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BOLIVIA, NC (WWAY) — It’s back to the staggered schedule for Brunswick County students.

Less than a month after voting to return to a traditional schedule, school board members changed their minds once again today.

In a surprising turn of events during a special meeting about their budget today, the Brunswick County School Board voted 3-2 to rescind the change to a traditional schedule and 4-1 to go back to a staggered schedule and dismiss all students 15 minutes earlier.

“It won’t bother me a whole lot, but there’s a lot of parents that are going to be trying to figure out child care and everything else for their kids,” said Dave Peed, a parent at Leland Middle School.

The decision comes after board members realized they simply did not have the funding to support
a traditional schedule they approved May 14.

“I really did a lot of homework on it after the vote, and with the state funding, and the things that are being passed down from the state with the local leas there is just absolutely no way that we could fiscally fund it,” school board member Charlie Miller said.

Miller says even though he would still love to have a traditional schedule, the flip-flopping has to end.

“I’m tired of it,” Miller said. “We have jerked around enough. I take full responsibility for that, and you know I’m sorry, but I think this is the fiscally right thing to do. But if you want to blame anybody, you can blame me.”

And families hope the board has finally made up their minds for good.

“Just stay at one hour,” a grandmother of a Brunswick County student said. “Don’t keep changing.”

Superintendent Dr. Edward Pruden says the the state suggested sticking with a schedule that keeps efficiency ratings up, and ultimately, he says, the state has the final say.

Less than a month after voting to return the district to a traditional, single bell schedule, the Brunswick County School Board today voted to go back to a staggered schedule for the 2014-2015 school year.

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  • Scott

    I completely understand why the Board voted to go back to the staggered schedule.What I don’t understand is why the younger elementary students have the late time. Dr. Pruden gave evidence that showed that high school students perform better with more sleep and starting at a later time. The elementary students are up and awake first thing in the morning and become tired a lot sooner than the middle and high school children. So what was the board’s rationale for letting the middle and high schools start earlier? The 15 minute reduction time is really not going to make that much of a difference on these little ones’ days. I wish that instead of just looking at traditional vs staggered starts, they would have also considered letting the elementary children start early since their attention in the classroom remains more alert the earlier they start.

  • Guest2020

    They had the staggered schedule where the high schools got out late. They went back to the traditional schedule the following year. At the end of that year, they sent home a survey to ask the parents which school they wanted to start and finish later and I guess it was the elementary schools that the parents chose.

    The extracurricular activities involved at the high school makes it difficult for the students to stay late. I know that when they did it the first time, some of the teams were practicing before school instead of after school so they wouldn’t be getting home so late.

    It’s a bad idea for the elementary schools to stay late because the little ones are getting home so late and they have a limited amount of down time because they go to bed earlier than the older students.

    The middle schools have to stay with whatever the high school does because they ride the same buses.

    The staggered schedule may or may not really save money, I don’t know. What I do know is that with the staggered schedule, the students are the ones that suffer.

  • Du

    My feeling is that Mr Pruden come up with this “wonderful” idea that would save $800,000 going to an unpopular schedule (makes me wonder what compensation he got for these “savings”). Then, when it became obvious that the “plan” wasn’t all that great, he claimed it would cost twice the savings to go back, which they did, anyways. Then they went back to staggering in reverse of the first attempt which he claimed was a better schedule based on something he read somewhere (so, we went to a worse schedule, by his own admission because of $$$). Then we’re going back, no, wait…we’re staying the same. The Board should resign AFTER the FIRE Pruden.

  • guest45

    People you need to get both Mr and Mrs Cooke out of politics, the county taxpayers just can not afford either of them, for Mrs Cook to make the statement 1.5million out of the pockets of taxpayers wasn’t that big a deal then it just proves how out of touch she is with the times, every penny they spend has to be taken away from a taxpayer that would rather spend that money on their own family’s, Wake up “voters”

  • Guest000000

    I guess they couldn’t figure out a way to pay for Catherine Cooke’s little hissy fit. I bet her head nearly exploded when they agreed to participate in a Federal Program that makes School Breakfast and Lunch Free for all elementary and middle school students. I guess the next step is to just let them spend the night, right Catherine?


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