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FIRST ON 3: Second suspect in custody for home invasion murder


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Wilmington Police have a second suspect in custody in connection with a murder during a home invasion earlier this month, a WPD spokeswoman says.

Markee George, 26, is charged with murder in the death of Aaron McGhee. McGhee, 47, died after being shot during a home invasion near Lilac Court and 13th Street June 13. Terae Kareen Graham was also shot, but he survived.

A relative tells WWAY police arrested George around 8:30 a.m., but the relative says George had nothing to do with the crime.

George is also charged with attempted murder and several counts of robbery with a dangerous weapon, according to jail records. Last week police arrested Zeer Cannady, 20, and charged him with the same crimes.

Police are still looking for a third suspect, but Rawley says they do not yet have a name to release.

The NC Department of Corrections website says George has a criminal record that includes ten convictions since the start of 2012 for crimes including communicating threats, assault on a female, resisting an officer and disorderly conduct. He received probation for all the offenses, including currently being on two years probation for three convictions in February and one year of probation for convictions in January.

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I truly don't believe he did

I truly don't believe he did this he do have petty crimes and the assault on female and threatening phone calls that small bs I know was a lie. A girl mad and called in he wouldn't not harm anyone. God sits high and looks low. Allow God to fight this battle son. I will be praying. They released him criminal record but they haven't released or stated how he was going to college trying to get his life together and positive things he has did. Like times he has helped me and others I know when in school.

Hold ya head S.B.... The

Hold ya head S.B.... The streets know better than that. We know u ain't have nothing to do with that. They desperate smh... Love u bruh ! Out of all things, they trying to stick you with a murder ??? Markee won't kill a fly that ain't in him, lord help him out of the crazy mess. We gotcha back out here.. U coming home !

Yeah, because he is such a

Yeah, because he is such a poor, innocent fella that never did anything to anybody. Don't worry too much. If he did do it, Dealing David will cut him a break.

Markee's Criminal Record EXPOSED

I don't know if Markee is guilty for murder, but he is a "bad boy" with recent convictions for assault, making threats, driving crazy, resisting arrest, and drunk & disorderly. So I'd like to hear the family explain that?

That's a bunch of BS, Sonny

That's a bunch of BS, Sonny ain't have nothing to do with that. The media trying to use his petty criminal back ground to convince the people that he did. Nothing about his criminal record leads anyone to believe he's capable of murder.. That my dude and if anybody knows he didn't have anything to do with its me ! Can't believe these lying @#% ss people. Y'all police need to tighten up and get it right cause y'all bout to take the life of a innocent good dude him !!!

Looking at that list of charges....

I thought you were talking about Charlie Sheen or Robert Downey Jr. Or maybe Lindsey Lohan for that matter. That doesn't make them a murderer. Let justice prevail for the McGhee family in the courts.

Aaron MGHee

I'm sorry that Aaron McGhee had to loose his life and my heart truly goes out to his family. Many may not know that he is the brother of a very familiar drug dealer by the name of David Crummy. These guys have been living off of drug dealing since I was a kid. Aaron McGhee was nothing more than a drug dealing gambler who was trying to make his ends meet and the gang members got wind of his hustle and flow and set him up to be robbed but unluckily he was murdered. If you live by the sword, you will truly die by it. Most home invasions in Wilmington is more likely gangs robbing drug dealers.I knew Aaron McGhee and he wasn't a bad guy but at what age do you turn your life around and get a job instead of making a career out of dealing drugs.

I just hope the police

I just hope the police department didn't use Stingray technology to catch this guy. The Wilmington Alarmist would not be happy.