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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A new poll of North Carolina voters shows support for continuing the state’s film incentives, including broader support among Republicans than Democrats.

The survey conducted by Raleigh-based Public Policy Polling earlier this week of 1,076 registered voters found 41 percent of respondents support extending the state’s current tax credit program for film, while 29 percent were opposed. The other 30 percent were not sure.

The poll found Republicans support the program 46-30, while support was lower among Democrats polled at 37-27.

A breakdown of responses by area codes of those surveyed by phone showed some of the lowest support where you might expect the most. Respondents in the 910 area code, which includes southeastern North Carolina, has the second lowest level of support at 34 percent and the highest level of opposition at 40 percent.

PPP says the poll has a margin of error of +/-3.0 precent.

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  • guestFred

    I guess $30 million incentive for fracking jobs (about 375 of them) is worth it to pollute our water and land?

    North Carolina CHASING away good-paying, clean jobs that attract tourism.

    Seriously, what is wrong with those morons in Raleigh?

  • JumpingJehoshaphat

    I post that the number of alleged jobs to be lost has now been exaggerated by an additional 1,000 and what do you do in response to that? You completely ignore that and talk instead about something not even relevant to the topic at hand.

    My goodness, if that doesn’t show what complete bull crappers some of you are, what does? People like yourself apparently embrace a very fluid morality. It always takes the path of least resistance and it always flows downhill. In other words, you’ll say just about anything as long as it serves your own personal purpose.

  • JumpinJehosaphat

    Looks like someone just added another 1,000 jobs to the list. Oh well, If you’re just going to make it up as you go along, I guess adding another 1,000 jobs to the argument isn’t any bigger a lie than the argument was in the first place. I does show though just how far some people will go to get what they want.


    Movies and TV shows have been shot in one-third of North Carolina’s counties, not just in Wilmington and Charlotte.

    If the incentive goes away, our movie industry will move to S.C. and Georgia, where political leaders grasp the economic benefits, taking 5,000 well-paying jobs with them — another Pillowtex.

    How will Gov. Pat win re-election in 2016 if he loses New Hanover,Brunswick, Mecklenberg, Cabarrus, Rowan, Gaston, Cleveland, Buncombe, Forsyth, Guilford, Davidson, and Randolph counties, etc.?

    Roy Cooper will raise a ton of studio money!

    Think, Pat, think!

  • molly

    Little ol’ Pender gets its fair share of film/TV work with “Sleepy Hollow” and “Under the Dome” among others.

    Steve Unger, running against Chris Millis (who tried to kill the incentive preemptively last year, along with Rick Catlin!) needs to play up the economic impact film production plays in Currie, Burgaw, Atkinson, Hampstead, etc.

  • C B Lewis

    Think Pat Think Why do you and the rep. give the film industry all this tax money? All of us need tax money and why not, what is good for the goose is good for the gander. If the film industry get free tax money so should the rest and if they don’t get it they will not run to another state like the film industry state they will, let them run if that is the way they do. We can sure live with out them for sure. WE did before they came to Wilmington. This should be put out for a vote by the people of this state period.

  • Guestman.

    SC Thom is having a stroke right about now thinking that some of his teabagger brothers might be supporting film incentives. I am anticipating the BS rhetoric only he can do as a paid shill for the republican’ts. Don’t disappoint us, Thom. We look forward to your inane rantings.

  • SurfCityTom

    you continue to outdo yourself. I’ve yet to speak for or against film incentives other than in the legislative halls when I am there on business.

    My comments on this topic have dealt with the ineffective methods the film industry advocates have put forth.

    And you continue to do so.

    The supporters can not even stick to the same script. When the poorly attended rallies were held in Wilmington, the supporters stated 4,000 local jobs were at stake.

    Yesterday, at a business gathering, Puff Daddy Saffo stated 1,000 local jobs were on the line. He never did state whether that included yours.

    And read the poll results. Southeastern NC, this area in which you bray, had one of the lower levels of support.

    Keep up the great work.

    Screen Gems is the only 1 showing restraint and voicing support for the legislative process. Clearly that’s beyond your ability.

    Incentives are still on the table. It’s not a done deal yet.

    If they fail to pass, be certain to look in the mirror. It will be loud mouth blowhards, bleating like lambs headed to slaughter and spewing names at the legislature who could cause it to fail.

    I’m pretty certain someone of higher intelligence at the screen gems lot would tell you to shut up.

    But keep up the great bleating. You can’nt even take a lesson from the ballpark proponents whose rhetoric sent that initiative down the toilet.

  • Rick Wilson

    Would you mind posting the actual poll question(s)?

  • Guestman.

    I am amazed by your restraint by not calling anyone names except blowhard.
    Nice tries here lately, but I work in the private sector of this economy and the business has never had an incentive of any kind.
    I have not “bleated” any names except at you since you are so deserving.
    Congrats on going to Raleigh again. I have just one question; How often those halls need sweeping since I am sure that is the only reason you would be in them.
    BTW, I was one of the biggest opponents to the ballpark unlike others that posted on here.

  • Vog46

    One of the problems here is that film supporters have grossly overestimated their “worth” to the local economy. Mayor Poofy-Do said 1000 employees. While significant, this is just another DuPont (660) then factor in Mundy Maintenance and you get a little less than 1000 employees. How many of YOU are still talking about DuPont? Nobody.

    Then there is the argument that so many OTHER folks depend on filming for THEIR livelihood. Well, how many businesses is there that depend solely on filming? Not many – sure filming and filming spending are a PART of their business but not the ONLY part of it. So will Hell’s Kitchen close if filming stops? Hardly. Will Lowe’s or Home Depot have to close one of their stores? I doubt that.

    Will there be fewer cars rented? Fewer hotel rooms booked? I’m sure, but this is where you have to measure the cost versus benefit of those very few extra dollars those businesses generate. If tourism rises by 3% and all filming stops (which won’t happen) would car rentals and hotels make up for the loss of filming?

    Film supporters were, and still are, woefully unprepared for arguing independently derived facts because they have none ! Their fallback position is to trot out anecdotal evidence, OR they criticize the source of the opposition’s facts rather than bring out their own. When all is said and done film supporters have tragically over played their hand – and the result is the current proposed grant program.
    But, instead of being pragmatic, film supports have basically said “it’s not enough”. They paid lip service to the thought of losing their precious “incentive” – yet, its VERY obvious they had the overwhelming support of the local media including WWAY, and still lost. So, why did they “lose”? Out of 100 counties, 3 or 4 that are affected by filming generally speaking. They had no sway in the GOP dominated Legislature. For every Susie Hamilton there are 20 or 30 against her. Again over playing your sense of self importance.

    You guys did a terrible job lobbying – your film support rally was pathetic and your numbers were so grossly inflated no one believed them !!!! Your fight, for the limited dollars available was poorly organized and lacked cohesiveness. Your arguments were anecdotal and not consistent (1000, 4,000 then 5,000 employees????)

    Thankfully for you, Tom is right – everything is still on the table and things could change – so NOW is the time for a BIG rally, in Raleigh. You gotta have at least 7,000 to 10,000 people there…….but this sniping and whining about how Georgia will profit or SC will profit is not doing you guys any good.


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