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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The Wilmington Police Department is warning drivers about flooded roads and intersections where the traffic lights are out.

Drivers are reminded to treat intersections where lights are out as four-way stops and not to drive through water.

Longstreet & Shipyard Blvd.
S. 17th St between Nun St. and Church St.
Covil Ave @ Broad St.
S. 16th St. @ Wooster St.
Dawson St. @ Oleander Dr.
1100 Block of Grace St. is impassable

Portions of S. 3rd St. are impassable due to flooding. S. 3rd St between Wright St and Kidder St are flooded. Officers are blocking the roadway. Barricades have been requested.

Lights on Flash:
N. 3rd @ Walnut St.
N. 3rd @ Grace St.
Medical Center Dr. @ Carolina Beach Rd.

Lights Out/No Power
Shipyard @ Converse Dr.
Independence @ Canterbury Rd
Independence @ Mall Entrance
Shipyard @ S. College Rd.
Shipyard @ 41st St

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  • The Sheriff

    The Sheriff says to all in Wilmington….

    Pay no attention to the authorities. They only want to hold you down and oppress your freedom to travel and go freely during a time of crisis.

    Go forth and pay no attention to the men and women behind the “curtain” for they are only the one and great mysterious OZ who will save your sorry hides while you disregard and heed not their warnings for your safety.

    I dare you. I double dare you. Don’t listen to law enforcement or emergency management or the firemen or the medics. For they are just oxygen thiefs trading their time for your money till their shifts end and they no longer have to put their lives in danger because you were too stupid to listen to wisdom.


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