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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington City Council is looking to give Riverfront Park a facelift.

The city plans to start construction in January, but before that leaders must agree on a design.

Today they debated about how far apart bollards, posts that separate pedestrians and drivers, should be.

They are also looking to get rid of the curb in the road to make the entire area flat.

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  • There isn’t any design that I know of that would bring me or my wife back down to the Wilmington waterfront park. Downtown is not a safe envireoment these days especially for senior citizens who, by the way, might have the most to spend in the shops. And absolutely will nothing get us back downtown after dark. Sad to see Wilmington’s night life is now known for it’s multitude of bars and criminal activity. When we have out of town guest visit our city we now recommend they go to Mayfaire or the businesses across from it or the ones between Eastwood and Wrightsville Ave. close to Wrightsville Beach bridge for any shopping they have in mind. How nice it would be to be able to have visitors do the night carriage rides around the historic section. But even if those are available no way would I recommend doing anything to anyone in downtown Wilmington especially so at night. Point in fact one of my relatives came from Albemarle to visit us years back said she had no desires to visit downtown Wilmington. She said she knew of the downtown’s bad reputation. How sad to see what use to be a beautiful place to visit fall so far from grace.

  • Eric Miller

    In rebuttal, Richard, I go downtown often during the day and night, the streets are clean and the river is beautiful. The restaurants are often very good and most of the bars are nice, aside from a few that are specifically youth-oriented. I don’t go downtown much after midnight–then it’s really just a bar scene, but do I go after dark? Absolutely. It has been great for me and my friends and so far as I can see there is no more “criminal activity” than in the downtown areas of any other mid-sized southern city–I’m thinking of Savannah and Charleston particularly. I recommend downtown to everyone I know. To me and the people I know, downtown is much better than the faked-up Disneyesque “small town” that is Mayfaire.

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