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RALEIGH, NC (WWAY/WTVD) — North Carolina’s film industry made another appeal in Raleigh today. Workers fighting for nothing less the industry’s very existance, according to advocates, who are concerned that the legislature will let film tax credits go away.

They made their latest pitch at the General Assembly today. Studio execs, lawmakers and industry workers alike warned of dire consequences if the state does not extend the tax credits that go to film production in North Carolina. Movies that have benefited include productions like “Iron Man 3,” which shot in and around Wilmington, “The Hunger Games,” which shot in the western part of the state, as well as smaller productions and TV shows, like “Secrets & Lies,” “Under the Dome” and “Sleepy Hollow,” which call Wilmington home.

Supporters say the film industry is responsible for hundreds of thousands of dollars in state revenue over the past couple years and more than 4,000 permanent jobs, which they say will dry up that tax credit isn’t renewed.

“If the incentives go away, the industry would go where there are incentives,” Rep. Susi Hamilton (D-18th District) said. “Most probably it would go immediately to Georgia, South Carolina and then Louisiana.”

Critics say the incentives only benefit pockets of North Carolina. They argue taxpayers statewide shouldn’t be footing the bill.

“The state of North Carolina, the General Assembly of North Carolina, shouldn’t value a film production job over a plumber or furniture production or textile mills or anything like that,” said Donald Bryson of the group Americans for Prosperity. “A job is a job is a job.”

The current versions of both the House and Senate budgets do include some money for film incentives. Advocates say it’s not enough to keep film projects in the state.

During today’s event, Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo invited Gov. Pat McCrory to Wilmington so he can see the impact film has on the Port City.

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  • Carry On

    Pat McCrory is all about sending any and all films out of NC. WHY invite that jerk to see what he will inevitably RUIN? Fools, like trying to get a vegan to eat bacon, that is just STUPID!

  • BA

    NC pays $1.52 for each dollar film spends, not counting those who get unemployment between films.

    Tax the rich right, then get films off the government dole.


    Free market should not be skewed by government intervention.

  • Atlanta Girl

    You think you have problems now with lack of funds? GO ahead and support the Republicans attempt to walk away from the film industry in NC. The property values will plummet in the Wilmington area when thousands of houses go on the market at once. Families will be broken up with one spouse leaving to find work in States where the Film Incentives are plentiful. How many people will bleed the unemployment system until they can leave to move to places like SC or GA or LA (where they will pay all the taxes listed below to those States)
    Many of these people come to NC for short spurts—pay NC State income taxes while there and then go back from whence they came, putting no burden on the State system. How many businesses in the area directly or indirectly benefit from the film industry? They pay local fuel taxes to improve roads, local sales tax on things they purchase for personal use. They pay rent on buildings, pay rent in apartments and private homes that pay local property taxes. They buy food and eat out at local restaurants and bars–Purchase things in locally owned shops. Their children attend public schools and the Feds pay for them to be there, making your schools better. Their unions have private Health Insurance carriers that take care of them, so they aren’t burdening the public health care systems. They leave places they use for filming better than they found them. Wilmington was a lazy little beach and college town with scores of empty storefronts and homes when they arrived—Are you sure that’s where you want to go back to?

  • Concerned

    Well like I’ve said before, back in the day we had to depend on crooked producers to make movies. Now we have to depend on crooked politicians. Good luck with all the barnstorming, but seems like it’s going to be lights out real soon. We all know that 4000 jobs in the state is a gross over calculation. Nice try, but the little local in BOTH Carolinas AND Savannah barely has 1200 active members. And the teamsters local has about half that many. So if you’re going to complain about all the lost jobs, at least you could come up with a more practical figure. Camera and DGA included and you still fall about 2000 jobs shy of your guesstimate.

  • chickengeorge

    Them movie pople going to have to move to gorgia! HAHAHAHA! MY BOYS Thurfthitythom and vogolicious got them all skeared!

    Awesome sawce!

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