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By Julian March

Some Wilmington council members aren’t pleased with a proposal to change the design of the city’s police cars.

On Tuesday, the city council will consider a resolution to approve buying 22 new Dodge Chargers for the police department. Police planned for the cars to be the first wave of cruisers styled in a new black-and-white design.

The design features a black hood and trunk with white doors emblazoned with POLICE in all capital letters and an image of a police shield. The latest design departs from the WPD’s current marked cruisers, which are painted all white and have blue and gold stripes.

At a Monday agenda briefing, Councilwoman Laura Padgett said the new cars look “very intimidating.”

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48 Comments on "New Wilmington police car design faces scrutiny"

old guy
2015 years 10 months ago

Sorry just saying! Looks just like Leland’s Police Cars!

2015 years 10 months ago

The only question I have are which one’s are cheaper. As prior law enforcement I was always told that the white cars are both cheaper at the beginning and re-sell for more at the end. Plus, it is frickin hot as hell in Wilmington for at least 6 months of the year. Why would the WPD want black cars? As far as the intimidating look, who gives a flip. If a police car deters a crime because of the look of the car then Padgett should take one of those dumb hats shes wears and throw it in the air in joy.

2015 years 10 months ago

Wow. You’re fun to watch. When all of that pent up anger comes pounding out of your keyboard, you obviously have no compunction whatsoever about tossing out your common sense at the same time as well. I wonder if you’re aware of that.

As to that explaining yourself twice thing; I’m sure you wouldn’t like to. It must be hard enough to keep track of all of that gobbledygook you posted the first time, much less trying to explain it twice. That would be a daunting task for anyone, much less someone with an anger issue. You might even need a flow chart with appropriate symbols to express the endless loop created by your saying “feel free to respond” to something that you didn’t actually want a response to. Goodness knows, I personally wouldn’t like to have to explain that one once, much less twice.

Oh drat! Now I feel bad for you again. On the other hand, maybe what I’m feeling is just the spillover effect created by some of that ethos and pathos and logos stuff you were using.


2015 years 10 months ago

You cops posting to this story are pathetic, perhaps you have forgotten what happens when you are trained to intimidate citizens with cars, swat or anything else. Next time you think about running your cop mouths about the people you are sworn to protect, the name Strickland should come to mind. Shoot a kid though a door over an xbox and then kill his dog.

What you should have is bicycles with training wheels and a rubber gun because you have made it very clear that you consider the citizens the enemy.

The attitudes some of you display might be better suited to the MMA rather than to protect and serve. You drive whatever the people tell you to drive.

If all you can do is run your mouth about the color of a car or bad mouth a councilwoman that expresses an opinion, pack your bags and leave the department, the state, does not matter. You dont have to go home, but you need to get the hell out of the job the citizens have entrusted you with.

And dont give me this garbage, “well, if you fire us cops who is going to protect you”

There are 300 million Americans in this country, you dont think we could replace every single one of the 1 million cops on the streets in a matter of a few hours if the country decided to do that.

You are not special, you took a job, if you dont want to do it, than quit, but whatever you do, shut the hell up.

Feel free to respond, I love to battle wits with idiots. But in the mean time, please report to the police chief for your brand new bicycle, bike cop.

Your correct response should have been, ” I dont care what color the car is as long as I can protect as many people as I can while no one gets hurt.”

Have a nice day!

2015 years 10 months ago

Ms. Padgett, when you came to your decision that the new paint style was “intimidating”, didn’t something inside tell you not to open your mouth. How in the world do you expect to keep your job making such ludicrous statements? Allow me to assist you. Law Enforcement fights crime and criminals. Intimidation can be a usefull tool with criminals. The public wants safe streets. Let’s give our officers what they need to do their jobs.

Please, THINK before you speak again. You’re embarrassing us all.


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