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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A non-profit group is spearheading an effort to build a museum devoted to Wilmington’s role in the film industry.

According to a news release, the Wilmington Film Museum is a grassroots history project dedicated to the preservation, promotion and education of film and TV history in the Cape Fear area.

Kathleen Gehron, Education Director for the Cape Fear Independent Film Network, says the project is an effort between CFIFN and Jeff Goodwin, a film professional who was concerned that the legacy of the first filmmakers that started out here with Dino De Laurentiis might be lost in time, and a mutual desire to keep the craft of filmmaking alive and remembered in the community.

Organizers say because Wilmington has become a production hub for much of the rest the state, the museum will also celebrate the people and places across the state that have left their mark on the film world.

The goal is to kickoff the Film Museum is planned to be an exhibit next summer, including:
· Digital and interactive timeline of film history in the Carolinas
· Faces of Film: Interactive photo gallery of all the amazing people who work in film
· Artifacts of famous films and the work of craftsmen who created them
· Hall of Fame: Showcasing the stakeholders and trendsetters in the film community
· Weekend exhibits with interactive activities for children
· Showcase of the architecture and geography featured in films
· Screening Room: To show local independent films and video memoirs from industry veterans
· Going Local: highlighting our film festivals, our independent filmmakers and our schools grounded in the community and the starting point for many stars

Organizers are looking for people to get involved as contributors, community partners, advisory council members, committee members, interns and volunteers. Their first start-up meeting is planned for Friday, July 11, at 6 p.m. at Giant/Post 1200 1200 N. 23rd St.

For more information, contact info@wilmingtonfilmmuseum.org with any questions or suggestions.

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