Arthur threatens $9M Wrightsville Beach renourishment project

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Submitted: Wed, 07/02/2014 - 10:00pm
Updated: Thu, 07/03/2014 - 10:03am

WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, NC (WWAY) — The long holiday weekend means more time in the sand, and this summer there’s more sand at Wrightsville Beach thanks to an off-season dredging project. But the threat of a tropical storm or hurricane off our coast could threaten all the work.

Beach visitors are enjoying the extra 900,000 cubic yards of sand. It protects against storms like Arthur.

“We hope the project stays in place,” Wrightsville Beach Town Manager Tim Owens said. “It should.”

He’s hoping, because the sand for the Wrightsville Beach renourishment project did not come cheap. All that sand cost $9 million.

“Unfortunately, when you’re in a coastal community, it’s just one of the things that you have to do,” said Wrightsville Beach resident and business owner Jim Carter.

He has seen plenty of storms. He hopes Arthur won’t cause too much erosion.

“Any storm’s not great for us, but I just hate it’s happening around the 4th (of July) for my business and all my other friends’ businesses here,” Carter said.

Carter worries folks visiting from inland cities might not want to risk coming to the coast, but he’s staying positive.

“From what I’ve heard, it should blow on out, and we’re looking at a good 4th,” he said.

Owens is also optimistic, but warns beach visitors to pay attention.

“I think everyone should come and enjoy the beach, but basically stay out of the water, particularly when the surf is high,” Owens said.

During a news conference in Wilmington today, Gov. Pat McCrory warned everyone “don’t wear your stupid hats.” It’s his way of saying be safe while celebrating this weekend.


  • beach here says:

    i hope all the sand gets washed away, i hope it strike wrightsville beach.

  • Griffin says:

    Its your tax dollars that are being washed away.

  • Heimie Schmelter says:

    We surely hope you don’t stay very long either!

  • Drew says:

    9 million dollars is about what it takes to park one car at WB for the day, so this will definitely be DEVASTATING to them…

  • Clemson Bemson says:

    If you were, you’d already know why there are so many negative WB posts from time to time. You’d also know that this poster (“someplace” here) is just a troll and does this all of the time.

    Next time you want to pretend to be a local, please use “I” instead of “we”. Can’t recall anyone ever anointing you as the Exalted Grand Emperor Blowhard Spokesperson for anyone else Mr. I’ve-Only-Been-Posting-Here-For-Less-Than-Three-Weeks-And-Two-Days.

  • Heimie Schmelter says:

    …and I love this area along with the other life-long locals I know. While we can all may agree with the disdain that WB affords itself, none of us that have spent our lives here and weathered all of the storms we’ve seen want to see any of these areas destroyed by a storm. We don’t welcome those of you that wish for such hardship either. If you don’t like it here, whatever that area may be, simply don’t visit it because we just don’t need you.

    Thank you for your opinion and your input, but on that note I’ll bid you a great 4th of July weekend and allow you to KM royal A. K? ;-)

  • Heimie Schmelter says:

    -I reply to whomever I want. My comments remain valid and my commitment to my region is solid.

    -My time on this forum has no bearing on my local status, I may have posted for years unregistered as the majority do or simply maintained another handle. I may have just decided to start. You’re very weak.

    -I AM one of the “men” of this area, you’re one of the “boys”. Getting weaker.

    -I have traveled extensively and am actively involved in coastal science and management activities. I’ve studied the Jersey shore and the effects of hard structure placement there. If you get out of Burgaw and read a book every now and then, it may expand your horizons a bit. Your feeble approach at a northern accent needs serious work. You tremble by now.

    -No. No “more of that one of the boys inclusive stuff”. Men don’t play with little boys unless they are their sons, which you aren’t…now you’re on the floor with X’s for eyes.

    ME “Outed”? Nahhh…YOO TOOPID!!! YES! HoooooraHHH! Play Taps…

  • Amused says:

    Not so sure “we” believe you.

    * didn’t know your original reply was to a troll, and still don’t seem to know it
    * only been on this forum for a short time (maybe you were somewhere else)
    * always ‘we” this and “we” that like you’re one of the boys
    * have made references to your experience with the “Jersey Shore”. (Da Jersey phreakin Shore aint from here dude!)
    * “Along with the other life-long locals I know” (More of that one of the boys inclusive stuff)

    You can bull crap all you want, and you probably will, but you can’t hide Heimie.

    Dude … You been outed! :-)

  • Guestman. says:

    I think he is right.
    You sound like SC Thom.

  • Amused says:

    To quote: “Your feeble approach at a northern accent needs serious work.” I guess “we”ll all just defer to you on that one, you being the expert on that. (Oh crap! Outed again)

    LOL on the “men” instead of “boys” thing. Nice to know you’re one of the good old “men”. (Oh crap! Not again)

    In reality, no one really cares where you’re from. The only reason I tweaked you at all was because I noticed that you’re so nasty, to so many, so often. Thought you deserved it. True to form, you reacted as expected. Fun to watch but so easy I almost felt guilty. Almost.

    Have a great day (regardless of where you don’t think you’re from). :-)

  • 211 says:

    Boy, are you on an ego trip. You don’t sound like a northerner or a southerner. Why should he tremble? and whats wrong with being from Burgaw? (if he is.) Your last line makes no sense at all, or maybe i.m YOO TOOPID to.

  • guesty says:

    You are assuming he even pays taxes.

  • Dale says:

    Maybe they can take some of their parking meter fees and re-nourish their beach. Since they do not want but just a select people at their beach maybe those select few can foot the bill.

  • Heimie Schmelter says:

    They can easily pay for that out of their parking meter and parking ticket fund.

  • sickofit says:

    Hurricane Arthur; if you plan on visiting Wrightsville Bch make sure you think twice…local0101, and others like them, don’t want commoners there! Are you a ‘commoner’ type hurricane? If so you better come to our beach instead!

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