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FORT FISHER, NC (WWAY) — Thousands of people traveled to Fort Fisher Saturday for a summer program offered by the Friends of Fort Fisher.

The program “Waves of Fire and Smoke and Deadly Showers of Cast Iron: Artillery at Fort Fisher” taught not only the history of the fort, but the importance that artillery had on the fort during The Civil War.

“Americans and people from abroad for that matter understand our history, our heritage as a
country, what divided us as a nation, what reunited us as a nation,” Friend of Fort Fisher Executive Director Paul Laird said. “The Civil War was a pivotal point in our
development as a nation, so the country, the liberties and the freedoms we enjoy today are a direct out growths of the Civil War.”

The event featured firings of the site’s 32-pound seacoast rifle and banded cannon, along with teaching the field artillery drill using a 12-pound bronze Napoleon full-scale reproduction cannon.

Laird says he is amazed of how much visitors know about the site before visiting, and that it’s really a two-way street when it comes to learning.

This is one of many summer programs offered at the Fort Fisher State Historic Site.

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