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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A one-of-a-kind Wilmington home opens its doors to show others how to live green.

It’s a home designed to be highly energy efficient, called a passive home, and it’s gained popularity in Europe and parts of the US.

Now the design has made its way to the Port City, and owners say they could not be more pleased with the outcome.

This passive home, built according to rigorous energy standards, is just one of four in all of North Carolina, and the only one of its kind in Wilmington.

It’s packed with insulation, virtually air-tight, and has high-performance windows and doors.

“It’s triple-paned. It’s got thermally broken window frames, and it’s got an R-value of about R-9 which is a really efficient window,” homeowner and builder Lucien Ellison said.

Ellison says in passive homes you can see energy savings of up to 70% over traditional homes.

“It’s going to save you a lot of money, it’s going to be more comfortable, it’s going to be quieter,” Ellison explained.

And while Ellison says building a home like this is slightly more expensive, he says it’s worth it to reduce your carbon footprint and your energy bill.

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