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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Police are still investigating a Saturday shooting that sent a man to the hospital with multiple gunshot wounds.

Investigators say Bruce Lloyd, 36, was shot just before 3 p.m. Saturday near the 1300 block of Greenfield Street. Dispatchers say several calls came in reporting multiple shots fired there.

Wilmington Police say when officers got to the scene they found Lloyd, who had moved himself to a nearby porch, with a gunshot wound to the left waistline and another to the right buttocks. Officers say they also discovered a few shell casings near the scene, along with a bullet that went straight through a car onto to street.

Lloyd was transported to New Hanover Regional Medical Center with what police say were non-life-threatening injuries. WPD says Lloyd did not give officers much information, first giving them two different names for himself.

Police do have one witness who believes the victim got into an argument with one other person, which may have escalated into gunshots. Wilmington Police are asking for witnesses to come forward as they continue to investigate.

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  • guesty

    …for the marches demanded the police do more to help when they are not willing to even help themselves.

  • SearchTruth

    I’m certain there will be so many witnesses stepping forward that WPD will have to call in off-duty officers just to help collect those witness statements.

    Yeeaaahhhh that’ll happen.

  • Over It

    You see the REAL problem here is that you don’t catch this type of behavior going on in ‘normal’ areas of town, do we really find it coincidental that this s*** happens on a daily in the housing authorities?? Am I seriously the first rocket scientist that thinks we should shut the entire housing down?? I don’t go to work to pay my taxes to support a bunch of people living this life style. If we shut down the authorities maybe some of these people would be forced to get jobs and start functioning as civil humans in our society, not drug addicted-gun shooting lunatics.

  • Concerned Citizen

    I understand your frustration; taxpayers often left to bear the cost burden of other people who make their income outside of the government. However, shutting down an entire housing complex is not the solution – if you can’t heal the symptoms, and not affect the cause, it’s like trying to heal a gunshot wound with gauze. People need this sort of inexpensive housing, not to promote crime, but to be able to support themselves. There are single parents trying to support their kids, or young adults trying to make their way in this world, or someone who has fallen on hard times residing in these places. Yes, shutting down these authorities might make criminals seek new housing, but it will do nothing to change the fact that they are CRIMINALS. They will adapt and find another place to conduct their business. At least if the housing projects are left in place, they’ll stay there. There will always be crime, it’s a fact evident throughout humankind’s history. If we really want to cut down the impact that criminals have on upstanding citizens, we need to look at deeper causes and solutions rather than removing affordable housing for low-income families.

  • PublicAvenger
  • lonetraveler

    Looks like a drug deal gone bad.

  • Timekeeper

    Standard, every day hood activity. Nothing to be concerned about, at least the “victim” is not. I suggest the cops tell him that they have other more important things to do, since he apparently does not intend to cooperate, and forget this happened.


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