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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — North Carolina senators are considering a bill to require moped drivers to have insurance for the vehicles.

A Senate committee approved the bill Wednesday.

The House approved a bill last week without an insurance requirement. The House version requires that mopeds be registered and titled with the Division of Motor Vehicles. The bill also directs the state to study whether mopeds should be regulated further.

Onslow Rep. Phillip Shepard wrote the bill and says the House version is a start and he hopes the study will show whether more regulations should be put in place.

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  • Insurance I can agree with. Especially if it will pay when a car driver sideswipes you or runs you off the road like I’ve had done to me a few times when I rode one. I tried to get some insurance for a moped a few years ago and all the local insurance people I called said it wasn’t available.

    As far as a title goes…. That’s going to be a bit more difficult since mopeds don’t normally have a vin number. The only number on a moped I used to own was a serial number on the engine and that would change with engine repair.

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