‘Tammy’ premieres early in Wilmington

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Submitted: Wed, 07/02/2014 - 2:44am
Updated: Wed, 07/02/2014 - 3:53am

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The movie “Tammy” opens nationwide Wednesday. But, in Wilmington, it opened Tuesday. It was a special night for Hollywood East.

Fans of the stars Melissa McCarthy and Susan Sarandon flocked to Regal Cinemas at Mayfaire for a special early screening of the movie “Tammy.”

It was filmed in the Cape Fear. That meant many of the people who actually worked on the film were also at Mayfaire to watch it.

Peter King is one of them. He helped coordinate the stunt with a jet ski that was actually at the premiere. He said it’s not easy to be a stunt coordinator, and he hopes it looks as good in the theater as on set.

“I got to see a lot of it before. But, with all the music and the sound and background and things like that, I haven’t yet. That’s for the theater which makes it a little more exciting with the crowds reactions and so on,” King said.

King, plus crew members, actors and politicians at the premiere also said the screening is another example of how vibrant and important the film industry is to North Carolina, and especially Wilmington.


  • Vog46 says:

    This is just one of several reviews written about Tammy:

    Some snippets:
    “I respect and appreciate that McCarthy has had to overcome a panoply of biases, which pervade the entertainment industry. She has battled against generic misogyny, as well as the prevailing prejudices against obese women and a lower tolerance threshold for raunchy humor originating from females. I give her credit for making it this far with her career.

    None of this changes the fact that in both 2013 and 2014, McCarthy has starred in films, which vied for the worst of their year.

    Like “Identity Thief” before it, “Tammy” is yet another dreadful film, devoid of any redeeming merit. Unless you want to be subjected to torture, “Tammy” should be studiously avoided.”


    ““Tammy” contains much to dislike. A random thirty-something (Mark Duplass) meets Tammy at a local tavern. The abrupt shift in his attitude toward Tammy is wildly implausible. In their scenes together, Duplass’ meandering mumblecore is at odds with the cadences of McCarthy’s frenzied dialogue. “Tammy” displays an incongruous amalgam of homophobia and homophilia. The latter is evident at a lesbian July 4th party, held at the home of Pearl’s cousin, Lenore (Kathy Bates). Most repugnant is the film’s use of grandma Pearl’s constellation of problems; alcoholism, OxyContin addiction, diabetes, and sexual promiscuity; as joke fodder.”

    Well now – not every film can be Oscar worthy – but if a film is a bomb does that mean people avoid the area because they don’t want to see where Tammy was filmed?
    This is just a small town newspaper with a reporter filling in as “film critic” but as I stated this is just one of several reviews I have read.

    This film is an embarrassment – to our city, and to the hard working crew members here.
    Melissa McCarthy is an arrogant obese woman whose 15 minutes of fame went to her head apparently. She and her husband directed and starred in this film so there are no other people to “blame”.

    What an abysmal failure this film is.
    (I know some of the people that saw it locally and they were scathing in their remarks about it).


  • Vog46 says:

    Although the numbers were good the reviews were horrid:
    “Tammy (Opened July 2, 27% Rotten Tomatoes Score)
    Melissa McCarthy‘s film sees her once again working the schtick as an in-your-face femme, this time on the road with her just-as-crass granny (Susan Sarandon). Given that the film seems to be headed into a ditch after a weak open, one can’t help wondering whether the Bridesmaids thesp’s routine is aging fast.

    “The good news is that Tammy is not a crappy remake of the 1957 Tammy movie with Debbie Reynolds that spawned three sequels and a TV comedy series. The bad news is that this one is much worse… It’s about as funny as a liver transplant.” — New York Observer’s Rex Reed, who already had a bone to pick with McCarthy last year.”

    As funny as a liver transplant?
    This was just one – I’ve read several.
    I hate to see these things.
    Thank goodness the budget was low and subsidized by the taxpayers.


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