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Man arrested for child molestation charges


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- A Wilmington man was arrested Friday on charges he molested a minor.

Dep. Moore with the New Hanover County Sheriff's Office, says Nathaniel Malpass was charged with three counts of indecent liberties with a child, three counts of first degree sexual offense on a child and three counts of assault on a child under 12. Malpass was taken to the New Hanover County Jail and placed under a secured $100,000 bond.

The mother of the victim is very worried. She says this man is her nanny’s husband. One of her children came to her complaining of being hurt. During the course of understanding what was wrong with the child, the victim’s mother was told about what Malpass is accused of doing.

She says she can’t believe all of this is happening, because she thought of Malpass as family.

"I mean he was a trusted person to our family. We considered him a part of our family," she said.

We tried talking to Malpass at the jail, but he refused to talk. He will have his first appearance in court Monday. The family hopes his bond is raised.

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What do you know ? Something tells me, what he's been doing for the last nine years. I bet he's also a deadbeat. Most are. Jerk.

America is a wonderful

America is a wonderful country where ignorant people get to be the judge, jury, and executioner. Maybe before passing judgement you should get the facts!

Melody Sanders, do you need a "sound check"?

Because, to me you're the one that sounds "ignorant". America IS a wonderful place and provides "freedoms" like those below to state their opinions. They are opinions only and are no part of "...a judge, jury or executioner." in any form or fashion.

Here's another "opinion" for you to whine about, so listen closely. I believe a pedophile to be one of the worst, most serious criminals that exist on this earth. They steal the very innocence a child has and it can never be replaced. They rob one of the greatest gifts God gave each of us at birth, "the right to procreate", and turn it into a repulsive, sinister, mind bending perverted act of violence and removes the very beauty of that forever.

So my final "opinion" is: When a pedophile is convicted THE VERY FIRST TIME, his or her sex organs are to be rendered permanently useless by surgical means to eliminate the method and the desire to commit such an act again. They cannot be "cured" in any other manner. Pedophiles are currently asking for "rights" against discrimination, saying their desires are no different than those of gays, lesbians, bi-whatevers and the other "confused ones". I knew this day would come, just didn't know when...

Prayers needed

Please pray for this sweet innocent child.
Please pray for recovery from the horrible acts this monster did. This child deserves to have a beautiful life.

Please pray for all the children who have been sexually abused, they all need your prayers and compassion. It is a life long struggle for some just to survive after they have been abused. Some children cannot survive it, so please pray as hard as you can for their recovery.

That's jus disgusting. looks

That's jus disgusting. looks like the type... hope he gets to go on state wit them charges lol can anyone say PC?

How does he 'look like the

How does he 'look like the type'? Not surprising that you would make an ignorant comment like that when you type 'jus' and 'wit' like an illiterate.



Glass Houses

If this is the Freddy I think it is you are best not to pass any judgement before hearing the truth.

I'm not passing judgment.I

I'm not passing judgment.I pray it isn't true.but I only god knows the true..

Saw on facebook

Someone posted a statement that made a lot of sense, When a dog hurts a child the dog is put down, why don't we do that to pedophiles? Sounds good to me. Mind you that is after they are found guilty with a fair trial.

I agree.

I agree.

You're ready to take the

You're ready to take the man's life based on what someone else said about him, without hearing his side or even before he has a chance for his day in court. Very a way you are as bad as he is if he is indeed guilty.

You lack reading fundamentals

I Care Why wrote: "Mind you that is after they are found guilty with a fair trial."

Try reading and comprehending all the words before you spout off.