Fishing line started fight that left girl in coma, boyfriend charged with attempted murder

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Submitted: Wed, 05/28/2014 - 3:47am
Updated: Wed, 05/28/2014 - 2:20pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — An 18-year-old man is behind bars after police say he beat his 17-year-old girlfriend then dragged her across the ground before choking her Friday night.

The girl, who was in a medically-induced coma earlier Tuesday, is now listed in serious condition, according to a hospital spokeswoman.

Her alleged attacker is charged with attempted first-degree murder.

“She’s bleeding and on the ground. She can’t walk,” a caller told a 911 operator late Friday night. “It’s her boyfriend, and he’s threatening and screaming at us to get back in the car, so I just need someone to be there.”

A friend says the fight started about something small: tangled fishing line. But police say that argument escalated at Michael Hutton’s home on Northwoods Drive. They say Hutton went in the house and started beating his girlfriend Hannah Connaway.

Connaway’s friend was there and tried to stop Hutton, but she says he locked her out.

“I could hear her screaming, and it continued on for about 15 minutes till it moved into the front yard, and then the beating continued,” Claudene Williams said.

Police say Hutton choked Connaway until she passed out.

One of Hutton’s ex-girlfriends says she has nightmares of what could have happened to her had she stayed in the relationship with him.

“He’s not a good guy, and I’ve forgiven him,” Montgomery Register said. “I’m a Christian 100 percent, and I’ve forgiven him, and I have no grudge against him or his family, but I feel for the people he’s put after me. After I left. After I gained the strength to walk away.”

But Connaway’s friends say it is not about Hutton

“He doesn’t deserve our thoughts,” Sunny Platt said. “She does.”

They say what really matters is their friend’s recovery.

Hutton was taken from a courtroom this afternoon in handcuffs and sent to jail under $1 million bond.


  • Ian says:

    I know this kid personally and he doesn’t have a mental illness, he is just another drug addict and abuser and it was his choice not his “mental illness.”

  • Sarah Howe says:

    Good point, William. Perhaps the young girl in the coma should be charged with assault & Battery. In case you aren’t sure, the previous two comments were sarcastic.

  • friend of connaway says:

    Pray for Hannah as she is not out of the dark yet!! All i can say is NO EXCUSE for hitting a girl. Had the conversation with my 8 and 11 year old boys this weekend. Never to early to teach your boy how to be a man!! Hutton will get what he deserves with no retaliation from anyone. We as friend and family of the Connaway’s pray the anger and vigilant thought are left to the all mighty. All i can say is You know what happens to punk women beaters in Prison!!!! he will get his for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rick James says:

    He’s done this before. No question in my mind.

  • M.B. says:

    My two children are also in highschool here in NHC. I can tell you drugs are a true epidemic in this county more so than anywhere we have seen. My one child knows this suspect very well and has known him for years. He has been known as a loose cannon, and user for some time.
    He was known as a guy who hits girls too. What someone needs to clear up is we have heard there were 4 guys present during the assault also.
    Also heard the suspect has done this several times to the victim as well as other females in front of other guys!
    My question is Who are the young men that refused to step in? If it’s true what kind of “Punks/Cowards” are you? I sure am glad my daughter isn’t around these type highschool age males for protection!

    If this happened in front of males and he wasn’t made to stop. You girls are surrounded by cowards.
    I sure hope the young lady has a full recovery very soon.

  • John says:

    I know everyone involved including the witnesses, there is no “his side” there is NEVER A REASON TO BEAT A GIRL UNCONSCIOUS OR STRANGLE HER IN THE FIRST PLACE. You should be more worried about Hannah’s health in your comments instead of backing up someone who beats a girl. Your comment to back him up means nothing considering he will go to PRISON, and will see how prisoners feel about his actions.

  • Dan Clancy says:

    You are a moron. His side and the truth? You need to go back to school and learn logic and ethics you idiot.

  • Dr. Walter Bishop, Fringe Division says:

    He bonded out Monday and appeared in court voluntarily Tuesday, so in all likelihood he got a haircut before his court date to improve his appearance for the judge.

  • Geez says:

    He who feels no pain will inflict the greatest pain. The pharma controlled youth is big money for the drug makers getting teens hooked, who can’t buy alcohol or tobacco, which were normal teen vices for centuries. Congratulations Mr. Attorney General Cooper and all who serve under you. It’s obvious which vice has your pocketbook’s attention.

