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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — Opponents are rallying against a bill to allow fracking next year, even as the North Carolina House prepares to vote on the idea.

About 50 people and a half dozen representatives criticized the Republican-backed bill Thursday that would allow fracking. Opponents said the bill moved through the legislature too fast, without enough public input. They said it will hurt the environment and could poison drinking water.

The House changes to the bill would give the Mining and Energy Commission final say over the decisions in the permitting process, with the power to pre-empt any local ordinances banning fracking.

Sen. Bob Rucho is a sponsor of the original bill. Rucho says he liked the changes the House made and expects his chamber to agree to them.

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1 Comment on "Opponents rally against NC fracking bill"

2015 years 9 months ago

Families against Fracking
Preserving your own backyard
As a resident of Franklin, North Carolina I am very concerned about the testing of natural gas that is going to begin in western North Carolina including Macon County late this fall and next summer. I am alarmed by this controversial method of gas drilling and its harmful effects to groundwater contamination and air pollution. Fracking has already polluted groundwater sources across the country with toxic chemicals, and last year a study done at Duke University confirmed the presence of radioactive chemicals in rivers near fracking sites in Pennsylvania.
Broken Promises-The recently signed SL2014-4(S786) Energy Modernization Act (S786) is breaking legislative promises set in 2012 and 2013 to review a finished package of rules before voting to allow fracking permits in North Carolina. Read more… (http://www.ncconservationnetwork.org/documents/SL2014_6514/).
Your Backyard-Fracking can affect NC residents in their own backyards through compulsory pooling, which allows a natural gas driller to force the landowner to allow development of their mineral estate against their will. This will take away the property owners rights and if enough of your neighbors agree to lease their properties for gas exploration and development, they can apply to the N.C. Mining and Energy Commission and compel you to participate in what’s called “forced pooling.”
The air you breathe-Pollution can come to NC residents in many forms because of Fracking, even in the air we breathe. Fracking generates high levels of toxic air emissions for example; in West Virginia high levels of Benzene were found. The benzene levels found by regulators on one fracking site in Texas were so high that the site was considered unsafe. Once these toxins are in the air it puts everyone at risk.
As a grandmother, I do not want my family or future generations to be put at risk. The cleanliness and safety of our drinking water and the air we breathe should not be jeopardized. I would like to let my local legislators know that I am unhappy they let the fracking bill pass. I would like for them to take this issue very seriously, and if at all possible stop fracking in WNC.


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