NHSO demotes, suspends two lieutenants

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Submitted: Thu, 06/26/2014 - 9:57pm
Updated: Fri, 06/27/2014 - 1:16am

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — New Hanover County Sheriff Ed McMahon has suspended two of his lieutenants and demoted them after internal affairs investigations.

Sean Jones and Larry Robinson have both been demoted to deputy and suspended for 40 hours, according to NHSO spokesman Sgt. Jerry Brewer.

Brewer says an internal affairs investigation of a single incident found Robinson, who worked in detention, guilty of conduct unbecoming.

Brewer says IA found Jones, who was assistant division commander for Community Support Services, had violated policies for conduct unbecoming and truthfulness. That result came based on new evidence recently uncovered after an investigation started in April turned up nothing, Brewer said.

The Sheriff’s Office will not say what either man did, because it’s a personnel matter.

Robinson has been with the Sheriff’s Office since May 1994. Jones started in July 1992.

Both men’s salary will also be reduced along with their rank. Jones’s hourly pay will go from $32.98 to $28.71, while Robinson will see a drop from $29.39 an hour to $26.66.


  • Fed up says:

    WWAY, why don’t you contact the sheriff and ask Mr. transparent why he has not mentioned another Lt. being demoted this week for the same thing with the same deputy? By the way the Sheriff was backed into a corner and had to take action. One employee’s husband was raising sand so he had to act on one of them. Another stink was raised because he had been hiding Jone’s indiscretion for many months and would not take action. He took action on one, so then he was forced to act in Jones’ case. Now a third one has been demoted. It involves the same deputy who was involved with the Jones incident. By the way, she got promoted. McMahon has repeatedly failed to take action in incidents with Jones. This time, thank goodness, he was forced to. Is the the Christian man you want as your sheriff?

  • MG says:

    Law enforcement officers SHOULD be held to a higher standard. They are supposed to be a good example to those in the community.

    Obviously, these two men violated that confidence and should be DISMISSED, period.

    Junk like this that takes place in the public sector would never be tolerated in most private sector operations. The Sheriff is using TAXPAYER money to pay men that should no longer be on the public payroll.

  • WannebeX says:

    Well it looks like Ed McMahon is getting some of what he deserves from all of the covering up of the sins in his Dept. He has claimed to be a Christian man in church’s and public… Far from it.. The residents of NH Co. Hopefully will wise up come November and put him out of office.. We need new leadership from the top down…every one from the Sheriff and all of his Good Ole Boys n Girls need to be replaced.. Went to court house today,, newly demoted Dep. Robinson doing a cake job(sweet) doing much of nothing,,,wow…why wasn’t he sent back in the jail like most who are demoted…and Newly demoted Mr. Shaun Jones couldn’t take it,,so they let him resign,,and the Sheriff will help him find a new job out of town..that’s unbelievable he willing to go that far for some and not others….What does he have on this Sheriff ???? There are way to many good ex-employees who lost there jobs through no fault of their own ,,but these guys still get away with it… But this is just the beginning of what’s to come….Saw Jason Vaughn today and told him he’s got my vote in Nov…

  • Alarmist says:

    Of what’s wrong with the country. Have any of you done anything outside of using this page as a forum to help change the situation? Person complaining about the ignorant voters, have you educated any voters on the last year? Doubt it. And that’s just an example. Do something about it instead of pretending to be so appalled that you’re “fixin’ to do somethin’ “. Run for something in your town that’s open, walk your communities with literature and information on places to find MORE literature. Pages like this really piss me off but to those of you who are doing more than complaining on a local news page thanks you an good luck with your promotions of a better government.

  • perlas says:

    good idea…or take matters……

  • Deputy88 says:

    Remember crime is down and moral is high!
    This has been known for at least eight months. Please don’t lie about this, and the one Lt has been under investigation for worse than this 3 times prior.

    Why was the IA investigation stopped by higher ups?
    Need a change at the County and city.. But the ignorant voters will put morons back in. Just watch!

  • ME says:

    Sheriff what about the other staff members that were brought to your attention about two month ago. This incident has been brought to you and your staffs attention on several occasions and nothing has been done. Maybe election time would be a good time to go to the media with this.

  • ME says:


  • WannabeX says:

    The citizens of NEW HANOVER COUNTY, have been fooled by the siting Sheriff and his Cronies. This is what he didn’t want out before election,,,but we still have Novembet.. It’s time to clean house, starting at the top….!

