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PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — The District Attorney says a state trooper had a right to defend himself when he shot and killed a Hampstead man in April.

Now a woman who says the man killed, Maynard Thomas, was the love of his life is speaking out.

“He promised me that: 10 more good years,” Shannon Watkins said. “And that got shot down… literally.”

Watkins says with Thomas, she was happier than she had ever been and planned on marrying him. She was in their Hampstead home when Thomas was killed April 13 and narrowly missed being shot herself.

“It disgusts me,” she said of today’s announcement clearing the trooper who shot and killed Thomas. “It disgusts me.”

In a news conference this morning, District Attorney Ben David said officers went to Thomas’s home twice the night of April 13; the second time after hearing several gunshots. When officers, including Tpr. Josh Kiser, arrived, they saw three men through the window, including one with a shotgun. David says Kiser told Thomas to put down the gun several times before Thomas pointed the gun at him. That’s when Kiser fired killing Thomas.

“While regrettable, Maynard Thomas is dead today because of his criminal activity,” David said. “The officers did nothing to violate the law.”

But Watkins says the men did not hear police.

“Maynard would have never shot if he would have heard, ‘Police, police,'” Watkins said.

She says Thomas thought the men were intruders.

Now Watkins is left with only memories.

“I can’t sleep, and when I do sleep, I dream about him, and we’re having good times,” Watkins said. “And then I wake up to reality.”

A reality that no longer includes Thomas.

Other friends of Thomas say they are shocked at the outcome of the investigation.

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  • Big Man

    Too bad you can’t sleep. How the hell do think the cop feels about dumb A$$. I guess all of you know better next time how to behave. DONT POINT GUNS AT LAW ENFORCEMENT!!!

    • Katelyn Watkins

      You literally know nothing about this, I’m the woman’s daughter and if you have anything to say, say it to me and I’ll set your ignorant self straight on what actually happened that night. :)

  • Mac

    Weapon at the Police, they will shoot.

    Best advice don’t point a weapon, and they won’t shoot.

  • zenobia

    If we had video of this I would have a firm opinion. Most videos of police entering residences show no way for the resident to possibly identify the intruders as police as opposed to the counties very active home intruders, who frequently kill people breaking in . Esp. not an old drunk guy who’s been out running his golf cart into things. Do we kill all stupid drunks- if so the county will be quickly depopulated. Hopefully future videos will eliminate any need for dispute over procedure.

  • Mac

    Weapon at the Police, they will shoot.

    Best advice don’t point a weapon, and they won’t shoot.

  • Guest2020

    The officers are responsible for their actions. They are not responsible for what the man thought. They are not mind readers and cannot ascertain whether or not the man heard them. If they did everything they were supposed to, then they are responsible for that. From their point of view, they gave commands. Not only were the commands not followed, they had a gun pointed at them. They did the right thing. The girlfriend can be disgusted all she wants, but the officers did nothing wrong.

  • Jim Derby

    Guess she lost her meal ticket when pappy was so Drunk/High and playing with the “Boom Stick”.

  • Paperboy

    Just like a dog, cops can shoot and kill what they want..

  • Guest2020

    So, they should have just stood there and let the man shoot them?

  • T

    Shut up Criminal! Nothing but trash! He got what he deserved.

    Im going to say this one more time: “DON’T POINT YOUR GUN AT THE COPS”

  • nofaithinlaw

    Wait a minute. This is the same girl they arrested along with Jarrod Watkins for stealing guns from the man she claims that was going to give her ten more years…???

  • guesty

    This happened in Hampstead, located in Pender County. WPD has nothing to do with this case. Did you even bother to read the story or did you just see a story to spout off?

  • A Man

    The WPD know what they doing. If you command someone to put down a weapon but they cant hear you because you’re outside tryiing to yell. Where is your microphone or speaker? They need to use their head and think before they decide “Oh they not listening, shoot, ask question later, and we’ll put the story together because its the truth and nothing about it is wrong and out of place.” The WPD got alot of work to do if they want people to trust them with these semi police officer who act like they really care about the WHOLE COMMUNITY!

  • LEO1983

    Well Trooper did a service to the residents of Pender County, Maynard was nothing but a drunk who caused problems, and on several occasions had threaten to shoot at cops. Well seems he tried to act on his words this time and ended up losing that fight. As far as his GF goes she disgusts me for dating a POS like him.. Good job to all LEO involved


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