Carnival of Dreams helps local resident

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Submitted: Mon, 06/30/2014 - 2:03am
Updated: Mon, 06/30/2014 - 3:24pm

Rain or shine, good and bad days, life still continues. For mike cooper the day he was diagnosed with throat cancer struck him hard, but life throws curve balls.
On Saturday, one was thrown to help cooper in ways he didn’t know was someone would.
Bill Link and others of a called group called carnival of dreams stepped up to offered assistance to Cooper.
Link said, “They were shocked in two ways. One that the community would actually get together and do something in a big way to help them and the fact that people really do care.”
Donations were collected to help Cooper get back on his feet along with the lots of fun.
Slides, games, food and even cotton candy were enjoyed by friends, family and strangers.
All wanting to support someone in need.
Link says the reason why he does it is to show people that you can have a good time for a good reason and help in a good cause.

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  • frank pallo says:

    I went to this event with my daughter and two of my friends. we talked with several people that were there at the time while the weather was not good we found this to be from what we heard in the background to be a for profit event they had to make there money first and it seemed to my daughter and the people we were with they had no intention of doing anything but line there own pockets as much as they could. since then we have asked around about this type of event and have found out that most people they say they have helped they have not. we have also found out that carnival of dreams was disbanded until we now see they are back for a for profit event for themselves in sept of this year. We also talked about william link and daughters to others around town and they had nothing nice to say about any of them it seems william is all for profit and even when he does church events he is rude to children and only has his own pocket in mind. at this time we believe these types of events are for profit only and leave the people they are trying to help with little or no money at the end of it all as a example the event in sept is being advertised since it is for them while the the others for people they are trying to help get no advertising at all just the shaft beware this is a scam to the fullest extent. wiliam link and daughters is also a scam.. i feel sorry for that mike guy really i do after finding out what i have found out.

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