  • in the know says:

    Another appauling example of ignorance. Who are you? DB.

  • jrmorganjr says:

    Well, her side has yet to be told, because she has been unconscious since Friday. And his side appears to be that while it all happened, a combination of alcohol and medication may have sparked his behavior. So, I’m left to believe that everything else we’re reading must be the truth.

  • in the know says:

    Are you living in a hole? Yes it’s the same person!!! Educate youself before exposing your lack of intelligence.

  • All Women Should Carry says:

    I am glad she was defending herself. Too bad she wasn’t carrying a gun!

  • Renfield says:


  • Renfield says:

    Nice try.

  • been there says:

    Bet you wouldn’t be saying this if it had been your daughter! You are a complete A_ _ !! The only truth here is the action as the girl can’t speak and, God help us, may never again. I pray she has a complete recovery and this little B gets what he deserves – life in prison, where being macho will cause him the same fate which he will fully deserve!!

  • guest111 says:

    Doesn’t matter one bit if she’s black or white. It’s WRONG!! However, I do like your solution to this problem.

  • Empowered says:

    “I would like to know when these girls will stop going for losers and go for the guy that treats them like a lady.”

    This is what we call CLASSIC VICTIM BLAMING.

    If it were that easy, domestic and sexual abuse wouldn’t exist.

  • Timekeeper says:

    You ask when the girls will stop going for losers, sounds like the girls are losers, as well. Many of the girls probably got the guys started. Women are known to be big fans of prescription meds. With 82% users, there are very few “winners” to choose from.

  • hh says:

    oh, so hearing voices in your head is all right. Oh, okay, i gotcha.

  • idontknow says:

    Since he’s such a upstanding man from such a good family, let your daughter date him and get the s*&t beat out of her and we’ll see how you come to their defense. The truth is I do know them and this this will never be my son because he’s being properly raised and he’s not dealing drugs and I’m not the pos that Mike Sr. is. I also put legal US residents to work unlike their joke of a father. They are bunch of low lifes and should just move out of town because that family will never live this down. Huge parenting fail, a boy doesn’t just start beating on girls without seeing it at home first. I wish Hannah a fast and complete recovery, but it’s too bad my tax dollars are going to feed and house this punk in jail, let his loser family pay for him.

  • Bob says:

    Your comment is ridiculous.

    First, his lawyer publicly admitted the dirtbag was drinking and tried to suggest that was one of the reasons he attacked her viciously attacked her. Clearly he had no trouble getting booze. Most kids don’t.

    Second, are you suggesting that we let minors consume alcohol while whining about the getting hooked on the (admittedly overprescribed) medication by drug makers? Alcohol has been determined to be the most harmful, destructive and costly drug in the world so how could increasing access teens have to it go wrong, eh?

    I don’t think you think that through.

  • jj says:

    Well, there is your answer. The punk knew what he was doing and should go to jail for a very long time. This Metal Illnesses excuse is a bunch of BS. It is a way for people to try to get off with crime and if they are Mentally Ill they still need to be locked up to stop them from hurting people.

  • Beth says:


    I have quite extensive knowledge about this from personal experience and family experience.

    Mentally ill or not, you are what you are. Being so called mentally ill doesn’t make a person mean. Even being an alcoholic/drug addict/ doesn’t make a person mean. The mental illness and drug/alcohol issues just serve as a mirror and bit of an enhancer. Have you ever heard the term happy drunk? There are happy drunks and there are mean drunks. You are what you are.

    He needs serious jail time. He needs consequences. As a child I was raped by a 15 yeAR OLD punk just like him. Years later I learned he had an extensive juvenile record, all acquittals, no real consequences. And I imagine his parents probably thought he needed help too. He needed help along with a boot to the ass.

    From what I understand about the young man in question this wasn’t some freak incident. This young man has a long history of violence. This young man needs to be whipped. Maybe then he will think twice.

  • William says:

    How did Mr. Hutton get the black eye? Isn’t that a question that needs to be asked? Isn’t it possible that Hannah clocked him in the eye and he went nuts and beat her badly? Sometimes, what ISN’T reported in a story is the most important. Anyone remember the horrible one sided reporting that went along with the Trayvon Martin case? I’d like to hear the whole story, please.

