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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The company behind several area charter schools has finally released information about staff salaries requested by several media outlets including WWAY, but still has not released information about administrator pay.

In a release today, Charter Day School, Inc., which is run by Roger Bacon Academy, released the pay of each member of its staff, which includes Charter Day School in Leland, Columbus Charter School in Whiteville and Douglass Academy in Wilmington, though it does not explain who works at what school. The company recently released budget totals for salaries, but refused to release individual information claiming it does maintain such a list and was not required to compile it under state law.

Earlier this spring, the state Director of Charter Schools told charter school operators they must comply with state open record laws, just like any other public school, or risk losing their charter. Charter schools are run by private entities with public money.

“CDS believes this disclosure allows media outlets to get beyond the harmful fixation on the salaries of our dedicated, skilled staff and to report the real story of how Charter Schools like CDS use less taxpayer funds while obtaining better student outcomes than traditional schools,” CDS said in its release.

Click here to see the information CDS released

The list of salaries show most of the teachers are paid $30,800, which is what the state currently pays public school teachers who have a bachelor’s degree with zero to five years experience. While the information CDS provided shows each teacher’s hire date, it does not explain each teacher’s level of experience, which can be accrued at other schools. Local school districts also have the ability to pay a stipend to help increase teacher salaries.

When it released limited salary data earlier this month, CDS said in a statement that state law exempted it from most of the same requirements of a public school district. However, media outlets continued to complain to state regulators, who ordered the company to release its detailed salary information by June 27. CDS, though, says it was motivated by proposed legislation working its way through the legislature.

“Change in the disclosure law is coming, and CDS will continue to be fully compliant when overseeing its charter schools,” CDS Board of Trustees Chairman John Ferrante said in the company’s statement. “This detailed disclosure required by the new law will, once and for all, resolve any outstanding requests or complaints.”

It does not.

WWAY in its original request for salary data also asked for that of administrators for CDS schools. We have reiterated to the company our request for that information, which is also, we believe, part of the public record.

WWAY and other media outlets across the state have requested salary information from charter schools in an effort to facilitate transparency regarding the spending of public funds as is required of public school districts.

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47 Comments on "Roger Bacon Academy/Charter Day School releases staff salaries, still breaking law withholding administrator info"

Mrs. Moore
2015 years 10 months ago

Interesting. No one in the Big ranks is listed. Where is Jean Lafave? What about administration? Its obvious now they are stealing money. No reason to hide information. Yet they would post all the little people!! Outrageous. Don’t give up demand answers.

Southern Child
2015 years 10 months ago

I was just out for a pleasant afternoon ride with my spouse and happened by a sign that said it was the site of the new South Brunswick Charter School. There was nothing there. No buildings, no permanent road, no nothing. This place is supposed to open in a month or two. Is RBA planning on inflating numbers just as they did with Douglass? A charter school closed this year in our state because the non profit associated with it ran with the monies on a Friday before the state could shut it down. All students from the school were at the public schoolhouse door Monday morning without funds to support them. This is scary stuff.

2015 years 10 months ago

For every one of these articles critical of Baker Mitchell, somehow Baker is aware of them before they are published. I would be curious to see who at WWAY has children attending CDS.

I’m also wondering what the intentions of WWAY are? Have they paid the same attention to every school receiving public funding?

Where do Mr. Wuzzardo’s kids go to school? The fact that CDS may be hiding facts doesn’t change the fact that students are excelling at the institution. Is it frightening that a school funded at 40% the regular public school rate is performing better? Heaven forbid a performance based pay scale actually improves teacher performance!

Wow great news
2015 years 10 months ago

This argument is getting old. I am almost positive that everyone who argues against charter schools are in favor of competition. Competition results is a better quality product. We choose where we purchase our milk. We choose where we purchase our gas. Why should we not be able to have a choice in where we educate our children?

Before charter schools, the only option was private schools and home schools. Yes, it is a sacrifice to take your child to school and to pack their lunch. Many families have found a way to do this in exchange for sending their child to a more structured, disciplined and results oriented school.

Charter schools are not for everyone, but it is a very good option for many.

wayne. musser
2015 years 10 months ago

Children are receiving a better education, determined by test scores, for less taxpayer money. who cares who makes what. I have to wonder who all the comments actually come from. if a public school teacher or ad
administrator wants more money apply for a job. This is America. You CAN change jobs.


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