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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — Political and religious groups on North Carolina’s public higher education campuses would be in charge of their internal affairs in legislation making its way through the General Assembly.

The Senate bill recommended Tuesday by a House committee comes as Christian groups in other states are no longer recognized college organizations because their doctrines clash with university policy. The proposal says an organization can decide that only people professing its faith or mission and who act in that manner can be leaders.

Sen. Dan Soucek says some students fear compromising beliefs to get group recognition. Some lawmakers opposed to the bill say students should have to abide by campus regulations.

The bill next goes to the full House, which passed a similar bill last year.

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  • Insane

    Here is just another instance of Christians thinking government is out to get them. The only reason these organizations are not an official student group is because they exclude people that don’t agree with them. And that is fine, perfectly fine. But it isn’t fine to have student fees to go to support groups that aren’t available to everyone. Student fees are like a tax on college students (and parents) because one has to pay them in order to attend classes. Just like with government I do not want my taxes to go to support religious groups that I am not apart of… Which means each one that does not support The Flying Spaghetti Monster.


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