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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Gary Miller is leaving the University of North Carolina Wilmington.

According to a news release, Miller will resign effective July 31 after being named Chancellor-elect of the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay today.

Miller will continue to lead UNCW through July. He will assume his new role in Wisconsin Aug. 1.

“I have been honored to work with an extraordinary team of faculty, staff and campus leaders at UNCW,” Miller said in a statement released by UNCW. “Together we have accomplished so much, and I know they will continue to provide a world-class academic experience for UNCW’s students. The opportunity at University of Wisconsin-Green Bay is an extremely exciting one that will allow me to continue to make an impact in higher education, through Green Bay’s commitment to innovation, access to education for all, community partnerships and economic engagement. The UW system is one of the finest in the country, and I am eager to dive in and discover how I can support the mission and tradition of excellence at Green Bay.”

Miller became UNCW’s fourth chancellor in July 2011, but it was clear in recent weeks he was ready to leave, though he has yet to make it clear publicly why.

“(My wife) Georgia and I have enjoyed our time in Wilmington and are grateful for the support of this community, and for the friendships we have formed both on- and off-campus,” Miller said in his statement. “We are excited to join the Green Bay community after meeting such warm and welcoming people during our visits. I will be leaving UNCW in excellent hands, including those of a top-notch leadership team.”

In Green Bay, Miller will be paid $230,000. He made $280,500 at UNCW. He will also take over a school roughly half the size of UNCW. Wisconsin-Green Bay boasts an enrollment of about 6,600 students.

“The Board of Trustees thanks Chancellor Miller for his leadership at UNCW and for his commitment to higher education and most importantly to our students,” UNCW Board of Trustees Chair Wendy Murphy said in a statement. “He has continued to lead UNCW on an upward trajectory of student success and high academic standards. Dr. Miller arrived at a very difficult time in higher education and was able to identify efficiencies that further strengthened our campus. We are grateful to both the Chancellor and his wife Georgia for their commitment to this community and the region and wish them nothing but the best as they begin the next chapter in their lives at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.”

Miller was also a finalist for top jobs at Youngstown State University in Ohio and SUNY Buffalo State.

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  • Bob

    I think it is ridiculous to think 2 new board members can dramatically change a university in 6 or 7 months . That is crazy , I guess the new members must be very very good at Jedi mind tricks . It would have to be the case. Or could it be that when the liberal elitist , and self proclaimed academic elitist , don’t get the rubber stamp they want , this is how they react ? How dare a trustee of a unc system school question the administration ….

  • Guest000000

    That the chancellor of a major university is forced to delegate duties to underlings? Apparently he had no idea who the mighty Guest2020 was or I’m sure he would’ve treated you differently than he would treat the parents of the other 18,000 students, my child included. Seems like your petty quibbles aren’t just with the Brunswick County School System after all. Apparently you like to spread the love. I hope you were able to have your concern alleviated before your child was indoctrinated into some left wing cult…or before poor little old professor Adams had his civil rights violated.

  • Actually know the guy

    I have worked directly with Chancellor Miller and found him to be an engaged administrator who genuinely values and appreciates the students, faculty, and staff. When he is made aware of staff having health concerns or family concerns, he sends a note or an email.

    I have no idea what has transpired to cause him to leave. I truly believe he liked it here. I have heard the rumors of SAE influenced board members and while that seems outrageous former members of a fraternity would create such meddling in our institution, I know the friendship that fraternities provide and the loyalties they create. So, it isn’t completely impossible.

    I do believe that the Governor and General Assembly want to influence how UNCW is run. They made similar attempts with UNC Chapel Hill but the strong board fought that off.

    In any case, I wish Miller the absolute best and I sincerely hope that we get a truly qualified Chancellor and not some political stooge.

  • Robert Green

    This is just liberal , musical chairs. They float from one indoctrination camp to another garnering large salaries. The majority of these universities do not welcome diversity of political ideologies despite public statements. They are appealing the Adams case because of their allegiance to the cause. All of our institutions are corrupt and they take their cues from our lawless federal government and the Obama regime that empowers all of the liberal parasites including Miller and DePaulo. We are in a period of social design being imposed on the low information masses. If you work in the world of academia , the majority are in the Utopian Bubble and detached from reality. You are a part of the ” Radical Transformation of America ” which will result in a lower standard of living for all and continued deprivation of freedoms. Hope your graduates have the skill sets to survive this economy and can move out from home before they are 50 !

  • Guest2020

    As a parent of a UNCW student, I sent Chancellor Miller an e-mail about a concern and he couldn’t be bothered to respond. I received a form letter from one of his underlings. That’s my personal story. Given the nonsense that has been allowed to go on at that school over the years, I am glad to see him go.

  • Sittn’ On The Sea

    Face it…
    After a major court decision comes down on such a university (Adams v. UNCW), the ones who were involved and found liable, along with all who associate with them, now wear scarlet letters of academic shame, and no university of any merit would touch them with a 10 mile long pole. Their careers are essentially over with that rotten fish around their necks.

    Miller wanted out before his career was caught in the event horizon of the same black hole, known better as the academic toilet flush of career death.

    He made a wise move.

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