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Local veterans react to VA chief's resignation


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- President Obama announced this morning he accepted VA Secretary Eric Shinseki's resignation.

Shinseki has been under fire ever since the scandal surrounding the care of veterans at VA facilities surfaced. Now vets in our area are speaking out about issues in the VA that caused serious delays for those needing care.

Shinseki's resignation came just hours after he apologized to veterans for the health care issues that caused excessive waiting times covered up by employees at the VA center in Phoenix.

One Wilmington veteran says Shinseki's resignation will not fix the problem.

"He is like anyone else," Army veteran David Hartley said. "He is in charge of it. It's his responsibility. If in fact that went on, I don't see how he can sleep at night."

But others say Shinseki is not to blame.

"The man was doing the best he could with what he had," Navy veteran Joe Stanley said. "His hands were tied with what he could and couldn't do."

Navy veteran Bill Paschall said, "The man could have probably done the job, but the organization is so huge, you cannot know what's going on down in the trenches."

While we've received e-mails from some veterans complaining of issues at the local VA, veterans we spoke with Friday had no complaints.

"I used the VA hospital, and what minor care I received there, I've always been treated fairly," Hartley said.

But veterans did have some tips on how to fix the problem and ensure veterans receive the care they deserve.

"I think you should need some professional hospital people running it, not politicians," Paschall said.

Stanley said, "If somebody is not doing what you're supposed to do, get rid of them. Get somebody in there that will do the job the way it's supposed to be done."

Many veterans we spoke with say this has been a problem for years.

So far three people, including the Phoenix VA hospital's director and associate director, have been placed on administrative leave.

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I am so glad that my father

I am so glad that my father has options outside of the VA for his medical care.

The VA is in shambles. It

The VA is in shambles. It took me 5 months to get a simple authorization for an eye exam.

Totally despicable!!! This

Totally despicable!!! This is not an issue that all of the sudden has occurred. It has been going on for years and years! We always have to have someone who can be the scapegoat for all the wrongs! Take responsibility, make the upper management of Veteran's Affairs accountable! The VA is comprised of mostly lazy, incompetent people who are only there to collect a paycheck and always have an excuse for NOT doing their jobs! Because my husband is a service connected disabled veteran, I have dealt with the VA for 20 years. I am utterly amazed at the lack of care our veterans receive! Enough is enough!! I took it upon myself to see that the VA does what they are supposed to with my husband's medical care!! Maybe with all of this being brought out, veterans who don't have a persistent family member will finally receive the proper treatment and care!!

Even if you are persistent,

Even if you are persistent, they still jerk you around. I have called the local VA reps for help and all they do is to refer you back to the ones you are having problems with. They should all be done away with as well. As you say, most associated with the VA are just there to draw a check and are useless otherwise. I know they have a load on them, taking care of millions of service personnel, but, maybe some of this handout money the US is always sending overseas trying to buy friendship should be used here at home to help vets.

This particular e-mail

ABSOLUTELY RIGHT AND THEN SOME...IT WOULD TAKE A NOVEL PERTAINING TO WHAT i HAVE BEEN THRU FOR THE LAST 15 YEARS....BUT COMPARED TO WHAT THESE SOLDIERS COMING BACK FROM aFGHANISTAN..i SHOULD NEVER COMPLAIN...THEY ARE GOING TO NEED A LOT OF HELP AND ITS NOT THERE....THEY CAN'T EVEN HANDLE THE VIETNAM VETERANS WITH PHYSICAL AND MENTAL PROBLEMS YET AND ACTUALLY WE CAN GO FURTHER BACK THAN THAT. OUR GOV'T ...............I CANT EVEN GO ON...BUT LETS REMEMBER FOLKS-WE AS A INDIVIDUAL PERSON IS AT FAULT AS WELL BECAUSE WE LET THE GOOD OLE POLITICIANS GET AWAY WITH A LOT AND DID NOT DO ENOUGH TO STOP IT. are are right. However, once elected, these sleazeballs do as they please, and that usually means whatever financially benefits them and their buddies. Very little way to rid ourselves of them once they are elected. I remember a while back, correct me if I am wrong, the VA was offered the old Brunswick Hospital in Supply for almost nothing. Everything was already set up as a major health care facility. Only a few upgrades were needed. Our elected "officials" chose to build the new facility at the airport, spending millions that could have gone to care for vets. I assume many a politician's pocket was padded by contractors because of this. Food for thought.