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COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Highway Patrol Sgt. Lewis says investigators have now found the car that hit and killed 29-year-old Charles Monroe Saturday morning near Hallsboro Road.

The driver was 18-year-old Magan Soles in a white Honda Civic.

Investigators say she was on her way to pick up her boyfriend from work a little after 4:00AM when she hit Monroe near the Farmers Union community.

She says she was blinded by headlights and did not see the man lying in the road.

Investigators say they do not know why he was lying in the road.

No charges have been filed. The investigation is ongoing.

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  • Mechanic

    It seems pretty obvious to me, that if she was traveling along a highway, ran over someone, that the victim was in the roadway. She didn’t chase him through the woods. Think about it. Also, as for the damage to the fender and hood, the car probably had an air dam under the front bumper that was pushed up, damaging the grill, fender and possibly the front edge of the hood. I once was a professional auto body tech, and believe me, it can happen, especially to a small, low vehicle.

  • clb

    I would love to know was u there to witness anything since u say he was 99% responsible??? If this guy was laying in the road, then how did her car get the damages to hood, bumper, and radiator. His injuries were from waist down. It’s too sad that the guy can’t speak to tell his side of story. I pray girl can’t sleep til she confess the truth!!!!!!!!!!

  • CLB

    And who told you he stayed the night on the traveled portion of the highway? Stop stating opinions when you don’t know the facts.

  • Mechanic

    I am sure she knew she hit something, but if she was blinded, as she says, she probably did not know what. The person in the road however, is 99% responsible for his own demise. And, come to think of it, I never recall any family member that decided to spend the night on the traveled portion of a highway. One other thought..why did the driver of the vehicle that flashed his/her lights not stop if they saw a person in the roadway? Sounds like enough guilt to go around.

  • Alexis Butts

    She should have stopped after hitting him and notified the police because even if she hit a deer she suppose to stop there is no excuse for her actions some type of charges should be filed against her. I don’t believe she should be charged with murder but a hit and run charge should still be pressed for her leaving the scene and they would have ever found out if her radiator wouldn’t have messed up because she wasn’t gonna call and confess because of she was she would have called early that morning if she didn’t have time that night my instinct tells me she was drunk driving and tried to use picking her bf up as an excuse! Justice needs to be served and she don’t deserve to walk away from this with no charges

  • Mechanic

    Details are very sketchy here. Based on what has been reported, hopefully no charges will be filed against this young woman. The incident just as easily could have been a setup to get her to stop, and no telling what else could have taken place. I am somewhat familiar with the area and it is a spooky place after dark. I am quite sure that she was afraid and very confused, which should be taken into consideration.

  • Bob

    Are you serious? This was a hit and run! It is my understanding the Highway Patrol investigators had to hunt down the vehicle so I guess she was not too concerned or she would have called 911 as soon as it happened. Another thing…picking up her boyfriend at 4:00 am? I don’t buy it. Never heard of a shift that gets off at that time of the morning. My 18 year old daughter would not have been driving in a “spooky place” like that especially at that time of morning. I bet your comments would have been different if she had hit and killed one of your loved ones and then ran. Hopefully more details will come out soon and I wish her the best but there is no excuse for hitting a human being and then never stopping or attempting to contact the authorities.

  • gueswhat

    What????? She did not realize she hit someone lying in the road. She was driving a civic for crying out loud! Somebody told her what to say IMO.


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