  • WPD/NHSO says:

    You have cleared out two bad apples that were terrible to their subordinate deputies.
    Only about 9 more to go from Chief Deputy to Lt!

    Then it’s a better place to work.

  • WannabeX says:

    Why isn’t he on tv explaining this one.. I think they need to start with the tree and the apples will follow..Jones was horrible to work for as described by people who knew him… they evidently know something that is helping them keep their jobs.

  • guesty says:

    $28.71 X 40 hours= $1,148.40
    $1,148.40 X 52 weeks= $59,716

    $26.66 X 40 hours= $1,066.40
    $1,066.40 X 52 weeks= $55,452.80

    The NHCSD website says:
    Deputy Salary:$17.40 – $26.68 Hourly $36,192.00 – $55,494.00 Annually

  • L.Blue says:

    The $17.40 – $26.68 is the rage of starting pay for new deputies, depending on experience. I don’t think they would drop them down to the lowest starting pay, just take a percentage of the Lt. pay to make them closer to deputy pay without losing their increases for the years they have worked there. They are taking a slight pay cut. Personally, I’d take $26 to $28 dollars an hour any day!!

  • Tom jones says:

    Why won’t they release what they have done, if it had been a regular deputy or city officer they would have been castrated and chastised on Nancy grace and cnn!!! Why don’t you just continue to throw them under the bus and say what for, sheriff you have grown half the balls you need so why not go ahead and finish growing the rest of them!!

  • guest45 says:

    If they have done something that bad why were they not just fired? So you demote them to where they take out their frustrations on the average citizen with no recourse? Something just doesn’t feel right.

  • portcity says:

    How is this not a surprise to me??

  • WannabeX says:

    Jones has been under investigation many times and the Sheriff has kept it under wraps and him on the payroll… IA finds them guilty and they still have a job…WoW!!! Several good officers have been let go for doing there job..with no second chances…and look at the slap on the wrist and pay cut they got…the deputy pay is not what they’re paid… I think the county commissioners need to look into this,,,something’s not right and this is going to get worst..maybe a few lawsuits may be in the sheriffs future.The Sheriff is not being truthful with the residents of New Hanover Co..it will come out eventually..why is he not speaking out on this? Personnel matter,,, come on Sheriff !!! Why not let the public know the truth,,, you say you are a Christian man… I have heard that you have allowed this to go on in your Dept. for a long time..Jones and Robinson are both married and were having affairs with co-workers and you should have fired Jones a long time ago..look back at other situations in the past 2 years..where others were fired immediately.There are very good officers who don’t get what they deserve in this Dept..NEW HANOVER CO. Deserves better I think I made a mistake voting day.and think now for sure we need a change in the entire leadership at the NEW HANOVER CO. SHERIFFS DEPT…from the Sheriff, Chief, and all of his high ranking officers….this Sheriff has lost his professionalism, responsibility and accountability….LOOKING CLOSER AT JASON VAUGHN…!

  • Strange says:

    Noticed that some, if not all of the chest ribbons in the photo appear to be “Military” authorized ribbons/awards. Can the anyone explain why NHSO allows this? Are these faked just to make them ‘look good’? If not faked, can anyone explain what each ribbon/award was given for? One ribbon looks exactly like the “Army Bronze Star Medal”.

  • WannabeX says:

    The entire Dept. Higher ups are all fake and do whatever makes them look good..regardless of who it hurts in the process. Sheriff gets on tv when it’s something that make him look good to the public… Where is he now that his Dept. is slowly unraveling ? KARMA…

  • Streetsweeper says:

    The ribbons aren’t military based. Agencies all over the country use the ribbon system.They show certain things throughout your career, i.e whether your scuba/ dive team certified , officer wounded or shot in line of duty, marksman score. they hold no meaning to the ribbons our US Military has. Please get your facts str8 before you post something stupid next time.

  • Strange says:

    IF those ‘ribbons/awards’ are “Identical” to military awards, then they do have meaning… for those in the military that EARNED those awards. Since you seem to know so much on this subject, perhaps you can “get the facts straight” and identify each and every one of those police ribbons/awards being worn and how they “hold no meaning to the ribbons our US Military has”. Since “Agencies all over the country use the ribbon system”, there MUST be some ‘official’ documentation detailing each award and the reason for said award. Please post that information.
    Police wearing “Military Ribbons” has been tried before, but that didn’t work out very well.

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