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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington Police and US Marshals arrested a man for murder in connection to a Friday home invasion that left one man dead and sent another to the hospital.
Police say with the help of Marshals task force members, officers arrested Zeer Nifis Cannady, 20, in the 100 block of Meares Street yesterday. Cannady is charged with first-degree murder, first-degree attempted murder and several counts of robbery with a dangerous weapon, among others.
Cannady's arrest comes after a robbery at a home near the intersection of Lilac Court and 13th Street sparked a shooting Friday afternoon. It started when witnesses say three men entered the home there to rob the victims, according to police. After that, Wilmington Police say shots were fired, hitting Aaron McGhee, 47, who later died at the hospital, and Terae Kareen Graham, who was shot in the leg.
Police say because the reports of the crime included three suspects, the investigation is still ongoing. Cannady remains in the New Hanover County Jail under $2 million bond. He was scheduled to make his first court appearance on the charges today.

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  • Rev. Dr. JAJ

    It saddens me to see how insensitive people can be towards victims families. Comments such as the one’s aforementioned only serve to humiliate an already grieving family. Who among us has never had a wayward family member? Is life not full of enough perilous challenges that your wretched interest in posting a comment supersedes allowing God’s Grace to be imparted to the one’s who have the unenviable chore of burying a father, brother, husband and friend?

  • SWR43

    People that make comments about other people’s past are some of the most ignorant people out there. There is NOONE on this earth that has never made a mistake. I am not condoning drug dealers, but I am also not slandering anyone that, with God’s help, is/was able to change. The link that was given about this mans past did not show the “worst drug dealer of the 80’s”. There was 1 possession charge. People that live in glass houses should NEVER throw stones. God forbid that you have a child that may stray away…what will you do then, disown them? Regardless of a person’s past, these young punks have no right to force their way in another person’s home with the intent of taking what does not belong to them. You slandered someone that lost their life in THEIR home. Why not talk about the “brilliant” 20-year-old that got bored and robbed someone with a BB gun? Let’s talk about the problem here…these young kids that do not want to work or take ANY responsibility to stand on their own 2 feet. They feel that it is ok to take things that other people have worked so hard for and earned on their own, the right way. Why not think about the terror that this man endured when shot and not living to see another day…the fear that knowing he may not live…the knowledge of your life flashing in front of your eyes in a split second? Get over your stupid self-righteous crap and face up to what is really going on in the world today.God bless his family and kids…RIP “Big A”

  • Guest2020

    Since his last conviction was eighteen years ago, I believe that he had turned his life around, but his crimes were not mistakes. They were choices.

  • Heimie Schmelter

    Mr. McGhee has a very long and intensive rap sheet. He has a total of eleven convictions, of which six are violent FELONIES. He did time in prison. He was a thief and a druggie. His lifestyle invited the sort of company that took his life. He had no less than eleven opportunities to turn his life around and stop being a criminal, but he made his choices and they weren’t good. There’s nothing “self-righteous” about the comments here, the man was clearly a lifetime criminal and had absolutely no intent “to change with God’s help”.

  • guesty

    Criminal activity isn’t a mistake, it is an active choice made by an individual. Don’t try to make excuses.

  • Guest2020

    Given that his last conviction was over 18 years ago, you would be completely wrong to say that he ‘had absolutely no intent “to change with God’s help”‘. Eighteen years without any more criminal activity is evidence that he did make changes in his life and was no longer a “thief and a druggie”.

  • CoCo

    You are An idiot.. It’s Clear that his last conviction was in 1992. Well over 22 years ago. Yet you still feel the need to express that after he is killed. 20 years ago!!! How dumb and Insensitive can you be as that couldn’t have possibly had anything to do with his death now nor ca. That tell who he is a person now… God forbid all of us be judged on who we were 20 years ago! Find something better to do with your time or things to say with you mouth…

  • SWF43

    So are you telling me you have NEVER made a mistake or a bad decision? My whole point is this man is dead…leave his family the right to grieve without all your negativity. Remember…except for the grace of God go I.

  • mobetterblue

    @ Heimie Aaron may have been a criminal in his past but did change his life. He was raising a son and was active in his other children’s lives. He accepted Christ in his life and was an active member of his church and served in many capacities. As previously stated, we all make mistakes and those mistakes should not be throw in our face when we try to make a better life for ourselves. His four children are now without a father. They are grieving as are his siblings. Let them grieve in piece and not be judgmental!

  • jamrcovington

    I’m glad they caught him instead of committed crime he should f been using a timecard to provide for his fsmily.

  • Guest Reply Redux


  • Citizen Jason

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