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ONLY ON 3: 'This is going to happen, I’m gonna jump'; Survivor escapes from sexual predator


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY)- Police said a repeat sexual offender went looking for an unlocked unit at Ashton Townhomes on Wednesday morning.

They said Clarence Jacobs Jr. found an unlocked home, and a victim. She asked not to be identified. So, for our purposes, we'll call her Jane Doe. She’s telling her story in hopes of saving someone else.

Jane Doe said she was getting ready for work at her townhouse on Racine Drive and had to leave briefly to move her car. She forgot to lock the door. When she got back inside, she continued getting ready for work.

"I hear my storm door," she said.

Her dog started barking and wouldn't come downstairs. So, she called her boyfriend and went to grab her dog. She said that's when she saw her attacker.

"He jumped out of the closet and I saw the guy's face and his eyes looking at me, and I just screamed. I yelled, 'Call 911,' and he took the phone from me," she said.

The struggle began and he pushed her into the spare bedroom.

"At one point, he had me between the nightstand and he had me down," she recalled. "He pulled my pants down and I realized I had my keys in my hand.”

She put her keys through her fingers.

"Because I didn't want to piss him off," she said. "I wanted to actually hurt him."

She said he took the keys, tossed them and told her if she continued to fight, he'd kill her.

She talked him into going downstairs to get money from her purse.

"Trying to buy time, because I know in my heart, my boyfriend has called the cops and they will be here," she explained. "But, it seemed like forever."

She said she was doing and saying anything to get a chance to escape.

"I hear him coming back upstairs and I realize, finally, that there is a window right there, and I grab my dog," she said.

She ran out of the window and stood on the ledge.

“I looked down and I looked back in the room, and I looked down,” she explained. "I was just like, 'This is going to happen, I’m gonna jump,' and I just jumped. I didn't look back at all. I didn't feel anything. I just ran as fast as I could."

She ran to a neighbor's house where she was able to call 911.

Police said they were already on the way and arrested Jacobs as he tried to flee.

But, she doesn't think of herself as a victim. She's a survivor.

"Because I value myself," she said. "You can take on something that’s bigger than you and stronger than you if you really want to."

Police said Jacobs is a registered sex offender who's criminal past includes indecent liberties with a minor and felony breaking and entering.

He is in the New Hanover County Jail under $500,000 bond.

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clarence jacobs

whatever you want to say about this low life!!! this man broke into my house tuesday the day before and stole items from me. first my wife and daughter could had been there . If I could had been there when he done that I would have shot the*******!!!!! I hope they don,t let him out as he is a danger to society!!!!!




The story said she yelled for her boyfried to call the police. How on earth can a man listen to someone assult his girlfriend and not even try to stop it? I'm doubly sorry for her, no one deserves that!

Sex Offenders

Always look at the sex offender registry prior to moving anywhere. You will be amazed at how many sex offenders live in one certain apartment complex on Racine, a few buildings on Market Street and an apartment complex near a famous burger place close to McMillan Drive. Investigate... who owns those buildings? Why are creepy, greedy old landlords renting to sex offenders? It's called government supported housing and EASY MONEY. Why is our tax money housing and supporting these people (including their greedy landlords? Who else owns all the sex offender housing in Eastern and Central NC? Look it up but you will have to search deep. Two well known attorneys, for one, but they use LLCs to cover up their names. Ask yourself... why do the sex offenders move here? It is because we feed them. We house them. We provide easy prey. It is shocking that the City of Wilmington and our City Police allow these sex offenders to live so close to Isaac Baer with young children. Why has no reporter done a story on this?

First I do not know either

First I do not know either one of these people in this story and I am white before any one starts bashing me about my color. This man is not the judges fault, not the DA's fault, not the police fault. It is our fault as a society that he is this way. We the people have failed this man terribly. Do you think he just wakes up one morning and says to him self, hey i think I am going to rape someone today. No not at all!!! People like this have mental problems, they have been left to survive the only way they know how. If people would stop and push for help for people like this then we may all live in a better world. I am not saying what he did was right or acceptable, what I am saying is, we are all responsible for what happened.

nobodys fault but his own sorry *****

Theres alot to be said about jerks like this!!!and by the way it is his own fault not society.If you think that you may rank right up there with this low life.

Are you nuts. Society didn't

Are you nuts. Society didn't make him this way. He is that way because he wants to be. He can make his own choices. No one forced him to attempt to rape someone. He is just scum of the earth. And needs to be put in prison and kept there forever or better yet the death penalty works for me if he is found guilty of raping someone. Heck yes, you have ticked me off. My daughter lives in that area and you can bet if that had been my daughter, he would meet his maker pretty danged soon.

Um......??? I'm about as

Um......??? I'm about as responsible for this guy as I am for the friggin Taliban.
He doesn't wake up just "one morning" thinking this - it's EVERY morning. The "one morning" story line is for someone who is (more than likely) innocent.
Stop citing "mental problems" for someone who flat out doesn't give a damn about anyone else but themselves.
It's people like you and the freaks families who are responsible for these failures of society. You, them and the mental health system in this country that believes there is a pill to solve everything. Wake up and toughen up.
The only thing this guy needs is a taste of his own medicine - over and over and over.

I am not responsible for

I am not responsible for what that man has done. That man is responsible for what he has done. People like you are part of what is wrong with society. We should hold people responsible for their choices and their actions.

