Webster Guthrie named Ashley basketball coach; Wilmington Sharks pick up impressive road win

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Submitted: Tue, 06/24/2014 - 3:56am
Updated: Tue, 07/21/2015 - 5:18am

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The search at Ashley High School for a new head boys basketball coach is over. Last week we told you Webster Guthrie would be the new coach. On Monday it became it official. Guthrie is an East Carolina University graduate. He’s a 2003 graduate of Ashley High; thus, for him the hire comes full circle. “I’m very humbled to be here. 13 years ago in my life I walked these halls,” Guthrie told WWAY. “I have the opportunity to come back and lead these young men and lead this community and school in the right direction is an extreme honor and responsibility I take very seriously. Talk about trust, it’s gonna take some time. The reality is I’m the third coach in three years. It’s gonna take some time for these guys to buy in. Parents and players, I look forward to sitting down with them to meet one on one with all of them, telling them what I’m all about, just being genuine and honest. I think I’m the right guy. I think I’m the right guy to turn this program around in the right direction.”

Webster Guthrie had been the jv boys basketball coach at New Hanover the last three seasons. He replaces David Rutledge. Ashley High fired Rutledge as the boys basketball coach in April after just one season.

Ashley director of athletics Roy Turner hopes to announce the hiring of a new head football coach soon.

Click the play video icon in order to see WWAY’s interview with Webster Guthrie.


MOREHEAD CITY, NC (WWAY) — The Wilmington Sharks beat Morehead City 2-1 on Monday night. Click the play video icon in order to see our game highlights.

The Sharks will not play on Tuesday. They’ll be back at home on Wednesday at Buck Hardee Field for a 7pm start.



  • NHHS Fan says:

    Say all the negative things you want but please don’t lie. The NHHS JV team was 13-5 last year. That is a winning record. You can see it here http://www.newhanoverbasketball.org/index.html

  • Eagle Through and Through - MPW says:

    Yeah, for all the good wishes to everyone and that everyone is friends, BUT we still need to deal with the fact that a few parents for to lie, bully, and whine to he principal everyday and a good teacher, coach, and man is getting run out. I hear a lot about a first year principal, mistakes let parent dictate too much his first year, yada, yada, yada. Was it? Or was it more sinister ? Maybe he wanted his friend coaching there all the time and actively worked to undermine Coach Ruttledge. Maybe that’s even expected, but to them try and get him fired – this is just bad stuff. Luckily Ruttledge has a strong teaching record so, that should stand up to lies. But , he is not alone. There a more than a dozen Norvell doing the same thing to, one super Math teacher just last week. Someone needs to stop this guy.

  • observer says:

    Let it go already! Your boy is out and that’s the past. The community us sick of hearing all the whining.

  • Eagle Pride says:

    Great job Coach Guthrie! Let’s keep it rolling! I like this guy, he does make halfway sensible substitutions and the players seem respect him. I saw a video of his team workouts Midnight Madness, insane! Eagles going hard!

  • Baller 2008 says:

    New Hanover’s prolific reputation for recruiting has hit Ashley High over the past 3 years. How will Ashley save it’s basketball program and not just become a farm team sending all the top players up to New Hanover? I have heard that the principal and new coach are old friends from New Hanover and they better be tight. They’ll need it.

  • Basketball Fan and Ashley Grad Greg says:

    I appreciate this new guy trying to be positive and it’s his first time, but all his talk about “the right direction”, what was wrong with Lynne direction last year? Winning is a good direction (second winningest season in school history). Execution is a good direction (watching that team you see there was a game plan, decisions made for the long term development of program). Playing hard is the right direction (in a few games I saw kids taken out for lack of hustle or not playing defense). I always want to see us successful, and good luck to new coach. But all this “new” and “right direction” stuff – what you talking about, Webster ?

  • Hanover Fan says:

    Webster will have a veery tough time transitioning from JV to Varsity. He hasn’t had a winning season as JV coach of New Hanover. Also some of the top player at New Hanover didn’t like him at all. Ashley better be prepared for 3-5 years of losing and finishing with .500 record.

  • Ballet says:

    With Norvell and Guthrie both old New Hanover guys, maybe this coach will get some admin support.

  • Hanover Fam says:

    Ashley’s AD and fans better be ready for 3-5 years of not a lot of winning. Some of the top players at Hanover didn’t like him. He even didn’t have a winning season while coaching JV. Don’t think he will transition well. Most likely fired between 4-5 years

  • Ashley Basketball Fan says:

    This new coach has much more support and will be able to have follow through on things he needs that the last coach didn’t. Principal Jackson Norvell and Guthrie go back for years and are good friends. Coach Guthrie will be here as an alum and buddy of the administration while he takes his first year lumps. Hang in there, Coach!

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