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WASHINGTON (AP) — Two universities in the nation’s capital have agreed to a major energy deal to buy more than half their power from three new solar power farms planned in North Carolina.

George Washington University, American University and the George Washington University Hospital announced the 20-year agreement Monday night with Duke Energy Renewables to reduce their carbon footprints by directly tapping solar energy.

The Capital Partners Solar Project will break ground this summer. Once fully operational with 243,000 solar panels, the solar farms are expected to generate 123 million kilowatt hours of electricity per year. Planners say that translates to eliminating about 60,000 metric tons of carbon emissions per year or taking 12,500 cars off the road.

The Solar Energy Industries Association says this is the nation’s largest nonutility solar power purchase.

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  • guest45

    So if this is such a good deal for everybody then is any taxpayer money being used to subsidize either building or maintaining the solar plants or is any taxpayer money going to be used to purchase this solar power? If the answer is yes to any of the questions it is just another big fleecing of the taxpayers that are already being bled to pieces, how’s that Hope and Change thing working out for yaw now?

  • guest6969696969

    Duke isn’t doing this for “Green Energy”… It’s going to be subsidized, By us ALL, via Tax Payer Dollars, Or *Incentives*….
    Then Be aware, (some of ya’ll Financial Brokers/Advisors know this as FACT), that It’s part of a Basic play for *Carbon Credits* that will make a apperance on the World Stage soon enough, So the “Market Makers”, (Goldman Sach’s et al for example)… Will be First in-line, to Profiteer from these Credit(s), (think ..Bit-Con, “cough” COIN Folks)… While the REST of the Populace Gets bent over, with-out Lube, (You get the picture)? in Higher Taxes, AND Energy Rates….

    WHY?? Does Solyndra come to mind here?
    Where will the power come from on Night/Winter/Cloudy Days?
    Whats the initial cost to the tax-payers?
    What are the tax-brakes for D.E.??
    Carbon Credit(s) question(s) remain..Will this be “tied-in” with a COAL ASH Deal, behind the scenes as WE get prepared to be “bent-over” in ways I mentioned above..
    Rest assured, this Will be “back-room” deals & Appeals, ONLY in D.E.’s favor, As WE the Peasents * Serfs,(HEY it’s a BIG club & We aren’t in it, eg: Share & stock Holder(s),, We’ll get the Chitty-end of the stick,, Have your Lube ready.
    How much higher will Our rates go? 10%, 25%, 50% to 100%? to pay for this Boon-Doggel??


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