Brunswick, New Hanover crashes among 16 traffic deaths during holiday weekend

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Submitted: Tue, 05/27/2014 - 12:31pm
Updated: Tue, 05/27/2014 - 11:09pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The North Carolina Highway Patrol says at least 16 people died on highways across the state during Memorial Day weekend based on preliminary reports. That number includes a fatal accident each in Brunswick and New Hanover counties.

The holiday weekend officially began at 6 p.m. Friday and ended at midnight last night. Last year the Highway Patrol investigated 14 fatal collisions and 479 injury related collisions during the holiday period.

The list of fatal accidents includes:

US19E – .2 miles west of Burnsville – Yancey County
Rosewood Road – 2.7 miles from Goldsboro – Wayne County
NC41 – 2.1 miles south of Lumberton – Robeson County
Hurley School Road – 3.1 miles west of Salisbury – Rowan County
Persimmon Road – near Carolina Shores – Brunswick County
US74 – .5 miles west of Cramerton – Gaston County
Moss Neck Road – 1.3 miles east of Pembroke – Robeson County
NC115 – 8 miles north of Statesville -Iredell County
US421 – 1.32 miles south of Wilmington – New Hanover County
NC210 – 3.4 miles east of Angier – Harnett County
Pax Hill Road – 4.5 miles north of Morganton – Burke County
McGhees Mill Road – 6.2 miles north of Roxboro – Person County
NC268 – 14.7 miles northeast of Lenoir –Caldwell County
McFarland Blue Road – 8.5 miles west of Raeford – Hoke County
US70 – .1 miles west of Fletcher Chapel Road – Durham County
Bostic Sunshine Highway – 8.2 miles north of Bostic – Rutherford County


  • kingstonman says:

    Our roads and streets are becoming so unsafe and how are we citizens of NC going to ever get them in good condition? One way I see is for I-95 to become a toll road. It is the main corridor from Florida to Maine and is heavily traveled year round. Folks in NC that have to use this interstate daily could get an ‘EZ pass’ at a better rate for the locals. Yet our leaders in Raleigh for some reason are dragging their feet on this. Wonder why?
    On further is our horrendous streets here in Wilmington. Greenville Loop Rd. has became a terrible roadway since Holly Tree extension was opened from College Rd. to Oleander Dr. Thus the folks coming from the southern and southeastern areas of the county no longer have to go through the intersection of College Road and Oleander Dr. Greenville Loop Rd. Also the multiple developments and complexes on Masonboro Loop Rd. added much to this flow as those folks will not go up Pine Grove Dr. to Oleander Dr. So to save themselves a few seconds all these drivers pile on Greenville Loop Road which is basically still a small country type road.
    If these driver were ever to get out and look at the narrow shoulder and in the lanes themselves they’d be horrified a the huge amount of nails, screws and bolts lying along it. There are many fender benders weekly on Greenville Loop Rd. Yet our illustrious leaders bury their heads and do not want to hear any discussions on the conditions of Greenville Loop Rd. There is a rumor of a roundabout at the intersection of Greenville Loop Rd. and Pine Grove Dr. This might help but not much unless someday, if no traffic signals or stop signs are never to be installed along Greenville Loop Road, then why not install a few more traffic circles if not two then at least one at the midway point? Like I said the bad drivers are taking chances daily already on this strip of road but at least with multiple circles it would slow the flow and the better drivers can get out of the way faster!
    So much land is being put on the market for development now along the Greenville Loop Rd. So more and more drivers are going to be thrown on this road.
    Open your eyes city leaders. Greenville Loop Rd. conditions need to be addressed NOW.

  • Melissa Comptonme says:

    Why would you feel people have enough money everyday to pay for toll roads? Us middle class people live pay check to pay check. That would be more bills to add stress and take away from their families.

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