  • bb says:

    lets all get together and spell E M O T I O N C O N T R O L….. if you look at recent and past violent events both on our port city turf and the U C Santa Barbara incident. Yes, clearly the UC kid had some serious mental issues and, it appears Mr. Hutton may have some mental wellness challenges too. However, these conditions do not arise overnight and they are certainly not excuses for such violent behavior. They are often inherited and in some cases likely fostered by the parents and/or other family members without even knowing that its happening. The sandy hook kid had some major issues. Who was responsible for hiding those issues and not facing the beast? His mother. Not surprising she was the first person he shot! The UC Santa Barbara kid expressed hatred toward his stepmother for ridiculing him for being challenged. His father was basically not around. He felt like his dad just didn’t care. Because of his social awkwardness he felt alienated by people he wanted to like him. Sounds to me like he never had a true friend in his life. That’s sad! So, parents have to recognize and realize their child however sweet and innocent they may seem, has issues that could harm others. That has to be realized, recognized and dealt with.
    I inherited some anger management and emotion control issues from some family members. Not my mom or my dad either, it came from further down the line on my mom’s side. My grandfather had a horrible temper but he never beat on my grandmother, his kids or grandkids…. he trained animals for a living and I never saw him take an angry whack at an animal he was training. So, even when he was angry and at times under the influence of alcohol he was still of sound mind enough not to beat on any body. Sure, maybe a hammer got tossed across the shop but it was not thrown at any one. In fact, he liked to throw things on the floor… similar to a toddler who’s upset. Y’all grasping any symbolism here? My point is people, we as a society must do a better job at controlling our anger and emotions! Its ok to get mad, its ok to feel rejected….. but the individual must know inside they are above those feelings and learn how to recognize they are feelings and emotions which must be responded to properly. That has to come from the parents or supporting family members, church, licensed therapists and working on ones self. My way of dealing with anger and unpleasant emotions involves sports and high energy activities that wear the anger or unpleasant emotions out!

    My grandfather had this tree outside his barn. We called it the whipping tree. This tree was beat to hell! Anytime any of us kids got mad over something to a point we were not able to “Get over ourselves” granddad would send us to the tree alone with a machete. Now this was a big ole SC pine tree. So no matter how many times we whacked that thing with that dull ass machete, it wasn’t going anywhere. And when we stopped after a few minutes of wearing ourselves out with that tree, granddad would walk out of the barn ask for the machete back and say “now, you feel better?” the point is folks learn to take that anger or those uncontrollable emotions out on something lifeless that cannot be harmed. Punching bags work nicely too! Parents, take responsibility for your children! Recognize they have issues which, they have probably inherited and/or learned or both from you or your line of DNA! Teach them about constructive avenues to shed the unwanted feelings.

    Its similar to addiction…. you have to recognize there is a problem and want to change it, not enable it. Sounds to me like the leaders of that house turned a blind eye to their son’s true issues probably because they were too scared or cowardly to admit they were in part responsible. Or perhaps they saw it and just didn’t care. And if they knew of his behavior, leaving at home alone to party it up was not a wise move!

    I learned how to manage my anger from constructive family members, mentors, friends and a couple of licensed therapists. It disgusts me to fathom how these young peoples lives are traumatically changed forever all because some kid who I hear was under the influence of alcohol, weed and xanex couldn’t keep his cool after he got all kinds of 2 year old mad over some tangled fishing line. He should have just broken some fishing rods like most pissed off fisherman. But no, he chose to involve another human being by brutally beating her for 15+ minutes….. so for 15 minutes he had no clue what he was doing…. huh, then why did he make a point to get a hair cut after he got out of jail? I seriously doubt it was to try and impress the judge. That dog won’t hunt! So, if the judicial system does not give this ‘mentally ill’ little sh*t what he deserves, I’m certain karma will dish out its fair share to him!

    Hannah, I pray you make a full recovery and have as little lasting impact or deficits from this incident as possible. You did not deserve what happened to you! May the lord bless you and keep you safe on your road to recovery. As for the Huttons….. I do pray you get your sh*t together and find someway to right this wrong…. Unfortunately I think you missed your opportunity years ago! But, I will still pray for the lord to provide a constructive opportunity for you to pay some penance for this horrific circumstance of which you have significant responsibility!

