time! If you have the same privileges as an auto, then you should shoulder the same costs and be required to register & insure.

    Most (not all, I’m sure) of the moped owners/drivers I’ve met drive a moped because they lost their license due to a DUI.

  • jj

    This should have been done a long time ago. I ride a Motorcycle and I have to pay for tag and insurance like everyone that drives a car. Most of the mopes I have seen on the road are in poor conditions and their lights are not working correctly.

    The people that drive them think they can ride in the middle of the road doing 20 MPH below the speed limit.

    Also, I know a lot of the riders have lost their license for one reason are another and they don’t have the rights to operate a motor vehicle in the state.

  • Ethical

    I support this bill.

  • guesty

    Great news.

  • kzpony

    Well, finally! Actually, it would be better to take them off the roads all together, or limit their areas of travel to only roads 40mph or less, but they SHOULD be required to have insurance.

    I bet that would take at lease 75% of them off the road because they probably can’t GET insurance because of priors (DUI, suspended or revoked licenses) which is exactly why they are driving them anyway.

    I am so very sorry for the loss of Mike to his family and friends and realize this was not his fault. Sadly, most of his clients buying skooters were more than likely in the same state as the man that hit him and lost their licenses.

  • Larry

    Why do you think they need insurance? I’m not aware of any major damage caused by mopeds. Around here, moped drivers get squashed eventually anyway in case you haven’t noticed, usually a careless driver kills them.
    So…I could see why they might need life insurance.
    Generally, mopeds aren’t used in commerce, therefore there would be no need to register for a privilege license to travel on the public roads.
    If unsure, read the Constitution as it trumps anything else you could imagine. We had a republic.. if we’d just take it back.

  • USMC

    Great news! Hope it passes. If a moped rider is traveling to work or from work to home, I think it is OK to waive the drivers’ license requirement, since most moped riders have lost their license, but should have a way to work and home, but not the registration, plate and insurance. If they use the roads, they should help pay for them. Otherwise, if they are riding for pleasure, an operators’ license should be required.

  • tke1

    Now if we can get the state to require any bicycle operated on the highway/right of way to buy a $5.00 tag things will be cooking.

  • Timothy Turner

    Ok if this passes will moped riders feel that since they’ve paid all this they are entitled to ride as a regular vehicle would and thereby even further slow down “normal” vehicles and present more danger to themselves and the population as a whole? No good answer to the problems presented by either side really :\ The only solution I’d see would be preventing them from roads that have speed limits in excess of 35 MPH but that would also be unpopular I’m sure.

  • guesty

    Simple personal responsibility. If a moped rider were to hit one of my vehicles who is going to pay for the damage? Why should I have to file on my insurance for something done by someone else? Also when you buy insurance, there is medical coverage that will help with your hospital bills.

    And the Constitution gives the power to tax.


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