Sheriff putting inmates to work in New Hanover County

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- New Hanover County roads are cleaner thanks to criminals.

Today, the sheriff announced a new inmate work crew.

Inmates will clean up trash and debris on the side of New Hanover County roads and highways, as well as work in other places in the area.

Sheriff Ed McMahon says this is a way of providing inmates with productive work while also giving back to the community.

"Right now they're also working at the landfill, and they're working at the recycle plant," McMahon said. "We're just trying to get the inmates motivated, keep them from just sitting around, laying around and give back to the community."

McMahon says that for each week the inmates in this program work, they will receive one day off of their sentences.

So far, the crew has picked up around 2,000 pounds of trash.

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1. great way for Ed to get some pre-election publicity without spending a dime of campaign funds. When has a Sheriff actually been out with a work crew previously? One would think his expensive time could be better spent fighting crime. But, deep down he's a politician and free publicity saves his campaign funds.

2. will Brian Berger be out there on a crew? He needs sun and fresh air too even if the County continues to pay his monthly Commissioner fee.

Who ever was driving the van when I passed these guys on the side of the road needs a lesson on roadwork safety. The van and trailer were blocking half the lane, Had to swerve in other lane and nearly missed it. Very dangerous!!!

From what I,v seen , there are signs posted on the roads that there are work crews, inmates ahead. You are supposed to slow down, so you have a better reaction time. I saw two big pick up trucks move from the right lane to the inside lane and almost hit several men, including guards, that were working in the median, just south of TACO BELL not too long ago. Signs were posted, but they didn't slow down.

From what I know from many years of working on roadside crews and the safety classes and seminars I attended during that time, The signs were not posted to DOT standards. The sign was about 10 feet behind the van and only one set of signs were out on one side of the road. Signs were barely visible in traffic! Still that doesn't explain why the van stuck out in middle of lane without proper signs or cones, causing a dangerous road hazard on a busy road. I wonder how many safety classes and DOT seminars these inmates and officers have attended?

Don't know about the van, unless it was the one in the median that I was talking about. but I,v seen signs on Carolina beach road. well in advance,stating that inmates are working ahead. No matter how many signs are posted, (like lane closed ahead, some people wait until they get to the merging sign before they move over.

Who ever was driving the van when I passed these guys on the side of the road needs a lesson on roadwork safety. The van and trailer were blocking half the lane, Had to swerve in other lane and nearly missed it. Very dangerous!!!

Look... I see future deputies and police officers picking up trash!!

I know for a fact they hire guys and keep some on that should be trading spots with these inmates.
Send your recruiters down to get em hired! They are more trustworthy than some of those bad folks you have down there. Not all are bad just most of the ones from Lt up. And some WPD officers were once Inmate workers themselves. That's a fact.

Look.. New Hanover County now has Ron Hewwett. He loves the camera.

This is so true...Lol. And when he gets on tv he can't answer a question if he doesn't have his notes...look at the answer he gave for what his Lt. Were found guilty of ...that's how he makes the public think he's doing so much,,this Sheriff is just as bad and Hope the real truth comes out soon,,just like it did with Sheriff Hewett...

What do you mean New Hanover County now has Ron Hewett?


That is what I am saying. Inmates have been doing this for years. He has not created anything new.
All he wants to do is get camera time and make it look like he created something. He is always on tv. He Is the new Ron Hewwett.

What you've seen are inmates from the prison...not the jail. I wonder it took the Sheriff a year to put this program together?

They are still inmates. I guess the thing here is the deal of a shorter time served.