  • in the know says:

    Parents are 100% responsible for their children!! I am a parent myself and I would Absolutely take responsibility for my “mentally” ill child. That is what you do! Seek help…certainly not leave his ass at home for the weekend to party it up and beat up other children in my home! Again… No Good! And too bad the babe on life support can’t speak for herself…….

  • Guest000000 says:

    God forbid one of my children ever finds them self in this position, but if they ever do I hope they have better friends than this young lady had. Allowing her to be beaten behind a locked door for 15 minutes before anyone thought, “Hey…do you think we should call 911? No, let’s just wait until he drags her out in the yard.”

  • Lil Black says:

    I bet u dis. Bet he don’t say nuthin bout no kinda fishin line or pop off at da mouth bout nuthin when he steps into our house! Man dat punk won’t even move less we tell him to. Talkin bout he crazy got mental problems. We can handle dos problems won’t need no pills either.
    Bet he won’t say nuttin. Beating up some little white girl I’m for real he won’t have no anger issues in the county. Believe that!! He may even leave sugary

  • PublicAvenger says:

    Poor Baby. He just was feeling bad, and was having trouble controlling his “inner anger”. I bet he wouldn’t work in a pie factory, if you gave him a job, as a taster. Put this punk in prison, for 15 years. That will give him time to find his “inner self”.

  • portcity says:


  • Ollie says:

    He looks more like a skint head female abuser after the head shave, bad idea on whatever lawyer suggested that for sure. So did the two girls not ever practice any self-defense while growing up? You know, pick up a big stick, swing a bat etc.

  • gueswtwho says:

    He’s 18

  • Jen says:

    That was just a real jerk thing to say. It was a legit question and I believe as rude as your comment was, you need God. I will pray for you.

  • guest28428 says:

    Okay, I’m in agreement with the other posts but my question is, he beat her for 15 minutes inside the house and no one bothered to call 911 until he moved the fight outside? Why didn’t her friend, or someone, call 911 when the fight was going on inside the house?

  • hh says:

    so lets just blame the parents. thats the quickest way to handle this. Smart. They actually are very great parents, and have taught them morals and reality, HE HAS A MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES YOU DUMBASS. Yes, he deserves punishment AND HELP FOR HIS BRAIN, but who are you to judge his parents? THEY DIDNT DO IT. And every marriage has their hills and mountains, but they would take ANY person in their home adn treat them like family. They are great parents so how about you NOT talking about something you dont know. HEY EVERYONE INSTEAD OF TALKING SHIT ON HERE, HOW ABOUT YOU ACTUALLY GO SEE HANNAH AND PRAY FOR HER. EVEN IF YOU DONT KNOW HER. none of your sentences about what you think couldve shouldve or wouldve happened isnt gonna change anything. PRAY FOR HER RECOVERY AND HIS HELP IN LIFE. leave his family out of it.

  • in the know says:

    Rude????Jerk???… FOLLOW the story people..he was let out of jail and got a cute new do for the clink!
    I don’t need your prayer..the tiny female in the hospital that is on life support needs your prayer.

  • Guest000000 says:

    If the “moderator” for these forums can’t weed out something this racist and unfunny, then perhaps they need a new and different assignment at the station.

  • guest12345 says:

    The witness was just an 18 year old girl from what I’ve seen on other news stations, I’m sure she was too panicked and distracted by what was happening to poor Hannah to even think to call the police. Another friend came and called, the 911 call was played briefly on the news tonight. I applaud both girls for being brave and helping save the victim’s life. She is in our thoughts and prayers and we wish her a speedy recover.

  • FOBO says:

    You ARE joking, right? The guy is a drug user. That is a choice on HIS part. Don’t give me this “Chemical Imbalance” crap….it was a self induced chemical imbalance. Furthermore, if this is how he behaves, chemical imbalance or not, he gets locked up to protect the rest of us. Its limp d_cks like you who promote this crap by never wanting to hold any accountable.

  • Bob says:

    “He’s not a good guy, and I’ve forgiven him,” Montgomery Register said. “I’m a Christian 100 percent, and I’ve forgiven him, and I have no grudge against him or his family, but I feel for the people he’s put after me. After I left. After I gained the strength to walk away.”

    What a selfish comment. All so eager to show the world how pious and full of “forgiveness” she is. So self centered.

