Tariq Lane explains reasons for leaving Laney; two local baseball coaches decide to retire

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Submitted: Tue, 07/01/2014 - 3:32am
Updated: Tue, 07/21/2015 - 5:18am

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Click the play video icon above in order to see WWAY’s story that aired on Monday night on Tariq Lane.

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The start of the high school football season is about six weeks away. Without a doubt quarterback Tariq Lane of Laney High School has been one of the most electrifying players on the football field in the Cape Fear Region the last two years, but Lane will not be playing for Laney High School this coming season. Instead, he’ll be playing for Victory Christian, a private school, once he moves to Charlotte. “It’s a better opportunity for me,” Lane said. “I believe it’s a power move. The team that I am going to, the running back is a big-time prospect. they have several Division I prospects and the coach played in the NFL. He has a great connect to the colleges and stuff. They just brought Randy Moss onto the staff and they recently won a state championship too. Randy Moss’s son is on the team too. I’ll be all over the field. I won’t be playing quarterback. They have a quarterback going to Appalachian State. I will play more the role of an athlete, wide receiver, running back, quarterback punt returner. That’ll be different for me, not playing quarterback, but I’m being recruited as an athlete so it’ll showcase what I can do on the field and give coaches a vision of what I can bring to their team.”

Tariq Lane is also a proficient basketball guard. He was a standout player for the Laney Buccaneers, but Lane is not the only player with basketball talent in his family. His 4 year old cousin also has game. “My little cousin Josiah Brown is already known around Wilmington. He’s going to be special. You can already see it in him. Just his ability to create and his defense and I mean he’s just got talent.” On Tuesday on WWAY we’ll go in depth with a feature story on four year old Josiah Brown.

Click the play video icon above in order to see WWAY’s story that aired on Monday night on Tariq Lane.


SHALLOTTE, NC (WWAY) — Mike Alderson has decided to retire after 26 seasons as the head baseball coach at West Brunswick High School. Alderson’s retirement will take effect at the end of July. The West Brunswick Trojans captured the 3-A state baseball championship in 2004.


LAKE WACCAMAW, NC (WWAY) — Karl Bracey has decided to retire after 13 seasons as the head baseball coach at East Columbus High School. Bracey’s retirement will take effect July 1. The East Columbus Gators captured the 1-A state baseball championship in 2011.


MOREHEAD CITY, NC (WWAY) — The Morehead City Marlins got off to a great start on Monday night and they never looked back. The Marlins scattered 17 hits en route to a 10-3 victory over the Wilmington Sharks. Wilmington returns home on Tuesday for a home game against the Forest City Owls. The Sharks will host Fayetteville on Wednesday.


  • Demetrius his Cousin says:

    You obviously have never been a part of the process. When you are a 9th grader starting QB for a highly competitive high school division, you should be getting notoriety that should be pushed by the school. It’s not just about getting recruited because he WILL BE RECRUITED. Right now is about what program he and his family wants him to attend and putting him in the best position to do so. And what YOU don’t know is that this STUDENT/Athlete maintains a 4.2 GPA so your hope for a junior college has failed.

  • Buctown2013 says:

    He runs a 4.7 to 4.8 – 40. 5ft 8 155lbs. So that gets him maybe D2 if you’re lucky. The GPA is surprising. The SAT will tell the truth just like the weightroom has. Laney made a huge mistake keeping him at QB. Now they have nobody! Good job Bucs!

  • Demetrius his cousin says:

    Dude you just gave Tariq the ultimate compliment and don’t even realize it “Now they have nobody!”. NO ONE can fill his shoes. Out of all the athletes that will play for Laney you’re telling me NO ONE can step up in his absence. I love Tariq but I’m not going to disrespect any other athlete that is inspiring to play for Laney. But you are correct…Tariq is that special to where you cannot replace a Tariq. Buctown2013 let me guess…just graduated from Laney a year ago, was on the team but wasn’t as gifted as Tariq even though he was a sophomore, probably got 10 minutes of total time playing for the year, no scholarships…now you mad. It’s amazing the feats he accomplished only running a 4.7, standing 5 ft 8 and weighing 155.

  • Nhhs44 says:

    If he gets a football offer anywhere it’s a wasted scholarship.

    At best he’s average. He was the easiest player we faced to bring down. He goes down with one hand on him.
    He really needs to hit the weightroom! So does every laney player way, way soft. Best pick up some speed in Charlotte too or you’ll be watching your new team. 4.8 man that’s lineman speed dude!

