K9 officer Kaas donated to Fair Bluff

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Submitted: Wed, 06/18/2014 - 2:35am
Updated: Wed, 06/18/2014 - 12:18pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The Wilmington City Council decided a Wilmington police dog will soon have a new home.

Council members voted to donate Kaas to the Fair Bluff Police Department as surplus property. Kaas is the police dog involved in a controversial bite last fall.

The SBI and a Grand Jury cleared Kaas’s handler, Stafford Brister, of any wrong doing. But he returned to duty as a patrol officer not with the K-9 unit.

Kaas bit a suspect after Brister put the dog into the man’s car after a chase Halloween night.


  • guest123 says:

    Cleared by the SBI and a Grand Jury. Is City Council going to give away every $5000.00 dog any time a dog bites someone in the line of duty? Isn’t that what they are for? Can we give our Mayor and Council to Fair Bluff too?

  • Timekeeper says:

    First, I read the dog cost $9,000.00. No, it is not their job to bite. The dog was misused and what happened was the fault of the handler, not the dog. As for sending the Mayor and City Council to Fair Bluff, they have enough problems of their own. Hope the dog is not a peeping tom………..

  • Ayara says:

    Is Kaas a police officer or “surplus property”? And let me tell you something you ignorant _#!=^#=* – any of you that are not law enforcement or family/friends of law enforcement don’t have a clue. You want to whine and moan about how awful cops are but the MOMENT your hypocritical self needs something who would you be calling? Who would you be screaming at if Williams had killed your spouse or child? Or if you were the parent of the child(ren) he molested would you still see this as excessive?

    I’ve known some WPD officers for nearly 2 decades, including Brister. I’ve cried and prayed as they’ve been hurt and shot. These men and women often have to put criminals and their POS antics before their families just so YOU can be safe. Cry me a river…I wish Kaas actually had used excessive force and taken out this worthless excuse for a human’s jugular.

  • 9743 says:

    If the $5,000 or $10,000 the city had invested in this mutt is divided by the number of city taxpayers, you only lost a penny or so, probably a lot less!!

  • Wilmington Observer says:

    I am VERY disappointed that the City GAVE AWAY a piece of expensive equipment that my tax dollars paid for.

    Why not give Burgaw a WAVE bus?

    Why not give Leland a Fire truck?

    Why not give the taxpayers a break by not wasting our tax money?

    Wilmington Observer

  • joe citizen says:

    Fire the cop for what? He has to have done something wrong to be fire.

  • Leroy says:

    Keep the Dog. FIRE the Cop!

  • WPD TRUE N ' BLUE says:

    Whoever has ignorantly informed you must be the City Council’s Top Dunce Laura Padget’s advisor too. The K9′ of WPD are trained and certified to BITE on command. They always have been as most Police K9 Units across the country and world are. That’s right to your question you’re asking yourself now…so is the same with NHCSD, BCSD, and all the surrounding agencies. I know you probably don’t see a lot of violence for your normal daytime job, but after you go to sleep, Wilmington becomes very violent. The only way to stop a violent act is with with an overpowering adverse violent act. I know it troubles you to believe in such, but that’s why you wake up each morning unscathed, and ready to go to your desk to start your cycle all over again. After Brister and Kaas were cleared by three separate investigations and a Grand Jury composed of citizens just like you, if you still have problems accepting all the results, then maybe it’s you who has personal issues. You’re welcome.

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