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Residents against wood pellet export


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Wilmington residents gathered Downtown to speak out against a wood pellet export facility in Wilmington.

The North Carolina State Ports Authority and Enviva are building a facility that will export wood pellets from three Enviva plants across the Carolinas.

Residents say this would negatively impact forests and the climate and that it is important for people to understand the environmental consequences of the wood pellet plants. They hope to encourage more sustainable energy sources.

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Sigh ...

Another story that says nothing.

Where was the meeting was held, who sponsored it, how many people were there, who were these residents, specifically why some people are against this (instead of filming one just person saying it's bad), who Eviva is (are they new or have they already been here for a while, etc.), what are wood pellets (used for what, where are they exporting to, are they already being exported in some other way, why are they unsustainable unlike so many other wood products) ....

Aren't any of these things worth at least finding out about? As news people, aren't you even curious?

You mean four sentences

You mean four sentences isn't substantial reporting to you?


Why are wood pellets not sustainable? Trees grow, they are harvested, made into pellets, the land is replanted, and trees grow again. That sounds like a very sustainable source of fuel.

Build a bigger facility and export even more. Wood pellets = jobs!