  • coach says:

    Guys, I do not have a dog in fight, just saw a link and read about a kid transferring and I am always curious. But for anyone to be questioning this kids ability through the forums is not a very good practice. Kids I sure read these forums. If the kid is good enough, he will get a scholarship and that is what everyone should want for any kid that puts the time into it. I think we all should stop getting caught up in Div 1 or Div 2 etc. I know when my son gets in high school, any money for school will be a blessing.

  • just me says:

    I’m glad The New Hanover haters are on here. They have had two relevant seasons in 20 years and it kills them to see other people from this county suceed. If they don’t stop im going to call coach Braswell on them he is like 20-3 against them anyways on to the matter at hand. Tariq has been the bestathlete in Wilmington for his class and below since he was twelve and still is. Don’t elieve me go to the YMCA and watch his throw around 225 in the weight room like a warm up set. Or catch alley oop dunks in the gym. I know dunking isn’t everything but he is as advertised when it comes to athleticism. If anything you not thinking he is an awesome player is Laneys Fault. They have tons of athletes always have always will. Half of New Hanover’s football lineup is from the laney district. Hoggard’s state championship team had like 6-7 transfers from kids that left Laney. Tariq Lane came to Hoggard or New hanover they immediately turn into state contenders at Laney he is a first round exit with them calling the same three plays all game. The kid is a stud.

  • Streetsweeper says:

    People now a days have no sense of loyalty . If he is as good as he thinks he is doesnt matter what school he goes to . he would get recruited. EA Laney has put real talented athletes in big time programs.Hope he only goes to some Junior COllege.!

  • Demetrius his Cousin says:

    You obviously have never been a part of the process. When you are in the 9th grade and START at the QB position for a highly competitive division, you have a special talent that should be gaining notoriety and push from that school. It’s not about getting recruited because HE WILL GET RECRUITED…it’s more so where he and his family wants him to attend. What you don’t know is that this STUDENT/Athlete has 4.2 GPA so there goes your hopes for a Junior College. Keep watching the news…we’ll keep you updated.

  • Hanover all day says:

    “EA Laney has put real talented athletes in big time programs”. Name the athletes and the programs. On your mark, get set, go.

  • Cat Nation says:

    What’s the big deal losing a “so called” QB that had a weak arm and did nothing against good football teams?
    What was his production vs Hanover? If I remember right he was 0 for 2 with negative 120 yds and 4 ints and 1 td.
    Against small bad schools All World! You guys ain’t lost much!

    But bad news is you boys at laney got nothing anywhere! And the good ones you have leaving laney!

  • Lhs Coach says:

    Go on hudl and youtube and the proof is in the pudding, his talent is a jewel! Kid has potential and with a year of reclassification and becoming a junior, expect for him to join the ESPNU national rankings. By the way, at the blue-grey combine he ran a 4.46, he benches 315 and squats 465 plus a power clean of 275 he leaves laney with interest from duke, unc Charlotte, South Carolina, ECU, Campbell and list of other schools, idk about you but I’m sold on the kid! He was a pleasure to coach and we’ll miss him at laney !

  • Tariqs Dad says:

    I knew these kids were on here lying and hating and I started to respond, but you’ve said enough..thanks for some facts coach…..haters: Don’t hate, congratulate…even if you have to fake it…:)

  • LHS coach says:

    I coached tariq and he was a pleasure, kid understand coverages, he’s a freak athlete and hard worker. Talent and potential is undeniable just watch his tapes on hudl or youtube. At the blue grey combine he ran a 4.46 and in the weight room he was one of the stronger skilled position players I’ve seen in our weight room, as a sophomore he benched 275 and squated 465 with a power clean of 265, he has a college list of South Carolina, duke, ECU, unc Charlotte, expect for him to join the ESPNU National rankings considering he’s raclassifying. The kid is a stud and all of laney will miss him !

  • NHHS LB says:

    So he’s faster than Jaycen Murphy who walked him down. And Trevon? Don’t think so.
    He does not even come close to those lifts!! Nobody there does!

    He is an average basketball player trying to play football. Look at his build man!! He might clean 215, and bench the same. That squat ain’t over 295 “this I know” at least not a true squat. He does not run a 4.46 if so he would be mentioned somewhere else besides just here. He can’t even grab a 10 ft rim. If he squats 465 and runs 4.46 he hits his teeth on the rim. Especially at 155 to 160!
    Man take that lie elsewhere.. We know what he is and what he is is shifty but soft. Not fast and powerful. Not at all.

  • Mr.B says:

    Sounds like you mad this ain’t you NHHS LB.

  • guestwhat says:

    I am sure this was a difficult decision for the kid but hopefully it will payoff with a d1 scholarship. He has a load of athletic ability but his size may hurt him in the long run. Good luck Tariq!

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