  • Chris says:

    There is a third person in this, a witness, who also has something to say about what happened. Other than that, I don’t care what his excuses are for beating this girl…there’s no excuse good enough.

  • hh says:

    Well, since you know his parents oh so well. Actually, they had a very good life growing up, close family, parents were great role models. THERE IS SUCH THINGS AS MENTAL ILLNESSES. Yes, he deserves to be punished, but if this was your son you wouldnt be saying the same thing. I have people in my family with mental illness, and maybe they should go to jail, but MAYBE SOCIETY SHOULD FOCUS ON HELPING THESE PEOPLE INSTEAD OF MAKING THEM LOOK LIKE MONSTERS. If Hannahs family is praying for him too, and doesnt want this on social media or people making comments about it OTHER THAN PRAYER FOR HER, maybe you should abide by their wishes. He has many issues but the biggest one is his chemical imbalance. if your child really knew the suspect, you would definitely know he doesnt go around hitting every girl in sight. PRAY FOR HANNAH TO HAVE AN AMAZING RECOVERY AND GET TO LIVE HER LIFE THE WAY SHE WANTS TO. Stop putting negative responses, if you hate how he is or what hes done, why waste your breath talking about it? If you were really just writing this to pray for her, then you wouldn’tve even said anything. NEVER, EVER EVER blame a parent. He has WONDERFUL parents and you don’t know anything about them.

  • Hannah C says:

    There were no males there.

  • Guest-o-matic says:

    …so he trimmed off his “Girly Curleys” so he would be lesser attractive to Ol’ Bubba. But you know what? Ol’ Bubba doesn’t care, he’s gonna get his, bet on it! Ol’ Bubba don’t really care much about hair…

  • nicole says:

    Regardless of the whatever the whole story is, there is nothing that this girl could have done to make her deserve this. A man should never lay hands on a woman for any reason, there are other ways to deal with issues, but then again he definitely isn’t a man and you just sound ignorant or must be one of his friends. Her side isn’t told bc she is in a COMA…if this was your daughter would you be saying the same? He’s a ragged, worthless, good for nothing punk that deserves to be beaten into a coma himself. I hope the judge puts him away and makes him pay her medical bills and the physical/mental therapy she’s probably going to need.

  • Laney Parent says:

    Maybe the young men weren’t scared. Maybe confused on how to make a decision on either stepping in to protect her, or trying to answer a text on who was holding some weed or pills.
    Also it’s a tough decision to figure out “Should I break into these cars and or houses for drug money? “Or help this young lady out?

    The youth today are sure in Trouble!

  • Reader says:

    This is a tragic story and I hope the young girl recovers emotionally as well as physically. I’m confused however as to the photo shown on the news (appears to be a mug shot) and the video in the courtroom. It doesn’t look like the same person. Why do you show one photo in one moment and another the next? Are these the same person?sp

  • annonymous says:

    I do know mikes parents and know this is not the way they raised him. They did not fight like that. I also know brittany and know she is a VERY smart young lady. Everybody seems to be hearing one side. Im not making an excuse for anybody but I there are 3 sides to every story. His side, her side, & the truth. I dont agree or think mike shouldn’t be punished for his actions, but I also do not think the whole story is being told.

  • in the know says:

    First of all, I can not say what really needs to be said on a public forum as such. There is a baby girl laid up in the hospital fighting for her life because some POS thought he would take her very existence. And congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Hutton for not paying enough attention and instilling morals into their children. Or how about just addressing that the POS needed a mental intervention. Furthermore, he learned this behavior from someone.
    It is also perfectly obvious that our judicial systems need to tighten up on similar POS’ that think it’s cool to beat the hell out of each other and those that are Children.
    I just love how our society is evolving.. God Bless our future generations.

  • guest_122014 says:

    I don’t personally know the Huttons or the Connaways but I used to live near the Huttons and can say the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. The Hutton family is a bunch of arrogant hotheads so this doesn’t surprise me one bit. Seeing mother and father arguing in the front yard was a common occurrence. What else would you expect from a boy whose father, as rumor has it, shot himself on child’s toy. It’s a shame that girl or her family couldn’t see how dysfunctional they are. Congratulations Mikey, you beat up a 90 lb girl. If it were my daughter, you’d be laying in the next room. I hope they throw the book at you. My thoughts go out to Hannah and wish her a speedy recovery.

