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Publix searches for Wilmington store sites


WILMINGTON, NC ( -- Publix, a Florida-based supermarket chain, is looking for sites to build a store in the Port City area, said Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo on Thursday.

Site selectors for the company were "in town back in January or February looking around," he said. They wanted to briefly meet with the mayor so that in the event Publix decided on the site they would know whom they needed to see about zoning, traffic and other issues, the mayor said.

Wilmington has been an attractive market for grocery stores with two stores and a new concept opening up in the past two years.

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Stop wasting billions of

Stop wasting billions of dollars housing criminals in our prisons. Put them to work at the CIA.

Just what Wilmington needs....

another grocery store supplying the masses, furnishing us with several more minimum wage jobs.

Just like the mayor said the area is a growing,,,right into the lap of poverty.

We don't need more grocery stores. We need more Cornings and GE's.

More jobs and tax revenue is a bad thing?

That makes no sense whatsoever regardless of whether we could use a couple more Cornings and GE's.



Minimum wage jobs are better

Minimum wage jobs are better than no jobs at all. Besides not all jobs in a grocery store are minimum wage. Sure, that's what the entry-level positions start at for anyone without experience, but they shouldn't start at the top of the pay scale.

Have they considered

conversion of the Convention Center to a Publix?

A portion could serve as a downtown market which satisfies all of the downtown residents, 4 or 5 at least, pleading for a downtown facility.

The balance could be converted to a warehouse/distribution center.

That puts the entire white elephant to use 365 days annually.

Possibly stems or at least reduces the flow of city tax dollars to support the albatross.

Leave out the "L"...and

Leave out the "L"...and What's That Spell?

Less mature than a 5th grader

What's next? Poo-poo and ca-ca references?

Enuf said.