New Hanover Co. produces video showing positive impact of film industry in area


Submitted: Tue, 06/03/2014 - 5:02pm
Updated: Wed, 06/04/2014 - 1:13am

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (NEWS RELEASE) — As part of the 2014 legislative agenda, New Hanover County identified three top priority items for focus during the short and long sessions of the coming year.

Those focus areas were environment and ecology in the preservation of our beach and inlet maintenance programs, education and child preparedness initiatives, and economic development and economic vitality via promotion of business and film.

As part of that promotion, this video piece provides an inside look at the film industry as a key economic driver for New Hanover County and an inside look at the composition and impact of this industry in our region and throughout the state.

The video is available via this link


  • brian kontz says:

    someone wake up Tom,there’s a film related story. We need to hear his infinite wisdumb on everything film related and how he’s going to blame it on Johnny. and by the way, real men don’t hide behind an alias.I’m just saying.

  • SurfCityTom says:

    strikes in vain.

    I don’t know much about film making; and have never represented that I do.

    I do know the legislative process; and the bulk of my comments have focused on the ineffective lobbying effort by the film industry. By the way, read my post on this topic; nothing said for or against incentives.

    What is it you’re just saying?

    Come up to Surf City; the people who matter know me.

    Oh, real men pay taxes; support their families; and don’t neglect their obligations as parents. Just Sayin.

  • Guestman. says:

    Your comments were right out of Karl Rove’s handbook, Art. You call people names on here everyday and then act like you feel hurt and “how could someone do something like that”. Outright lies on this board you almost have a patent on and then can’t believe someone would say something about it. And, yes, I read the book and not the Cliff’s notes version it sounds like you read.
    I guess liberal blowhard, moron, idiot, and other names you call people on here were terms of endearment from your mother to you.

  • SurfCityTom says:

    “TWINS”, there’s a scene where Devito tells Arnold “…money talks; bs walks…”

    Put up or shut up.

    Where are the dollars to come from to fund both?

    Are you saying over 100,000 state employees and teachers, throughout the state, should not get their promised salary increases just so the film industry can continue getting bribed to do business in this state?

    Why do you throw in a garbage can full of bs to cloud the issue?

    The issue is film industry bribes or as you proponents would state, incentives.

    There would be more funds available if the State was not repaying the $2.4 billion to the Feds which the prior administrations borrowed to keep Medicaid afloat. $142 MILLION was repaid during the current fiscal year. That would fund a lot of film industry bribes.

    NC has a populace of approximately 9,850,000. What gall the film industry must have to expect bribes which might impact the jobs of 4,000; that’s not even 1/100th of 1 percent of the total populace.

    On a positive note, you’ve not tried to blame Bush; and you’ve not thrown out a race card. I suppose it’s only time and desperation before you proponents sink even lower.

    For now, start walking.

  • Guestman. says:

    This should not be and is not the choice. Y
    ou are trying to muddy the waters with your blatant untruths and false choices.
    This all comes down to fiscal irresponsibility on the part of our republican’t dominated legislature.
    With the tax cuts of 2013, people making up to 76K, now pay an average of 8.65% which is up from 8.5%
    People making from 151K to 345K was 6.75% and now pay 6.5%.
    People making over 345K was 6.25% and now pay 5.9%.
    Fully 1/3 of the tax cuts go to top 1% of the people that average over 940K a year.
    This hardly seems fair to me.
    The average family of 4 making 80K will see $2283 less in their paychecks over the course of the year.
    You can see where the money could be made up by charging the more well off people the same tax rate as the less wealthy instead of putting the tax burden on the vanishing middle class.
    Where is the 24.6 million they are going to save by laying off 4500 teacher’s assistants? Where will they find work?
    There would be plenty of money to go around if the Art Pope controlled robots disguised as politicians did the right thing.
    Disinformation seems to be your forte but the people of NC are not as stupid as the carpetbagging teabaggers that got elected and you think.
    The choices you put up make no sense because they are false choices.
    The biggest negative impacts to the state budgets were the fault of the legislators in NC and Gov. McRotten.

