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ONLY ON 3: Dog shot by air-soft rifle expected to be fine


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- A Wilmington woman's dog is expected to be OK after it was shot in her backyard.

Sue Cuming says she was sitting in her back yard with her three dogs when she heard a loud pop, and her dog buddy yelp in pain.

That's when she noticed blood running down his leg, and realized he was shot. But family of the alleged shooter say he was just trying to protect his family.

"That doesn't give anybody the right to shoot a dog in their own yard,” Cumin’s daughter Gywen yelled across the yard.

"But the dog tried to grab the daughter, her daughter, and he was just protecting the daughter,” Francis Thomas fired back.

"No, he didn't,” Gywen exclaimed.

Emotions erupted when we showed up outside Cuming's home on Cape Fear Boulevard in Wilmington just one day after 64-year-old Eddie Thompson police say shot Cuming's dog, buddy.

"He had all the rights in the world to shoot that dog, and I don't think there is no human in this world that wouldn't shoot a damn dog over a child,” Thompson’s nephew Francis Thompson said.

"I wanted to take them all and kill them, every one of them. Somebody do that to an animal,” Sue Cuming said.

Cuming says her dogs were just using the bathroom, but Francis Thompson says his uncle shot the dog with an airsoft rifle because it put its head underneath the fence.

"And them children were out here and he didn't know if he they were going to come and get the children. He had to do what he had to do,” Francis Thompson said.

But Sue Cuming says there were no kids in the backyard at the time, and she says Buddy is not an aggressive dog.

"They have not been aggressive to them,” Sue Cumming explained. “They have not."

And Cuming says police have the wrong man.

"It wasn't his uncle that shot him. It was the one driving the little gray car, the one they found the guns in,” she said.

Eddie Thompson is charged with animal cruelty and discharging a firearm within city limits. He is behind bars under $85,000 secured bond. But his family says that bond is too high for the crime.

"I think an 87-thousand dollar bond is too damn ridiculous,” Francis Thompson said.

The dog was taken to an animal hospital. He's expected to be okay, and should be able to go home tonight.

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Sue Cumings wants to take

Sue Cumings wants to take everyone of who and kill them? Maybe she needs to clarify her statement. It has a very racial tone.

to those feeling some type

to those feeling some type of way about a MAN protecting his family. Y'all are sitting on here defending this woman and her dog but clearly if someone is outside watching their dog like their suppose to none of this would happen. not to mention everyone is looking over the fact that this woman just made a threat. I guess do to the fact that she is an old white lady IT'S OK. hmmmm

Eddie Thompson

This senior citizen is a decorated Purple Heart Vietnam Veteran. The dogs was in his yard, where is grandchildren play. The dogs are aggressive. And who cares, dogs belong in there own yards and not someone elses. People dont say anything until a child gets hurt, but by then it is to late. You all need to thank God he didn't shoot the dog dead. A Vietnam Veteran with a pellet gun. You best be glad and didn't use the real thing.

I have three dogs which

I have three dogs which never leave my backyard, but i have quite a few piles of dog crap in my front yard due to the neighbors dog. Every time they let their dog out, (unleashed and unobserved), it runs straight into my front yard and takes a nice crap. The owner has even watched it do this and does nothing about. I'd like to take a shot at this dog but i don't believe it is the dogs fault. Just the sorry owners.

return it

First stop over and let them know about the problem. If they don't correct it, take a shovel and scoop up the pile and deposit it on your neighbors stoop. Let them know their dog accidentally left a present in your yard.

The man looks like a damn

The man looks like a damn drunk. He prolly doesnt remember if he shot the dog or not. Leave his a$$ behind bars

If you read, like you write,

If you read, like you write, you "prolly" will read the part of the article where Mrs. Cumings says they have the wrong man. She sounds like she don't know what she is talking about. Let my neighbor get me locked up because of false indentification and someone is going to have to move when I return.


People like this make me embarrassed to live in the south. What a cluster of illiterate dentally challenged fools.

What does this have to do

What does this have to do with living in the SOUTH? Things like this doesn't happen else where? Only in the SOUTH? Narrow minded.

You can see inside his

You can see inside his mouth, or you must know this man? You must know that he is a purple heart recepient of the Vietnam War.

Guesteasy you can believe 1

Guesteasy you can believe 1 thing, down here us folk's don't care if you folks pack up and move back up North where you don't have to feel embarassed, and for that sorry rascal that shot that dog, someone will probably give him a little "southern hospitality" to repay him, because in the south we love our dog's and treat them like family.

Dog Shot

Embarrassed to live in the south! Dogs only shot in the south! Illiteracy only in the south! Dentally challenged cluster of fools only in the south! Know what else is wrong with the south Guesteasy, you are still live here!

This guy needs his airsoft

This guy needs his airsoft put where the sun don't shine.

Airsoft vs Pellet gun

I dont think they are the same gun. I have used pellet guns before but not an airsoft gun. Could somebody explain the difference? Some pellet guns can be used for hunting small game

Thank you; I caught that

Thank you; I caught that difference as well. A pellet gun would draw blood, an airsoft is similar to a paint-ball gun; both sting like hell but other than a bruise no lasting effects.

Airsoft fires a 6mm

Airsoft fires a 6mm rubber/plastic BB. It' a plastic Non-leathal toy. Even a top of the line airsoft rifle is not doing any permenant damage to a dog. I have been shot many times with one. It hurts, but thats it. He was just scaring the dog off. Could have killed the dog with a true pellet gun. To play you only need eye protection. Be glad is didn't use a real gun. A good attorney is going to eat this alive!