  • Sheree Harrell says:

    The perpetrator should be screened for Intermittent Explosive Disorder and Bipolar Disorder. This boy apparently had symptoms for many years as indicated by previous violent outbursts. Many people with undiagnosed mental health disorders DO self-medicate with alcohol, marihuana and other meds.

    Society has a responsibility to treat mental health issues without stigma, and provide low cost community services to help people. This boy could’ve been born to ANY one of us. As parents, we must educate ourselves on symptoms and treatment options.

    Bless Hannah Connaway for wanting to help him. She knew he had issues. Maybe one day she’ll become a social worker or other professional working with children and teens with mental disturbance. However, HIS problem IS NOT her responsibility. Too often, I see young women spinning their wheels trying to “parent” where actual parents are ignoring their responsibility to help their own youth.

    Parenting a child or teen with mental disturbance is a hard job. These parents MUST have community supports, low cost meds and access to psychiatrists who prescribe proper medications for violent youth. PLEASE open your mind as you contemplate this horrible assault on a beautiful young woman. She did not deserve this treatment. We as a community must understand how WE let this happen by ignoring the needs of the mentally ill.

  • marshall says:

    yea kids are abusing drugs these days, but its always been that way. and weed isn’t a drug

  • reader says:

    Right now she is on her backside in the hospital fighting to recover. How could there possibly be any side to justify his actions? Please stop with that junk reasoning of “he wasn’t raised that way”. Just stop…while you are behind.

  • guesty says:

    Hopefully he is stomped while in jail. He doesn’t deserve to ever walk free again.

  • Parent says:

    Both of my boys know this kid. They both say the same thing about his drug abuse and the epidemic it is here in Wilmington. All of their friends say that almost every girl they know is either associating with heavy drug users or are doing hardcore drugs themselves.
    I would like to know when these girls will stop going for losers and go for the guy that treats them like a lady.
    It is sad but we went through my sons yearbook from last year and just did a who does drugs. And on the football and baseball team alone we were at 84% frequent users.

    I then had my other son do the same thing same yearbook. He was at 82% I know my kids have tried drugs, but I had no idea it’s as bad as it seems.
    My thoughts and prayers go out to this young girl and her family. But I am betting all this is a kid that was on something more than seizure meds. And if I am right I hope it’s a lesson to all these kids that drugs are a deadens road

  • guestenheimer says:

    Michael Hutton is a pristine example of a low-life coward with anger issues against women. Once again, he’s made his mamma proud, right ma? I hope his parents quickly move him to somewhere in the very remote NW corner of Canada after the judge slaps his wrist because he’s going to have a lot of really big guys waiting to meet him as soon as he walks through the outside of that jailhouse door.

    We’re waiting Hutton. Can’t wait to meet you!

  • Christine Neal says:

    Can’t help but wonder where all that Animal Anger came from? At the same time as a mother of two girls, hope he never see’s the light of day from anywhere but a jail cell!

  • Timekeeper says:

    This guy is a certified nutcase. All this over fishing line. I guess if she had bumped his car, he would have went on a shooting spree.

  • Shirley Harriott- Caison says:

    Someone needs to do the same thing to him. How stupid is this beating her almost to death over tangled fishing line. I hope that 1 day he will BURN IN HELL for what he has done.

  • guest111 says:

    Unfortunately, this happens on a daily basis across America and over seas. Don’t act so shocked and angry over this one incident. It’s in the news every day. People have got to get involved in the domestic violence situation and do everything possible to stop it AND THE JUDGES AND LAWYERS NEED TO STOP LETTING THEM OUT OF JAIL. THEY WILL NEVER CHANGE AND THEY ARE ALL ALIKE. IT’S A PATTERN EACH ONE OF THEM FOLLOW.

  • J in Wilmington says:

    Thoughts and prayers need to be with Hannah. I don’t understand why he was only originally charged with felony assault. The idea he could bond out for $6000 makes me mad. Ben David made me very happy with his request for $2,000,000 bond, seeing him walk in with his parents and leave with a deputy was good for everyone to see.

    Remember to focus on the victim and let Mr. David focus on the punk with the big hair and the black eye, nice haircut for court!

  • these says:

    Did this happen in creekwood

  • lulz says:

    Did it mention anyone getting shot to death? Then no.

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