Excess drinking kills one in ten

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Submitted: Sat, 06/28/2014 - 3:17am
Updated: Fri, 07/04/2014 - 9:41pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY)– The CDC just released a shocking study about alcohol and how it’s killing a large number of people every year.

“Too much of anything is a bad thing,” Todd Scott said.

That’s exactly what this new study found. The CDC says one in 10 deaths among Americans between age 20 and 64 is due to drinking too much alcohol. Since 2006 that has been about 88,000 deaths per year. Among the causes were chronic diseases caused by drinking alcohol, alcohol poisoning, and car accidents.

After seeing the study Ed Wadbrook said, “Stunned, stunned.”

This seemed to be everyone’s reaction to the study. Wadbrook says these numbers need to convince people to do some reevaluating.

“I think people need to reassess. I think they fit into that category,” he explained. “So I think, what are the health issues associated with that. That is a concern. What is the guidance that we are getting from society to control that better.”

Young adults like Brittni Emery say drinking has become a part of socializing.

“People use it for a social thing, but they abuse it sociallyā€¯, she said. “So just be comfortable being in your own skin. You don’t need alcohol. You don’t need alcohol to cope. You don’t need alcohol to have a good time.”

Those we spoke with, agreed people need to make some improvements.

“You need to be aware that every single day you can improve yourself and if binge drinking is a label it is probably a negative thing for work, for family, and friends,” Wadbrook said.

Improvements could also save the u-s some money, because the CDC also says excessive drinking costs the United States about $224 billion a year. The director of the CDC’s National Center says they need to redouble their efforts to try to prevent these deaths and the financial costs that result.


  • Traci says:

    I have known people personally who have drank themselves to death. Let me also remind you drinking and driving is illegal and you’ll be very sorry if I catch you doing it because I will text/call police and keep your location in my sight so they can hopefully arrest you. If you want to drink go ahead but stay your stupid a–home and don’t drink and drive you idiots. Too many innocent people of all ages have died at the hands of an ignorant oh so pitiful alcoholic who is addicted waa waa waa and needs professional help I don’t care if you get help or not but God help you if I catch you drinking and driving.

  • burgerboy says:

    I quit drinkin alcohols years ago cause i used to be a hootch maniac booze hound alcohal connosour who sucked down bush ice’s like it was water, then i got religen and now i just smoke up variouse tobaccoish substances now and im fit as a fiddel! but it’s okay to drink some as long as u do it in moderation and dont act like a drunken degenerate lol :D

  • guest01010 says:

    If you type like that sober, I highly suggest that you start drinking again.

  • Guesteasy says:

    The only people that will disagree with this study are the actual drunks its referring to. Alcohol kills people, ruins families and children. Nothing worse than a damn drunk ! All these morons out there thinking its ok to get hammered cause its still legal to buy make me sick.

  • Ann says:

    I can only speak for myself but I personally have known 11 people including my son and a first cousin that have been killed while driving drunk or hit by a drunk driver.

  • 4545454 says:

    I call BS.

    1 in 10?

    So that means that for every ten people you know, you’ve known 1 that drank themselves to death.

    There method and definitions need to be explained a bit. I imagine they counted every death related to a DWI to come up with that statistic.

    The stats are juked.

  • M23cbl says:

    The stats say that 1 in 10 deaths of people 20 to 64 are alcohol related.

  • zenobia says:

    In Columbus county, that would be a low figure. More like one in four.

  • Guest CommonTater says:

    show us YOUR study….. Educate yourself.

  • Grant Hall says:

    Did you not read the article, or do you just not understand it?

    “The CDC says one in 10 deaths among Americans between age 20 and 64 is due to drinking too much alcohol.”

    It DOESN’T say “one in 10 people will die due to drinking too much alcohol”.

    It says right in the story that it includes alcohol related traffic deaths.

    What it DOES say, without saying, is:

    9 out of 10 people who die before the age of 64 DO NOT die as a result of excessive alcohol use. Or, as a percentage of probability, there is a 90% chance that if you die before the age of 64 it won’t be due to alcohol.

    The only thing I find surprising about the story is that the numbers weren’t higher.

  • SnatchHammer says:

    Yet there is a plant out there, which many people enjoy…causes no deaths, you cant overdose, and has proven health benefits…..and thats illegal….go figure!

  • RealityBites says:

    Gotta love it … WWAY does a report on drinking consequences and uses an outdoor public event where people are drinking on the street as their venue. The shot in the video where a bunch of people are lined up drinking by a wall, like the cartoon character Hank Hill and his friends standing and drinking in front of his house, is pure gold. The close-focus shot of the partially hidden can of Bud Lite gets the silver medal.

    Best interview: Young adult Brittni Emery, saying “You don’t need alcohol. You don’t need alcohol to cope. You don’t need alcohol to have a good time.” Maybe it’s just me, but that might have had a greater impact if Brittni wasn’t saying all that while holding a drink in her hand.

    WWAY was either being subtly ironic or inadvertently funny. I’m inclined to think it might have been the latter.

  • lonetraveler says:

    Hogwash. I guess the Alcoholic Swat Team are trying to keep people from drinking.

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