NC Senate offers big teacher raise for tenure loss

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Submitted: Wed, 05/28/2014 - 4:31pm
Updated: Wed, 05/28/2014 - 8:45pm

Associated Press

RALEIGH, NC (AP) — North Carolina senators are offering veteran teachers a choice between a double-digit pay raise or keeping the job protections a court says lawmakers can’t strip away.

State senators on Wednesday announced their proposed budget will include pay raises of more than 10 percent for teachers who have earned career status after four years.

Giving up tenure rights would raise the state-supplied salary of a teacher with five years of experience from almost $31,000 this year to $35,000 next year. That teacher would get no raise if he or she kept their job rights.

A state Superior Court judge this month ruled a new law was unconstitutional because it stripped veteran teachers from job protections that barred their firing or demotion except for reasons that include poor performance, immorality and insubordination.

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  • SurfCityTom says:

    if times are so tough, how did the Teachers Association come up with $2million for Smiley Perdue’s campaign?

    would more cash be available for teacher raises if the State was not repaying $2.4 BILLION TO the Feds which had been borrowed during the 2 prior administrations to maintain that albatross known as Medicaid?

  • Itsnotimportant says:

    Comments can easily be matched to the type of student you were in school. Truly educated students appreciate those who worked hard and helped educate them, while the dropouts and uneducated ones write the ignorance as their comment. Some of you that think you are educated are fooling yourself as well. Its not a teacher’s fault that you are what you have become. You might want to look at your parents as a starting point because ignorance does breed ignorance and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. It starts in the home.

  • David Harris says:

    I’m a teacher. I have been for 6 years in NC. In that time I have downsized my home, had two kids and struggle to find work every Summer to pay bills. I love my job, but will probably be divorced due to the stress it has put on my family for not making enough money. Meanwhile the new teachers will start with a nice cushion. For god sakes the cable guy makes more money and gets a raise every year. Would you leave him alone in a room with your child? We as parents trust teachers and at the same time expect them to perform miracles. We are human and deserve to be treated like humans. We are not asking to be rich, far from it, but let’s be real folks, we deserve a substantial raise and a sustainable ladder to climb. With no incentive in any job you are asking for mediocrity and mediocrity sucks! Open up your pockets and stop complaining about those who got you to where you are today. Yes, some better then others, but in all you wouldn’t be in a successful career without someone who took the time to teach you.

  • jj says:

    My recommendation is for you to move and find a better job if you are unhappy with what you are being paid. If you look at Albany, NY you will find the teachers salary is $50k ( )and I am sure the cost of living is higher.

  • Guest000000 says:

    So your argument against tenure is that you know someone without tenure who was fired? Tenure does not make you unfirable and it doesn’t take an act of congress to get rid of a poor performer. It simply means you can’t be fired simply because you get a new boss who doesn’t like you. I’d like to think that any job would provide evidence and documentation before they fire someone, whether they had tenure or not.

  • Tennyson says:

    The question isn’t about what you think. By the way, you either need to proofread what you write or write using standard English. The question for some is they signed contracts with their respective school systems guaranteeing tenure after a trial period if their job performance was satisfactory. The terms of their contract is being upheld by the court but at the cost of giving up a much needed pay increase. It is politics as usual. There are many counties in NC adjoining other states. VA and SC have better pay scales. If you are single, it is certainly an option to work in a state other than NC. I was told recently that teachers in WA and NY start out making $60 to $70k. By some of the responses here I sense hostility against a profession. I suspect many of the most vocal opponents to teacher tenure on this forum aren’t employed. Get an education. Then you can respond intelligently, not just spouting your opinions.

  • jj says:

    Do you really think they fire someone for poor performance? The answer is not and that is the problem with tenure. It is almost like a union in that it takes an act of Congress to release someone that isn’t doing a good job.

    I don’t think anyone should be in a position that they can’t be fired from. Also, before everyone start with the replies talking about people being release, show it to me in documentation. I know of one person that worked at a Charter School that was release (don’t have tenure there)for poor performance, but was rehired the next year.

  • robingirl says:

    A raise instead of tenure IS NOT a raise. Taking away something that was promised for service is ridiculous. What ever are these senators thinking or drinking???

  • rickc says:

    Anyone but a fool should see right through this. Teachers can be removed under the current tenure for 3 good reasons: poor performance, immorality and insubordination. What other reasons would you need?

  • Beach Guy says:

    I do not think this is about getting rid of teachers I think it is more about funding a liability.
    Tenure is accounting wise a liability that has to be funded every year. If you leave your liability unfunded you wake up one day and have a business or in this case a school system that is so far in the hole that it collapses under it’s own weight.
    It is probably a good plan for the sustainability of the public school system.

  • taxpayer says:

    How is “poor performance” measured…by the percentage of students performing at grade level? I don’t know…which is why I’m asking.

  • guest45 says:

    NC is enough to make you sick most of the time, here we go again rewarding substandard teachers with over generous pay for no achievements, just because you have a teaching certificate and have set at a desk for umpteen years DOES NOT make you a teacher! The teachers that get results should be rewarded and the lazy or underachievers should get the boot!, no amount of money will make an individual perform, only a gift and a love for their profession will make them succeed. The kid’s in public education lose again.

  • Guest123123 says:

    Go join a union in some other state and get all the raises and free stuff you think you are so deserving of. Just because you are in one of these three positions you mention that does not give you any special rights. The people in these professions have to move up in the ranks to make more money and that is just the way it is. Please just move on if you think you are worth so much money.

  • Guest123123 says:

    Go join a union in some other state and get all the raises and free stuff you think you are so deserving of. Just because you are in one of these three positions you mention that does not give you any special rights. The people in these professions have to move up in the ranks to make more money and that is just the way it is. Please just move on if you think you are worth so much money.

  • max says:

    giving up job security for $333 is stupid. I didn’t like the last Gov but I will damn sure be campaigning for whoever is running against this moron! We need a state government that thinks teacher, policemen and firemen are important!

  • Guest000000 says:

    Here’s the raise you should’ve gotten years ago, instead of the tenure you were promised in your contract. Such a deal!!!

  • Bearclaw says:

    Looks like the good ol’ boys running the NC Senate are playing to their base by trying to strip away tenure rights even though they know they legally can’t. At the same time they are showing independents and moderate voters who are ashamed at what’s happened to teachers in this state, that they are now rewarding teachers. Goolsby mus be proud.

  • Mr.T says:

    Here we go again, more Republican Law making that ends in being unconstitutional. This gimmick is not a serious offer to teachers and
    goes on to prove just how much Republicans hate public education and will not be happy until public goes private. Now the chance for NC teachers that are registered as Republicans to jump ship and start a movement that will change things

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