  • SurfCityTom says:

    build a consensus of support to win over the legislature.

    What don’t you understand about that?

    I have never called anyone blowhard, moron, or idiot. Beached whale and weasel, yes. But not the 3 you list.

    See you can not disagree with my review of the touted book which is just another guide for socialism.

    As you can not seem to understand effective lobbying, look in the mirror and accept accountability when incentives vanish entirely.

  • SurfCityTom says:

    you failed to respond with specifics.

    When you say 1/3 of the money goes to the top 1%, what the devil does that have to do with anything?

    Should everyone have health care; absolutely. But, no one is entitled to it; and taxpayers should not have to foot the bill for those who choose not to work.

    I see you want to dodge the question on that socialistic book from France.

    When faced with reality, liberal whiners take to name calling and outright lies. You did both.

  • Guestman. says:

    Do you think that 1/3 of the money is given to the top 1% is a generality?
    What do you have against people getting health care?
    Are you the one that shouted “Let them die” during the republican’t primary 2 years ago?

  • SurfCityTom says:

    all you and the film industry family have to do is convince the Legislature the film industry is more deserving of incentives which have a negative impact on state revenue than teachers and state employees recieving the first wage increase in 5 or 6 years.

    There’s only enough revenue for 1.

    So get up to Raleigh, spread your blankets on the ground; lay out your wampum; and make your pitch.

    You said a whole lot of nothing.

    Bottom line is there are more teachers and state employees than there are film industry employees and supporters.

    It’s real simple. This is an election year; count the votes. No legislator, up for re-election, is going to support film incentives at the expense of salary increases for state employees and teachers.

    Welcome to the harsh reality of economics.

  • SurfCityTom says:

    that could feed you.

    $124,000,000 repaid to the Feds for money borrowed during the prior administrations to maintain Medicaid is a hard fact.

    All you spout off is blustery, generalities.

    Name 1 tax break given out which has siphoned all of the money away as you indicate.

    Name 1 verifiable tax break. The amount; the recipient; and the date it was enacted.

    Can you do that without spewing forth gallons of hog waste intended to muddy the issue?

    Name 1 with specifics.

    Just for the record, you’re talking about the book written by the French economics professor. Right?

    The book which tries to show today’s wealth accumulation is a throwback to the 19th Century when families like the Rothschilds, Rockerfellers, and Kennedys controlled the world’s wealth. Right?

    The book which overlooks the fact that 19th century wealth was primarily inherited as opposed to the 21st Century where the wealth was newly created and not inherited. Right?

    The book which closes with his suggestions that world governments should tax the wealthy and redistribute the wealth to those who are not. Right?

    Are you certain you read the book or were you just spouting off?

    That’s akin to the children’s tale of the industrious ant and the lazy, leaching grasshopper.

    That’s also another attempt at Socialism which has been proven time and again it does not work.

    For the record, I think a flat tax would be workable. But in exchange, section 8 housing and food stamp recipients, if physically able, should be performing public service work.

    Think of the millions that would free up statewide.

  • Guestman says:

    I can see where facts would bother you. I will repeat it so that your Koch Brothers clogged mind can understand.
    It is a matter of fiscal irresponsiblity on the part of the governor and the teabagger-controlled legislature.
    If they were not handing out tax breaks to Art Pope’s buddies there would be plenty of money to go around.
    Have you read “Capital in the 21st Century”?
    Please don’t comment unless you have, but, not knowing what you are talking about has never stopped you before.

  • SurfCityTom says:

    this was, if I read correctly, intended for use during the short 2014 Legislative session and the longer 2015 session.

