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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Police are investigating after they say two robbers held a gun to a man’s head when they broke into his home, before getting away with cash and keys from inside Monday morning.

Wilmington Police say it happened around 7 a.m. at a home in the 100 block of S. 9th Street. That’s where officers say they spoke with the 22-year-old victim who was there during the break-in.

Police say the victim told them two men wearing gloves held a gun to his head while they took both his house and car keys, along with a large amount of cash. Officers say the victim did not know who the two robbers were, and could not give a description of either of the men.

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2 Comments on "WPD: Armed robbers who held gun to man’s head get away with cash, keys"

Karen B
2015 years 10 months ago

I had two grown men attempt to rob my house through the front door, with multiple cars in the driveway, two adults in the house, and three dogs insanely (I thought)barking their heads off.I think the dogs are the only things that saved us. There wasn’t anything more than some Tylenol and aspirin in my house, and just whatever little bit of cash two regular middle aged women may carry in their wallets. KEEP YOUR DOORS LOCKED! They tried the door handle at the exact same time they knocked.

2015 years 10 months ago

“They took both his house and car keys, along with a large amount of cash” yeah, that and either heroin or cocaine packaged for sale.

People don’t burglarize occupied houses unless there is thought to be a bunch of cash and/or drugs inside. Of course they risk getting killed by the occupant, but also they’re committing first degree burglary which is carries mandatory time even for a first time offender.


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