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Supreme Court rules against homeowners in toxic water case


WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Supreme Court says a group of homeowners in North Carolina can't sue a company that contaminated their drinking water because a state deadline has lapsed.

The justices ruled 7-2 on Monday that state law strictly bars any lawsuit brought more than 10 years after the contamination - even if residents did not realize their water was polluted until years later.

The high court reversed a lower court ruling that said federal environmental laws should allow the lawsuit against electronics manufacturer CTS Corp. to proceed.

The decision is a setback for the families of thousands of former North Carolina-based Marines suing the federal government in a similar case for exposing them to contaminated drinking water at Camp Lejeune. The government is relying on the same state law to avoid liability.

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the Judicial Branch FAILS AGAIN! Power...NOT to the people! Most ridiculous thing EVER!

Just another big blow to our veterans and families!

A large corporation pollutes human drinking water and gets off scott-free? With all of the scandals about the way the government treats our veteran soldiers and their families, I'm surprised they can get anyone to voluntarily enlist. Perhaps it's the reason so much treason seems to prevail these days.
Once again, the the good ol' US of A fails to do the right thing and neglects to practice "HONOR" for the very people that put their life on the line to protect the freedoms we all get to enjoy every day. Never forget "Fort Hood" and workplace violence either! This is what our country is these days! Get used to it. It'll never change until we get these selve-serving politicians out and put people in that are truly interested in our country, our people and our prosperity instead of their own and how many votes they can steal by lying!!!

The case at Camp Lejeune

The case at Camp Lejeune pertains to federal employees and their families. I don't think that state law should prevail in this case. You can bet the courts will rule in favor of big business and government to help them weasel out of their moral responsibility.