    If the intent was to persuade the Legislature to reinstate or increase film credits, it will fail. It talks about all of the positive issues, locally, which attract the film industry. Nowhere does it allude to the need for incentives. And it talks in generalities with no specific numbers as to financial impact. And, frankly, it’s too long if the intent is to promote the film industry in NC. It’s pretty challenging to gain a Legislator’s attention for 15 minutes; especially if his district has no film activity.

    It’s also in conflict with a recent study which noted this area’s economic growth should include a deemphasis on tourism and the film industry while promoting other business activities.

    I believe that study was a joint venture by the City and County.

    Candidly, this film industry incentive is similar in nature to the health care insurance costs which the White House is now calling “shared responsibility tax”.

    1 final note. The film industry supporters repeatedly report 4,000 jobs are at stake. This piece downsizes the number to 1,000.

  • joshjenkins says:

    Just fyi, this video was made in regard to NEW HANOVER COUNTY=estimated 1000 jobs.

    Statewide/NORTH CAROLINA, that is- it is 4000 jobs lost. Not to mention the spouses of those crew that will leave as well.

    Now, how many jobs has the Tea Party ATTRACTED to our state? zero, zip, nada-as you “ditto heads” like to say. Oh, right, you’re putting all your faith in the 300 jobs fracking will bring.

  • GuestMan. says:

    The state and federal government gives incentives to the rich every day. Why should the film industry be different?
    The film industry brings well paying jobs to this area all the time. They patronize our restaurants, rent houses, and the pay is way above average.
    The governments incentivise the wealthy by artificially keeping minimum wage down so that the “job creators” can make bigger profits.
    It then turns around and gives food stamps, lower insurance rates, and housing to people that should be able to pay for it if they were making a living wage. We have to pay for that. Oil companies get tax breaks that they don’t need and they are making record profits. Businesses coming to the area, which we have seen damn little of other than the film business, get breaks all the time. People come to Wilmington to tour the studios and they even used to have tours for people that loved the TV shows that were filmed here. These people spend money.
    We can ill afford to lose jobs here, whether it is 4000, or 1000, or even 10.
    The Art Pope clones need to stop a moment and breathe and realize how lucky we are to have an industry that most states would love to have if for nothing else than the collateral jobs that they bring when they come to the area.
    It is a sad situation when the residents of this area turn their back on their neighbors and don’t have a plan to replace the jobs we will miss.
    It would be great to lure other industries here, but, face it, our economy is and has been for years based on tourism and the excellent weather with which we are blessed.
    So, let’s quit trying to run business away and try to keep what we have while trying to lure other means of employment to give our friends and neighbors a way to stay gainfully employed.

  • beach guy says:

    County commissioners please stop wasting my money on this type of non sense the state set the rules live by them on this matter but please do not waste another dime of my money to promote yourselves to the voting populace that favors film incentives.
    what are you thinking? just pour money into a rat hole that will get you re-elected for sure.

  • SurfCityTom says:

    I guess you can not read.

    Prior statements by the film industry supporters have stated 4,000 jobs were at risk in the greater Wilmington market.

    That being said, why should 1 industry receive special treatment when they have the reputation of pitting 1 state against another in order to up the ante.

    By the way, what does any of this have to do with fracking?

    Just like the baseball stadium supporters, the film industry supporters will say anything. All for naught.

  • Vog46 says:

    There are no jobs lost until they actually move out and your own industry publications say that doesn’t happen.
    You are fear mongering and hurting your argument rather than helping it. Filming was done here before incentives based upon our beautiful scenery and trained crews – both of which will be here when incentives expire.
    Now what happens IF film company’s go to Georgia?
    Then it will prove my argument right that film company’s are entitlement grabbing hacks looking for a government handout. It will also show that film company’s don’t give a damn about the experience of our local film crews or the beauty that surrounds us.
    This will make them no better than welfare queens.


  • ThurfThityThom says:

    I agree with you . Nuthing but dummies taking my money that I get from Soshal Security! I support war, guns and all the Republicans that want to frack up North Carolina and all of us Thoms need to stick together and get rid of libtard blowhards.

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