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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Our early days of Surprise Squad began with buying people lunches and filling up their gas tanks.

Now, thanks to a generous donation from Alan Perry and Perry’s Emporium, we’re trying to do things that hit close to home.

It’s not the time of year to have your AC shut off, so we headed to Four County Electric in Burgaw for today’s Surprise Squad.

Make sure to look out for the WWAY Surprise Squad next week as we continue to celebrate our 50th Anniversary by giving back to the community.

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  • golfer44

    Well said Daniel especially the dirty laundry syndrome. We need more good stories. This is very innovative marketing for Perry’s Emporium and WWAY. Not that helping/surprising people is a typical approach to gain viewership, but it could not hurt. It hopefully helps everyone from Perry’s, WWAY and the general public. I do wish though that some could be done maybe in the evening since a lot of people miss out on the rare chance of this happening to them due to most work during the day. Keep up the good work and God Bless. We truly enjoy you and McKenzie in the evening. She seems to have loosened up a lot since you guys have been working together.

  • Bill jones

    I think your marketing program with Perry’s Emporium is well thought out and executed. I question if a promotion should be in the top four stories night after night. A real news organization is supposed to report the news and not try to make it. Why do you leave up the same stories day after day. I used to enjoy reading your news but now you are so boring.

  • Daniel Seamans

    ..I’d like to comment, not as someone who is a part of this campaign, but rather, simply as a guy who has witnessed first hand the impact of this pay it forward idea.
    It’s hard to explain the look of true humble thankfulness I’ve seen on the faces of some of the people surprised.
    It is next to impossible not to smile ear to ear when you see a frown literally turn upside down.

    The most popular complaint I’ve heard over the past 15 years is that the news always talks about negative stuff. “It’s always bad”…..yet, positive stories routinely get a fraction of views that the negative types do. I call it the “Dirty Laundry Syndrome”. A positive one like this is a rarity and we’re lucky enough to get to continue doing it each week.

    All the current events of the day are always on our website….that never changed.
    But if leaving the weekly “Surprise Squad” event posted at the top of the site changes someone into paying it forward, too? It’s worth it. At least, in my opinion.

    Thank you very much for taking the time to comment. We always appreciate outside perspectives.
    But I disagree with any notion that the Surprise Squad is guilty of ‘making up news’.
    I do think we are, in fact, guilty of making someone’s day.

    Thanks again, Bill.

  • Guest2020

    I personally do not get tired of reading the good stuff. When I was a child, my family lost our home to a house fire. That was on a Saturday. By Monday, thanks to our church, my sisters and I had clothes to go to school. The only thing was that there was not a donated pair of shoes that fit me, so we had to go buy a pair. Within a couple of weeks we had a roof over our heads with a fully furnished home, right down to the dishes in the cabinets. I could pay it forward for the rest of my life and still not make up the kindness and generosity that my family received during that time.

    This kind of thing should never get old. I think that says a whole lot about you and your view of the world around you.


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