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Fire leaves family of 6 homeless as crews look for cause


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY)-- The New Hanover County Fire Department is still investigating a fire that started Saturday night at a house on the 4600 block of Barnards Landing Road.

New Hanover County dispatchers received a call about the fire at 10:15 p.m.

New Hanover County Fire Department Battalion Chief Michael Pinson says one person was taken to the hospital. Pinson says the fire destroyed the entire house, leaving the family of six that lived there homeless.

Fire crews say the cause of the fire is still under investigation. Meanwhile, the family is getting assistance from the American Red Cross.

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Is there an arsonist

You know, it seems to me there are a LOT of fires lately and I have never heard the cause of them so I assume they are still under investigation... Is there a chance that there may be an arsonist on the loose? Prime example is the apartment complex that has had three fires in a short amount of time.

Keep up with the news stories before making assumptions ...

The causes of two of the three apartment fires were announced in the news --- 1. Electrical issue, 2. Intentionally set. So yes, the causes of the fires ARE being announced as they are determined.

calm down Windy

So one fire was intentionally set. . what about the third fire? Intentional? My goodness Windy, you certainly took this issue personally. I was asking do we have an arsonist on the loose. . and I'm still curious if we do. Sorry Windy, I have a job and a life and can't sit home watching the boob tube on a constant basis. Your seriously personal interest in this issue makes me wonder about you.