You are one of the most

You are one of the most ignorant people I have ever wasted time to read. It is not society, it's the individual, period. Next I expect you will blame the victim. People like you are the problem with this world.

I notice

you lay no accountability at the feet of his parents who may or may not have provided proper parenting.

Blame society. Society did not lay out enough cash for studies.

Accountability begins at home.

Don't try to lay the blame for this incident other than where it belongs. Every time he looks in the mirror, he sees the person responsible.

That is just wrong.

Blaming society for an individual's sexual mental compulsion is just wrong. That's like blaming society for the weather.

You're living in a Pollyanna-esque dream world that doesn't actually exist. To phrase it even more succinctly, you're full of crap.

I agree

I agree with "Thats Just wrong".

You are in a dream world.

How would you or your children like to live in the same neighborhood as this predator.

Saying that your full of crap is just being nice,

People like you are what allowed this loser to accumulate this many charges before he is sent away.

Racine Drive Crime

An attempted rape has taken place on Racine Drive. It's no doubt this woman had been under surveillance for sometime.The Ravine Drive community has been a favorite spot for crime rings and now rapist, sex offenders, etc. Home owners are continuously robbed and no prevention is applied.Home owners are not safe on Racine Drive. They choose not to use preventive method's to stop these incidents. No surveillance cameras, no county watch. Crimes keep increasing how long will it take before a murder occurs?

"It's no doubt this woman

"It's no doubt this woman had been under surveillance for sometime."

The story states that the man was going door-to-door and trying doors to see if they were unlocked. He wouldn't have done this if he had been watching her.

Ashton Townhomes

I love 4 doers down from where this occurred. The story did not mention several details such as 1) the man tried to break into 2 other homes minutes prior to the mentioned break in...2) She called her boyfriend/ fiancé and was on the phone with him, so he was not there 3) her tried to strangle her 4) he ripped off her clothing and finally threatened to kill her (maybe 3 pound) Yorkie. It doesn't mention that Ashton Townhomes was hit 6 times in one day less than a year ago...and recently after this horrific event sent out an email staring several vehicles had been broken into. We have written to the HOA about our serious concern for our safety and nothing has been done! The day this happened (I am crying as I type this) I was laying in bed next to our 3 ur old daughter in bed as she slept. We are just 4 doors away, it breaks my heart what happened to our neighbor bit can't help bit think she may have saved my life and the life of our child. Not to mention of her had raped or killed me in front of her...and even worse raped and killed our daughter. All I can say is thank you (you know who you are).

For those of you that don't

For those of you that don't know Prisons are a business and generates profit. More inmates equals more revenue. Prisons don't rehabilitate they are designed to make sure prisoners come back. That's how the justice system operates. This guy is proof. There is no way he should have been free to commit this horrible crime. Our wonderful justice system should pay for allowing this man the ability to walk the streets.

Yes, prisons have stock holders

Portcity you of course are absolutely right. As long as we have laws which put people in jail because they are mentally ill or have a few funny things to smoke, there will be more and more prisons which will make more and more money. I agree that society has failed this man and nothing is being done to change it as far as I know.

I don't see Reverend

I don't see Reverend Barbour, and his "Moral Monday" crowd speaking up for the rights of this Hate Crime victim.

Execute Him

Execute Him. He is a worthless piece of ^*(&

Execute Him

You are more demented than he is! We know he has a mental issue...but your affliction is hatred.

What is is mental issue?

What is is mental issue?

Strong Young Lady!

Thank you for having the courage to fight off this vile excuse of a human being. I hope more woman read this and find the strength to do what you did if they find themselves in this situation. I hope you are not in physical pain and I home you metal pain fades away soon. God bless you and prayers to you.


Maybe he can stay in prison long enough to have karma come back to bite him with a broomhandle.


Why as a society do we still allow animals like this to breathe? When will enough be enough? When will this country grow a pair and start putting these worthless scumbags in unmarked graves?

His previous sex offender

His previous sex offender conviction was indecent liberties with a minor. He shouldn't be walking the streets.

He has a rap sheet a mile long!

He has 24 convictions of which 18 are violent felonies and 3 of which are indecent liberties with a minor! For the life of me, I can't understand WHY criminals like this are allowed to circulate feely in society.
If anyone wonders just exactly why we have a crime problem, this is a perfect example! Our judicial system and the people that run it SUCKS!!!
This man should've remained in prison for the rest of his life after his 3rd failed opportunity at freedom! It is nothing less than a shame this woman wasn't equipped with a .45! I bet she'll get one now!

He was NEVER properly treated!

He should've had all of his sex organs trimmed to the bone with a dull filet knife and had a 1 inch straw inserted so he can urinate. Predators like him will always be predators when allowed BACK into the freedom of law abiding society.

Thank you judges! Thank you DA's for all of your help in enforcing laws and keeping criminals like him from repeating their crimes! When will you ever learn? When WE learn to vote all of your sorry asses out of power, that's when!!! YOU are responsible for this!


you are so right what about adding the lawyers in there too. Maybe if the lawyers defend scumbags like this if they do it again sentence the lawyers to prison with them on their next trip.

Remember their records!

The electorate is ridiculously forgetful. On election day, they forget the candidates' records, and they vote their emotions. That's why we're stuck with nonsense like this. Voters: remember their records, and throw the bums out!